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Best Holiday Destinations In India To Visit in 2022

Whether you are an office-going person or a housewife who works hard day in and day out to perform your responsibilities well. But don’t you think that the requirement for the holiday should be obvious. Without a doubt, after long hours of working in the office or at home, a small break is mandatory to refreshen the mind and the body. So, on vacation, nothing could be better than visiting places that are full of life, history, and magnificence. In order to cheer up mood and beat the boredom of daily depressing life, planning a vacation trip to famous and new places is a good idea. And when it comes to India, there are a plethora of places that one can visit to add fun and excitement to life. There is no scarcity of Best Holiday Destinations In India, and therefore, it was quite difficult for us to shortlist these top 5 destinations where you can celebrate your holiday with fun and curiosity.

Best Holiday Destinations In India – 5 Best Holiday Places In India

Whether you are looking for a trekking spot or a haunted fort, these 5 below-mentioned places will introduce you to the big picture of incredible India.

#1. Goa – A home to beaches and nightlife fun

Do you wanna get some break or refreshment time from your tough hectic schedule of life? If you have got a vacation of 4-5 days then, it is your turn to utilize it well. Goa is a renowned place in India and is usually visited by nature and beach lovers. 

Goa is like a paradise in India where the fun of the beach, the pleasure of parties, and luck-testing chances in casinos await tourists. 

If you are looking for dream places to visit in India, then, we would recommend you to add Goa to your bucket list. 

Here you can take a look at major attractions of Goa that drag millions of fun and peace seekers from different parts of the world. 

Top attractions – Fort Aguada, Butterfly Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Dudhsagar Falls, Baga Beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus, etc. Goa is also renowned as one of the best places to visit in India with friends.


#2. Manali – Tranquil town in the lap of mountains 

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a beautiful hill town famous for its rivers, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife. For those who are looking for a perfect adventure spot on their vacation, make sure you choose Manali as one of the top 10 tourist places in India in 2022. 

Here in Manali, there are various points for trekking and witnessing sunset and sunrise views. If you have heard about Manali a lot but you have never visited it. It is time for you to get the real and vibrant experience of this mesmeric town. With fun outdoor activities and wildlife sanctuaries, a town is a great place for thrill and nature lovers.

If you have got free time to enjoy and make memories, choose Manali as one of the best Holiday Places In India to enjoy vacation time to the fullest. 

#3. Shimla

Nestled in the lap of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a place known and visited for its natural and unparalleled beauty. The hill town of Himachal Pradesh is quite common among adventure seekers and local residents.  You can find the best Solo Trip Packages in India and choose Shimla as one of the best holiday destinations to enjoy vacation time to the fullest.

You can take part in many fun outdoor activities such as trekking, paragliding, hiking, mountaineering, etc. The town also seems decorated with a plethora of shops and markets that catch the sight of tourists at once. 


#4. Delhi – The Capital of India leaves no stone unturned in exciting tourists 

Delhi gains importance as the capital and political center of India. The capital of India is home to many ancient forts and monuments established by Britishers and Mughals. There are many reasons that draw the attention and visit of tourists from different parts of the world. 

If you live near Delhi, then, you have got a golden opportunity through you can sightsee many fascinating places here. Enjoying street food is also very popular among travelers and food lovers. You can plan to explore Holiday Destinations Near Delhi


#5. Mumbai – A city of dreams also famous for vacationers and backpackers around the world 

If you have seen a dream to visit “the city of dreams”, make sure you choose Mumbai this vacation as one of the fascinating places to visit in India with friends and family. From monuments to breathtaking shooting locations, at every corner of the street, fun and enjoyment await tourists. 

The bustling city of India will never leave you bored as it has a big list of fun activities such as you can plan to explore age-old monuments, you can go to any theater to watch a movie, you can go shopping in the bustling and colorful markets of the city, and you can do many interesting things.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 tourist place in India?

Needless to say, there are so many places in India where you can spend your vacation time to the fullest. Delhi is considered to be the no. 1 tourist place where you can taste the blend of political and colorful festivities every year.

Where can we now go on holiday in India?

There are so many places in India where one can go and live the vacation moments to the fullest. Delhi, Mumbai, Shimla, Manali, Goa, etc.

Who is the most beautiful place in India?

Munnar, Shimla, Manali, Delhi, etc.

Is India a good place for a holiday?

There are a plethora of choices for tourists visiting India on their vacation – in the article, we have given the best 5 places such as Delhi, Manali, etc.

The Conclusion!

India is a land of cultures, vibrant festivities, hill towns, and spirituality and that’s why there is a lot more to explore and experience in India. To help you with your vacation trip in India, we have elaborated the 5 Best Holiday Destinations In India where you can dream to spend your vacation with thrill and entertainment.

Be it a hill station destination or historic place, you are definitely going to have new experiences and an elated atmosphere around you. 

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