Away from the stressful and chaotic life of bustling and metropolitan cities, “Imphal”, the capital city of Manipur situated in northeast India is a beautiful and nature-friendly place that makes tourists feel fun and tranquility on their vacation. Imphal offers you various chances to enrich your holidays and make every moment joyous by offering you various magnificent attractions. Below, you can find the famous and best Places To Visit In Imphal. We have compiled a list of the Best five best places of Imphal so that you do not get confused when you plan your journey to explore Northeast India. Northeast India is the epitome of natural beauty and peace often required by humans to get rid of daily-life hustles and bustles. In order to help you with your Imphal tourism, you can find the list of best tourists places to visit in Imphal to enjoy your vacation time.   Read- Manipur Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Manipur

Best Time To Visit Imphal

The best time to visit Imphal is in between the months of September to April as winter is the best season of the year to explore the beauty of Northeast India and Imphal. You can plan your vacation trip to Imphal in Winter, Spring, and Summer seasons as per your schedule.


How To Reach Imphal

To reach Imphal easily and safely, the capital city of Manipur has its own main airport named Imphal Airport that is connected to all the major or important cities in India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Silchar, etc. Those who want to reach Imphal by air can book their flight according to their vacation schedule. Even though Imphal is a popular capital city of Manipur, it does not have its main railway station but you can approach the nearest railway station that is situated at least 200 kilometers away from the city.


Places To Visit In Imphal in 2022 – Imphal Tourism

Widely known for its natural beauty, splendor architecture, breathtaking landscapes, natural places, and clear water lakes, Imphal is a beautiful city situated in the Indian state of Manipur. From picnic spots in Imphal to historical places, there are several fascinating places for sightseeing on vacation. Below you can see the five best places of Imphal you may want to explore on your Imphal tour.

#1. Sirohi National Park

Sirohi National Park is one of the wonderful places to visit in Imphal on holidays. The wildlife park gives tourists countless chances to embrace and explore endangered species and different varieties of flowers or orchids. The wildlife national park is also regarded as one of the best picnic spots in Imphal that offers tourists a refreshing environment and beautiful surroundings full of greenery and big trees.

Housing to various animals such as Tiger, Wild Boar, Leopard, deer,  eagles, wild cats, dogs, Warblers, Owls, Vultures, tits, and so on, Sirohi National Park in Imphal is a place that offers you the opportunity to see birds and listen to their beautiful and relaxing chirping, click enticing selfies and photographs of yours along with your family, do so many nature-friendly activities.

#2. Moirang Village

Moirang village is a beautiful tranquil town situated in Manipur’s capital city “Imphal. The town is famous for its temples and various sacred places, which are usually visited by Indians from different parts of the country during special occasions and rituals. It is also well-recognized as one the best trekking places in Imphal as the village has dense forests full of beautiful muddy roads and greenery. While on the Imphal tour, make sure you visit this charming village and spend some quality vacation time with your family while taking part in several interesting things. You can visit temples and sacred places in the town with your friends and family.

#3. Ima Keithel

From being a popular commercial center of Imphal to being the symbol of women empowerment, IMA Keitel or mother’s market is one of the best places or markets to visit in Imphal with your family. And if you are a shopaholic and fond of buying clothes and charming handicrafts then, you must not miss the chance to visit this big amazing market that is run by only women or businesswomen. It is popularly said about this market that is only run by women who have got years to experience in selling and purchasing things and different items.

Make sure that you visit the market with your family and loved ones and buy various charming and beautiful items and clothes from there. Vegetables, Spices, Toys, Textiles, Fruits, and bamboo-crafted items are sold and purchased in large numbers.

#4. Shaheed Minar – Nationalist and patriotic must not miss visiting this glorious Martyrs monument

The Shaheed Minar was established in the commemoration of those who laid down their lives in a war that was fought against east Britishers in the Anglo-Manipur movement in 1891. The memorial is one of the great and prestigious places to visit in Imphal with your kids as this way you would be able to teach your kids the importance of sacrifice committed by the Bravehearts for sake of the entire nation. Whenever you have plans for the Imphal trip then, give this war memorial the first priority to give the special tribute to Martyrs.

#5. Manipur State Museum

Manipur State Museum is one of the best places to see in Imphal with your friends and family. A museum is a great place for those who want to learn about the culture and tradition of Manipur in a deep way. Paintings, historic documents, idols, etc exhibit the real culture of Northeast India which is quite famous for its greenery and untouched beauty. The historic museum is counted as one of the best Imphal Tourist Places for history and architecture enthusiasts.


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Frequently Asked Questions- 


Is Imphal worth visiting?

In order to witness the natural beauty, beautiful waterfalls, mesmeric rivers, iconic architecture, historic places, famous places, etc, You should plan your Imphal tourism on this vacation and plan to sightsee various interesting places and temples. Imphal is famous for many places such as  Sekta Archaeological Living Museum, Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort, Manipur State Museum, Sirohi National Park, and so on.  Apart from these places, you can also explore wildlife and botanical parks as well. The place is famous for its mesmeric natural beauty and major attractions for tourists.

Why is Imphal famous for?

The capital city of Manipur is famous for many reasons. Owing to natural beauty, historic forts, sacred temples, famous Imphal Tourist Places make Imphal a must-visit place for nature lovers and spirituality seekers. The city has a plethora of Famous Imphal Tourist Places such as Manipur state museum, Shri Govind jee temple, Kangla fort, Loktak lake, so on.

What should I buy in Imphal?

Crowded famous bazaars in Imphal offer tourists a wide variety of showpiece items made from bamboo trees, warm beautiful shawls, sarees made of good quality silk, tools made of stone, pottery vessels, etc.

Is Imphal safe for tourists?

Yes, Imphal is a safe destination to visit and explore on your vacation with your loved ones. There are a plethora of fascinating places to visit on vacation to refresh your mind and mood. You can visit the wildlife sanctuary, botanical garden, famous tourist places, so on.

Is Imphal worth visiting?

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur and it is filled with natural beauty, old age sacred pilgrimage sites, mesmeric waterfalls, elegant temples, etc.

Is Imphal open for tourism?

Yes, Imphal is completely open for tourism but all the tourists are requested to follow all the covid rules and get fully vaccinated.  

The Final Remark!

People who are craving peace, spirituality, and natural beauty, should visit this place once in their life to sightsee enticing landscapes, architecture, pilgrimage towns, waterfalls, lakes, etc. The city is considered to be one of the most significant places in Northeast India from a political and economical perspective. Clear freshwater lakes, untouched atmosphere, fascinating wildlife sanctuary, major attractions make Imphal one of the best places to see in Manipur with friends on vacation. Here you can find the list of Amazing Places To Visit In Imphal to fully explore and embrace the natural beauty of northeast India.   Read- Snowfall in India – 5 Best Snow Places in India To Enjoy Winter Vacation  


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