Nestled in the lap of Nagaland and with an abundance of natural beauty and major attractions for tourists, Dimapur is renowned as the biggest and more evolved city in the northeast region of India. One who want to seek natural wonders, want to lose themselves in the beauty of charming weather and greenery of Dimapur, they should not delay in planning their Dimapur tourism on the vacation as this may be a chance with the help of which you can explore northeast beauty of India and get yourself and along with family amused with every joyful and adventure activity the city of Nagaland offers. Zoological parks, amusement fun, adventure activities, temples, waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and other fascinating attractions enhance the beauty of this city. Here, with our list of the best Dimapur Tourist Places, you are going to get complete knowledge of what major and entertaining attractions, the enticing city of Dimapur holds for tourists. From Picnic Spots In Dimapur to Shopping In Dimapur, spending a vacation in Dimapur is going to introduce you to the hidden treasures and natural beauty of the Northeast region. Here you can take a look at some marvelous attractions of the city or the best Places To Visit In Dimapur:- Triple Falls. Waterfalls, Nagaland Science Centre, Flea & Street Markets, Hongkong Market, Nagaland Zoological Park, Kachari Ruins, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Government Buildings, Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, Upstairs Lounge Arts and Entertainment, Historic Sites, etc. Read-Nagaland Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Nagaland

Best Time To Visit Dimapur Tourist Places

If you are looking for the best time to visit Nagaland’s beautiful city “Dimapur” and its amazing places then, The best time to visit Dimapur is in the months of October to March would be quite suitable. Both winter and summer are the comfortable time to visit this city and explore many charming places there. You can perfectly utilize your summer vacation by planning your trip to Dimapur and exploring waterfalls and adventure places.

How To Reach Dimapur

  1. If you want to reach Dimapur by air then, the city has an airport in Nagaland in Dimapur and is well-connected to Guwahati and Kolkata, and other important cities in India.
  2. Dimapur has only a railway station situated in Nagaland and is well-connected to major cities through railroads.
  3. You can also begin your journey to Dimapur by road and taking any bus and taxi.

Dimapur Tourist Places – Dimapur Best Places To Visit

Dimapur, which is also famous as the financial capital of Nagaland is the land of majestic and beautiful places owing to which tourists get plenty of attractions to spend their vacation with fun and full enjoyment. From waterparks for kids to romantic places for couples, Dimapur Tourism awaits tourists with open wide arms to enrich their vacation in all possible ways.

The biggest city of Nagaland is also famous for cherishing the ruins of Rajbari palace & monoliths. You can also find tanks, temples, river embankments, and so on as a result of which it gives tourists a glimpse of 13th-century culture, kingdom, and local ambiance.


#1. Triple Falls – The mesmeric falls attract nature lovers and adventure seekers

A waterfall seems to be a place of everyones’ interest and desire as this is a spot that n0t only offers a plethora of adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, boating, etc but its untouched beauty and tranquil environment make tourists feel wonderful with no frustration and stress of work.

Triple Falls is one such place in Dimapur that is replete with natural beauty and a pleasant environment owing to which tourists can not stop themselves from being joyous and cheerful. And therefore, the waterfalls deserve to be a part of your Dimapur tourism and you should explore it along with your kids to create amazing memories. It is regarded as one of the best picnic spots in the city to experience fun and adventure.

#2. Honkong Market – A Complete Paradise for Shopaholic

If you are fond of buying fascinating things and clothes in new places as the symbol of your visit to a place or if you consider yourself a shopaholic person whose journey to search new places can not proceed further without shopping so many things then, HonKon Market is a place for you to get items of unique and different quality at cheap rates. The market is renowned as one of the Top Places To Visit In Dimapur with your friends and family. The popular market sells out different variety of foreign goods, clothes, artifacts at very reasonable prices. Various goods and items are imported from Myanmar and other famous places.

#3. Zoological Park – A Place for animals and flowers quite far from human intervention

Witnessing animals and their breathtaking surroundings is considered to be one of the major things to do on vacation and if you are with your kids. In order to develop love and respect in your kids towards animals and other beautiful creatures of god then, you should plan to visit a zoological park on your holidays. Having affluence of greenery, various endangered species, unparalleled peaceful atmosphere, Zoological park situated in Dimapur and just a few miles away from Dimapur railway station, is a place to embrace Nature’s beauty and mesmerizing offerings. The wildlife sanctuary park has gained fame as one of the best Dimapur Tourist Places to explore on vacation.

#4. Shiva Temple – A prominent religious place

Shiva Temple is one of the famous places to visit in Dimapur with your friends to seek blessings from the god and goddesses. This is a place in Dimapur that is true to its value and recognition and fulfills the spiritual needs of many believers and devotees. Illuminate your Dimapur tourism with fun, enjoyment, adventure, and blessings. Make sure that you visit this place to witness beautiful architecture, tempting history, and spirituality. Near this temple, you can do many amazing activities such as you can visit the shops, restaurants, other enticing sites.

#5. Diezephe Village – Home to art, culture, and Handicrafts

Diezephe is counted as one of the best Dimapur Tourist Places and it is home to skilled and professional craftsmen who craft several varieties of innovative showpieces and items using traditional art and unused materials. It is a place in Dimapur that fulfills your needs of shopping and etc. So, make sure that you visit this place along with your friends and buy various kinds of items. Here in this market, you can also taste Dimapur Famous Food such as Bamboo shoot. Sliced Bamboo Shoots (Source), Axone, Anishi, Aikibeye, Akini, Fermented dry fish, Boiled Vegetables, Samatha, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Why is Dimapur famous?

Dimapur is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, charming rivers, waterfalls, temples, handicrafts markets, zoological parks, etc. Best Dimapur Tourist Places are:- The Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, Chumukedima Village, Zoological Park, Diezephe Village, Sumi Town Baptist Church, Shiva Temple, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, etc.

What are the main attractions in Dimapur?

Triple Falls, Resource Centre, Hongkong Market, Kachari Ruins, Nagaland Zoological Park,  Nagaland Bamboo, etc.

Is Dimapur worth visiting?

Dimapur is famous for its best places to visit, wildlife sanctuary, temples, waterfalls, ruins, and tribal cultures of the 13th century, and other major attractions, etc.

Where is Triple fall in Dimapur?

Triple Falls is situated in Seithekima Village, Dimapur, and to reach their, you can take any local bus and taxi in the city. This is one of the breathtaking Places To Visit In Dimapur.

What do you know about Dimapur?

From being called the fastest-growing city in Nagaland to home to traditional art and handicrafts, drenched in the natural beauty of dense forests, lush green areas, waterfalls, rivers, etc, Dimapur is a great place to visit while on Nagaland tourism. You can also explore some best Dimapur Places To Visit.  

Final Notes!

From breathtaking green majestic landscapes to peaceful rushing waterfalls, the beautiful city of Nagaland has got everything with the help of which you can make your holidays complete with everlasting memories and adventure fun. Above in the article, you can find the list of the best Dimapur Tourist Places that enhance the natural beauty of the Northeast region of India.  


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