Nestled in the lap of Indian state Uttrakhand, there lies a charming little town named “Ranikhet”, which is famous for military hospitals & camps, picnic spots, historic temples, hills, and dense forests. It is said that the majestic town of Uttarkhand is built by Britishers in their era in India. It is also known as the Kumano region of the Indian Army. Be it, honeymooners or adventure seekers, Ranikhet is a place for all sorts of vacationers and enriched with fun outdoor activities, a plethora of markets & shops, amusement parks for kids, wildlife sanctuaries for animals lovers, and many other fascinating activities. Below we have shortlisted 5 famous Places To Visit In Ranikhet so that you are more confident and more precise about your vacation days in this mesmeric town of India. Ranikhet Tourist Places such as Golf Course, Chaubatia Orchards,  Majhkhali, Bhalu Dam, Ashiyana Park, Rani Jheel, etc work like magnets to attract tourists in a large number, especially on peak season. You can also plan your Ranikhet tourism on this vacation to enjoy and measure pf infiniteness of pleasure, excitement, and curiosity. Owing to being situated close to the Himalayas foothills, the town witnesses the wonderful weather during the winter session, and snowfall is also recorded in many parts of the city.

Ranikhet Best Time To Visit

In order to witness the charming and pleasant weather in Ranikhet, you can choose the month of the winter season. And if you want to escape from the heat of the sun during summer, March to July is the best time.

How To Reach Ranikhet

Kathgodam is the nearest station located 80 kilometers away from Ranikhet and well-connected to major cities and towns in India. After reaching the station, you can take any bus, rickshaw or taxi to move into the city.

Places To Visit In Ranikhet – 5 Ranikhet Attractions

If you are going to plan a trip to this town or whenever you have plans for a Ranikhet tour, below you can see the list of the best 5 Places To See In Ranikhet so that you can live exciting moments of the town already.

#1. Jhula Devi Temple – The iconic temple in Ranikhet should be on your bucket list

Jhula Devi Temple is one of the famous places to visit in Ranikhet where peace and spirituality are seen at their best. You should also make plans to see this beautiful temple of Jhula Devi who is a Hindu goddess. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga and it has a breathtaking architecture of Indian style. Make sure you visit this temple with your loved ones and seek the blessings of Maa Durga.

And if we take a look at the history of the temple, then, it is said that the temple was built with the aim of safeguarding locals from the attack of wild animals in the region. If you want to visit the temple, then, you can make plans for the month of winter. After the temple, you can also explore Places Near Ranikhet.

Note – There is no entry fee to visit the temple and you can visit the temple in the morning or evening time.

#2. Golf Ground – A popular golf course in India

With a beautiful tranquil atmosphere and clear weather sky, Golf Ground is regarded as one of the famous places to visit in Ranikhet with your friends and family. Those who are fond of Golf should not take the risk of forgetting this playful spot from their to-do list in Ranikhet.

As the golf ground is situated some miles away from Ranikhet, it is also renowned as one of the majestic Places To Visit Near Ranikhet. By taking any taxi or bus from Ranikhet, you can straight head to this iconic golf ground. And Ranikhet Snowfall Time during the winter season is also popular among tourists and locals.

Note – In order to enter the golf ground, tourists will have to pay the fee of Rs 150.

#3. Chaubatia Garden – You must not forget to pay a special visit to this apple garden in Ranikhet

Chaubatia Garden is a beautiful garden situated in the lap of Ranikhet with apples and many other fruits. All you witness in the temple is freshness, fruits, lush green, large shadowy trees, etc. The garden of fruits is regarded as one of the Best Places To Visit In Ranikhet with friends and family. The garden has also a beautiful view of mountain peaks – Nanda Devi, Nilkhant, and Trishul. Make sure you add this tourist place of Ranikhet to your to-do list.

Note – In order to enter the garden, tourists do not have to pay any entry fee.

#4. Rani Jheel – A man-made lake with many fun & adventure activities

With natural beauty in every breath of tourists and adventure activities such as boating, walking, hiking, etc at every step, Rani Jheel is counted among Ranikhet’s Best Places To Visit on holidays. For rainwater harvesting, the jeel was built by the Indian army.

Early in the morning, taking a long beautiful walk is a great idea for locals. In the surrounding of this charming lake, you can spot some shops and eateries to calm down your hunger. To go further this Rani Jheel, you can also explore some enticing hill stations near Ranikhet.

Note – there is no entry fee in Rani Jheel but for boating, tourists will have to pay some charges for it.

#5. Sunset Point – How about witnessing the wonderful sunset view in Ranikhet

With a breathtaking scene of mountains and valleys, Sunset point in Ranikhet is an amazing place to visit with friends and family. If you are visiting this point in Ranikhet to witness the sunset, do not forget to click photographs or selfies. Sunset point is among the top Ranikhet Places To Visit you should not miss at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special in Ranikhet?

Ranikhet is a beautiful town in Uttrakhand and visited by many for lakes, mountains view, temples, sunset points, etc. Jhula Devi Temple, Haidakhan Babaji Temple, Naukuchia TaalChaubatia, Swargashram Binsar Mahadev Mandir, Sunset Points, Kalika Temple, Mankameshwar Temple are top attractions of the city.

Why is Ranikhet famous?

Breathtaking temples, valleys, fruit gardens, sunset points, etc.

Is it worth visiting Ranikhet?

If you want to witness the Himalayas peaks, seek spirituality, catch the glimpse of a stunning mountains scene, fun games, etc, visiting Ranikhet is a good idea.

How many days are enough for Ranikhet?

3 days of stay in the town of Uttrakhand is enough to explore its natural beauty and top attractions.

Is Ranikhet open for tourists?

Yes, Ranikhet is open for tourism but tourists need to be fully vaccinated.


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