Embellished with nature’s refreshing beauty and displaying cultural values through its centuries-old temples, landmarks, and monuments, the Southern part of India is worth visiting for every traveler who wants to explore and witness India’s breathtaking nature and traditional beauty at its peak. The Southern region of India is composed of various charming cities, states, and hill towns, that are enough to offer tourists an unforgettable experience during their vacation time here. To help you plan your Coorg tourism, below we have provided the best 5 places to visit in Coorg so that you do not miss major highlights or attractions of this serene hill station. Whether you want to have an adventure fun or want to embrace spirituality, Coorg never leaves a chance to excite tourists who often come here to explore nature and spiritual beauty. With every step here in Coord, all you feel is breathtaking scenery comprising fascinating flora and fauna. Let’s go through this entire blog here so that you can aware of Coorg’s major highlights to explore on vacation.    

How  To Reach

Coorg has the nearest railway station in Mysore connected with various parts and destinations in India. To reach Coorg, you can take direct flights from Delhi and other major Indian cities to Mysore. And on reaching Mysore railway station, you can take a direct bus or taxi to reach Coorg.


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Best Time To Visit Coorg

Summer is the best time of the year when we would recommend you to visit Coorg and its nearby attractions. To get rid of the unbearable heat of the sun and pollution of bustling cities, Coorg is an ideal place to visit on summer vacation. Besides this, you can plan your journey as per your schedule.

Places to visit in Coorg  – Enjoy Coorg Sightseeing with its top 5 major attractions

#1. Abbey Falls

1o kilometers away from tranquil Madikeri town, Abbey Falls is counted among the top attractions of Coorg that every visitor should visit during vacation time here. Abbey Falls is counted as one of the best Coorg Tourist Places where one can find charming landscapes and beautiful terrains to enjoy its surrounding beauty. With so many adventure activities for thrill-lovers, the waterfalls comes on the list of the Best Places To See In Coorg with friends and family. One can participate in various thrilling activities here such as hiking, trekking, biking, mountaineering, etc. If you are visiting Coorg, make sure you do not forget to pay a visit to this Abbey Falls which is full of nature’s beauty and thrilling moments. Near waterfalls, you can also visit some coffee plantations full of mesmeric fragrance and wonderful views of nature.

#2. Iruppu Falls

Iruppu falls is one of the Best Places To Visit In Coorg where one can witness nature at its peak. Apart from witnessing nature’s serene beauty, you can also make good use of your camera by clicking some cheerful photographs with your loved ones. Situated at a distance of a few kilometers away from Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls is another charm of nature here in Coorg that offers various wonderful sceneries of clear rushing water and exotic biodiversity. Apart from the waterfalls’ worth-capturing views, you can also explore Coorg’s famous spice and coffee plantations that are full of soothing atmosphere all around. Tourists can also explore some amazing Places To Visit In Madikeri to add more fun and joy to their Coorg tourism. Some distance away from the Falls, you can also find some famous Madikeri Places To Visit

#3. Golden Temple

Situated some few miles away from Madikeri, Golden Temple in Coorg is a famous Buddhist monastery explored and visited by many believers. In order to learn fascinating facts related to Buddhism and Lord Buddha, you can also come here to enjoy spirituality and serenity in the atmosphere. Across India and the world, many have visited this auspicious place in Coorg full of charm and tranquility. Through this exhilarating Goldern Temple, tourists can also have a look at glorious Tibetan architecture and artwork popular worldwide. Near and around this golden temple, you can also explore some charming Places To Visit In Coorg In 2 Days. The decoration of this temple of Buddha will take your breath away and fill you with excitement and eagerness.

#4. Kopatty Hills

The hill range is famous for its electrifying views and offers tourists a unique experience full of nature’s soothing beauty and a wide range of fun-filled activities. Tourists can witness the wonderful view of the valley that includes lakes, rivers, dense forests, wildlife, waterfalls, and grasslands with amazing terrains. The hill range of Coorg is often visited by tourists during sunrise and sunset to capture captivating views of the valleys and dense forests. To enjoy picnic time and capture the best sunrise & sunset views, make sure you do not forget to witness Kopatty Hills which is among the best Coorg Attractions.

#5. Tadiandamol Peak

It is the highest mountain peak in the Madikeri district of Coorg and from here tourists can explore the untouched beauty of nature lies in the valley of forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, temples, and many sacred places there. The peak is famous to enjoy the sunset view and captivating nature’s beauty.

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What is famous of Coorg?

Serene beauty attracts millions of nature lovers to the soil of Coorg. Lakes, waterfalls, coffee plantations, dense forests, and fun-outdoor activities are the main attractions here. From religious places to hill points to witness amazing sunset views, Coorg is a famous hill town in Karnataka full of natural beauty and soothing tranquility. Places To Visit Near Madikeri are also famous and worth visiting among the top tourist attractions in Coorg.

How many days are required for Coorg?

4-5 days are enough to explore the beauty of Coorg. However, tourists can also extend their vacation days here as per their budget and desires.

Which is the best month to visit Coorg?

March and April

How is Coorg a place of worth visiting?

Coorg is a famous hill town in Karnataka known for its wonderful attractions that keep tourists captive here forever. The top attractions of Coorg are - Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Golden Temple, Dubare Elephant Camp, etc.

Are there any adventurous things to do in Coorg?

Rappelling, hiking, trekking, cycling, boating, mountaineering, camping, etc.

What are the best places to visit in Coorg for wildlife enthusiasts

Nagarhole National Park, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Tadiandamol Peak, Madikeri Fort, etc?

Ending Lines!

Situated in the lap of the Indian state Karnataka, “Coorg” is famed as one such hill town place that always contributes to enhancing the beauty and serenity of South India. Every year or nearly every month, many thrill-seekers visit Coorg and take part in various adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, biking, cycling, etc. Above in the article, we have shortlisted the best 5 places to visit in Coorg so that you can enjoy your Coorg Tourism by visiting major attractions there. Apart from nature’s beauty, the hill town is also home to many sacred places and temples considered of great importance among believers across India.  


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