Idukki is one of the beautiful places in Kerala with a moderate temperature throughout the year as Idukki is in the southern part of India in the Kerala district so the temperature here is 29 DC in the day time and at night there is humidity.  Idukki is one of the best tourist places for the ones who have a love for Flora and Fauna and also the beautiful green mountains over there. Idukki Tourist place is also good for those who love to be in towns and villages because Idukki owns its own beautiful township. Now since we have talked about Idukki a lot and we also know that it’s a town so many of the people will think that it’s a town so there must be no Hills, Mountains or Ghats and so on but that so not true Idukki has the beautiful Mountains, Hills and also the very beautiful western Ghats in it, people who love mountains and hilly areas will surely love the trip to Kerala which is famous by the name Idukki Tourist Place Now let’s quickly give a tour to the best beautiful best places to visit Idukki which everyone should know and visit:-

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Top 10 Idukki Tourist Place’s List:-


The beauty of Idukki lies in Anakkara waterfalls which have recently entered the world tourism map.  The view of this waterfall is such eye-catching that automatically when people see it they can’t take off their eyes from the waterfall also the view from the waterfall is super amazing because it gives the highlights of the villages in Tamil Nadu and also the view to Kambam to Theni are the highlights of this waterfall. Anakkara waterfall is the perfect pack of joy in Idukki to visit with loved ones as Idukki Tourist Place.

Best time to visit– In the month from between November to March.

#2 Gavi

Gavi is a beautiful small village in Idukki where the people come and visit and watch the evergreen forest of Gavi, also to visit Gavi one needs permission from their tour instructor but that also requires some special permission because when tourist take their vehicle inside the forest easily but that cause damage to the forest as because some of the car equity is barely /  usually thrown in the forest and some through their garbage form the car to the outside forest road which causes harm to the forest as well as to the animals.

Not only forests, animals are also one of the beautiful things to explore in gavi. There are still different types of animals are found here which are very rare in other cities or states, animals like Nilgiri Marten, Nilgiri Langur, Lion, Bear, etc, and many others.

Idukki Tourism is one of the best and must-visit tourism in the southernmost part of India.

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#3 Hill View Park

The most amazing hill view park in the beautiful town Idukki which has a park with greenery all around which also has plants in it and the beautiful colorful flowers are the attraction of that place and also a widely spread lake which has pedal boating in it.

Timings to visit– Every week it’s 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

#4 Painavu

Painavu is one of the Idukki tourists places to visit.  Painavu is one of the major parts to visit in Idukki Tourism, the favorite spot for trekking as it is above sea level at the height of 3,900ft. Located at the Idukki wildlife sanctuary. It is also the headquarters of the Idukki district, Kerala.

#5 Nariampara Triple Waterfall

It is the beautiful waterfall which is located in the town called Kattappana. It is a beautiful Municipal town and also the urban center of the Idukki District. The best Tourist attraction of all time is popularly known as Kattappana Tourist Place.

Weather- It is always windy day time and at night there is almost Humidity.

#6 Idukki Arch Dam

A perfect recreational spot at Idukki with an amazing eye-catching view and greenery all around the dam.  A perfect picnic spot for children and family trips even adults and aged people can also come and enjoy here for a complete holiday. This is above sea level at the height of 550ft.

Entry Fees– 2500 for adults and 500 for kids.

Vehicle allowed- Only battery cars with charge money of 3500.

#7 Nadukani Pavilion

A two-way building managed by the State electricity board it offers birds eye view of the river flowing from both sides of the mountainous building. Located at the feet of Kattappana. On standing at the top of the Nadukani Pavilion one can pasteurize the landscape view of the milky river flowing from the top. Nadkarni Pavilion is the best tourist place to see the milky river also known as Kattappana Tourist Place.

Time to Visit– The most favorable time to visit here is October to January.

Entry fees- This is common to the normal entry fees.

#8 Meesapulimala

The greatest Indian Peak is also known as the ‘Next South’. Meesaplimala Idukki tourist Place is one of the mesmerizing places one could ever visit. The beautiful name has driven from the appearance of the southwest tigers of the prominent whiskers.

Specialty– Breathtaking view of the wildlife greenery.

Best time to visit– Between September to May.

#9 Kalvari Mount

It’s a popular Mountain Peak and also known as ‘Calvary Mount’ mostly it is known as Christian Pilgrimage. One of the most important places in Idukki. The top most point of the Mount Gives the full view of Idukki Village. One of the Idukki places open today for tourist meanwhile at the time of the pandemic.

Transportation– Through Bus, Cab or Car.

Trip Duration– 1 Hour including walking.

#10 Tower Sky Hill Resort

For the beautiful place the amazing place to live with so here there is a beautiful resort which is Idukki Tourist Place Resort for those who love mountains and Hills as it is very much near to the hill of Kerala.

Timings – 24/7

Facilities – According to the convenience of the people.


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Final Remarks!

We expected  This Top 10 Idukki Tourist Places 2022 Blog surely be helpful for you to grab entire information about Idukki Tourism. Do comment in the below section if you have any questions or want to ask anything.



What is special in Idukki?

Idukki district is famous for its rich flora and fauna. It is home to the popular Eravikulam National Park and is characterized by the Anamudi Mountains. Idukki is known as one of the greenest districts of Kerala.

How do I plan a trip to Idukki?

Let’s have a look Day-wise Itinerary in Idukki tourism 2022
  • Day 1 – Arrival, Idukki, and Cheeyappara Waterfalls.
  • Day 2 – Ramakkalmedu and Anayirankal Dam Reservoir.
  • Day 3 – Kalvari Mount, Idukki Dam, and Meenuliyan Para.
  • Day 4 – Departure.

Is Idukki open for tourists?

Idukki is a district in the Indian state of Kerala located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. The district headquarter is at Panav. Idukki has a vast forest reserve consisting of rugged mountains and forests constitute about 97 percent of the total area of the district.

Which is the most beautiful district Idukki?

Idukki is a district in the Indian state of Kerala located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. The district headquarter is at Panav. Idukki has a vast forest reserve consisting of rugged mountains and forests constitute about 97 percent of the total area of the district.

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