The hill station state of India, “Himachal Pradesh”, has many places and top attractions to explore on holidays so that tourists can take full advantage of their Himachal holiday package. Parwanoo is one such beautiful town in Himachal where a plethora of options for fun and entertainment await tourists throughout the year. In addition to the commendable beauty of nature being present at its best, there are a plethora of places to visit in parwanoo that can actually make your vacation time the best of all. Parwanoo is indeed a picturesque destination in India where one can find several options for dining, adventure, picnic, and full entertainment. The majestic hill town of Himachal is a well-known home to mountains, valleys full of trees & sooting greenery, fruits orchards, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, etc. With so much beauty and a lot of adventure activities such as paragliding, skiing, hiking, trekking, etc to rejuvenate the body, Parwanoo stands out as a perfect holiday destination for honeymoon, adventurers, and backpackers. If you are planning to visit Parwanoo on your next vacation, here we have tried to help you with our list of the best 5 Parwanoo tourist places so that you do not get confused and do and enjoy what really Parwanoo is known for.

Best Time to visit

October to April is the best time to visit Parwanoo. Besides, you can make your own comforting schedule as per your budget and time.


How To Reach Parwanoo

Air – Chandigarh has situated 30 KM away from Parwanoo. In Chandigarh, you can get the nearest airport of Parwanoo con connected to the main cities in India – Delhi, Mumbai, Dharamshala, etc.

Train – Kalka is the nearest railhead of Parwanoo situated 3 km away.

Road – You can also travel to Parwanoo by road as it is connected to Delhi and Chandigarh by road.

Places To Visit In Parwanoo – Top 5 Parwanoo Tourist Places

Below you can see Parwanoo hill station’s famous places that are meant to give thrilling conversely experiences at every corner.


#1. Timber Trail – Begin your Parwanoo tourism with panoramic scenery of nature offered by Timber Trail

In order to get the thrilling and most enjoyable experience in Parwanoo, we would recommend you to initiate your journey with Timber Trail.

With this amazing cable car, you are offered several opportunities to embrace and feel the nature preserves around you.

Make sure you put this place as the most sought-after thing to do in Parwanoo where you can both enjoy nature and the thrill of the cable car. timber trail parwanoo should be on your bucket list.

When you go up and down the hill in the cable car, you can have several opportunities to embrace thrill and joy at their best.

At a distance of 35 kilometers, Timber Trail is situated in Chandigarh. And to reach there you can take any direct private taxi or bus to Timber Trail.

To enjoy the beauty of Timber Train, many tourists spend tranquil vacation time here in elegant and nature-friendly resorts.

From food to spa facilities, Timber Train also fascinates tourists with its developed amenities for all kinds of visitors. For a comfortable stay, you look for the best parwanoo resort near the trail.

#2. Kali Mata Temple – It gives you a feel of spirituality in the lap of nature

A popular Hindu temple of Maa Kali is recognized as the top Priority in Parwanoo among devotees and believers who come here from different parts of the world.

The elegant temple is among the best places to visit in Parwanoo where spirituality and peace soothe the daily life worries of devotees with the mercy and blessings of Maa Kali.

Also, especially during the Navratri festival, the ancient temple is known to record millions of visits from tourists.

The temple is situated quite near Parwanoo city center. Consequently, you can reach here easily and without a long distance. Near the temple, you can also get the best parwanoo hill station hotel.

#3. Fruit orchards – Fruit Orchards is something Parwanoo highly appreciated and visited for

Parwanoo also offers contrasting experiences to tourists owing to its beautiful orchards of fruit where one can witness the beauty of fruits and abundant greenery.

Parwanoo is best known for producing apples and peaches and as a result of which its economy gets boosted every year.

Tourism and fruit production are considered to be the backbone of Parwanoo’s economy.

In Fruit orchards, what you really experience is a picnic and unwind-like place where you can relax as much as your want.

If you are visiting Parwanoo, do not forget to visit fruit orchards, parwanoo.

#4.  Mansa Devi Temple – Explore the comfort and peace of spirituality

Mansa Devi Temple is one of the best places to visit in Parwanoo where spirituality and peace are witnessed by millions of devotees who come here.

The temple is believed to spread over 90 acres of land where various idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are nestled in the premises of the temple.

Inside the temple, there is a big tree that is considered to be holy by many devotees. Moreover, when you tie a thread to this holy tree, it is believed that Maa “Mansa Devi” hears the prayers of those who worship her with a clean heart.

The temple is famed as among the best parwanoo tourist places to spend vacation time cheerfully. In addition, you can also find some affordable hotels in parwanoo.

#5. Gorkha Fort

Gorkha Fort is among the top tourist attractions in Parwanoo where history and architecture lovers come. Those who are excited by history and the past must visit this fort as one of the best places to visit in Parwanoo.

You can catch the beauty of the spectacular dense forest around the fort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is parwanoo famous for?

Parwanoo is a famous hill town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh where mountains, adventure activities, temples, fruit orchards are the top tourist attractions. Here you can take look at Parwanoo tourist places - Pinjore Gardens, Timber Trail, Kali Mata TempleMansa Devi Temple, Shri Balaji Temple, Gurudwara Nada Sahib, etc.

Is parwanoo worth visiting?

Parwanoo is a majestic hill town in Himachal Pradesh where top attractions and adventure activities inspire thrill-seekers to visit town.

What are the special things to do in parwanoo?

Visit Kali Mata Temple, witness the sunset from Timber train point, dine in the nearby restaurants, visit fruit orchards, etc.

Which place is better in parwanoo?

Fruit Orchards are among the beautiful places to visit in parwanoo.  


Whether you are in the mood to do shopping or want to experience fresh breath amidst mountains and waterfalls, Parwanoo surely takes the entire opportunity to make your vacation moments full of charms and fun. Above the article, you can check the best 5 places to visit in parwanoo.  


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