Far from the hectic schedule and stress of life, planning to go on a holiday is an absolutely perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved ones and family. In order to get rid of the tiredness of long working hours of the office, visiting enticing and nature-friendly places can make you feel that you have taken the burden off your chest. You can refresh your mood and prepare yourself again to give your best in your work after living each moment of your vacation. India is big and diverse and it has a bounty of places to explore on your vacation so that you can create new memories while having fun and entertainment with your family. The populated country situated in South Asia is quite well-known for its 28 states that are charming and have their own historic significance. Andhra Pradesh is one of the states in India that is known for its diverse culture and traditions and apart from this, it is widely famous for its capital city called Vishakhapatnam. Vizag tourist places are the main attractions of Andhra Pradesh owing to which many people explore the city and embrace the several interesting things here. Here in this article, we have provided a list of the best tourists places you may want to explore while you are on your Visakhapatnam tourism.   Read– Top 10 Historical Monuments of India 2022 List of Famous Historical Places in India

Best Time To Visit vizag tourist places

The month from October to March will be a suitable and most charming time to visit Vizag and its breathtaking places. During this time of the month, the weather is comfortable and pleasant. December to February is the duration of winters in this region.

How To Reach vizag?

The capital city “Visakhapatnam” has its main railway station named Visakhapatnam Junction, which is well-connected to major Indian cities. Located about 12 km away from the city centre, this station has several frequent trains plying from New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, among others.


Explore the best Vizag Tourist Places on your Vacation 

The capital city of Andhra Pradesh is also called Vizag and it is famous for its refreshing atmosphere and relaxing rivers, beaches, various Buddhist temples, wildlife, national parks, restaurants, many other things. Here in the article, you can see the top places to visit in Vizag so that you can enjoy the national beauty and take part in various outdoor daring activities.

#1. Borra Caves – Among top and best places to visit in vizag

In Visakhapatnam, you can make plans to visit and explore Borra Caves with your kids as visiting the place with your kids will make them learn about the breathtaking and amazing of offering mother nature, and a feeling of gratitude will also develop in them.

When there are so many things to do in Borra Caves such as embracing nature, mind-sooting atmosphere, exploring surrounding things, etc then, you must not delay in planing your Borra Caves trip. Here are the top attractions of Bora caves:- katiki Waterfalls, Tyda bus stop, Tatiguda waterfalls, and etc. The thrilling cave is countered as one of the places to visit in Vizag for couples and kids. Apart from attractions, the place is also good for learning about historic facts.

#2. Submarine Museum – It is counted among the mesmeric visakhapatnam tourist places to explore on vacation

Located in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Submarine Museum is recognized as one of the best tourist places to visit on vacation. The museum exhibits various artifacts, documents, pictures, and images that perfectly describe the evolution of Marine time in India.

You can also visit the place on your holidays to learn more about Marine life in the city. Inside the Museum, you will learn about various parts of the submarine such as the radar room, sonar room, control room, and the museum also has a plethora of war weapons. The museum is one of the fascinating Vizag tourist places to explore on vacation. You can also make plans for tourist places near Vizag within 100 km.

#3. Katiki Waterfalls: Breathtaking waterfalls 

The natural and mesmeric beauty of Andhra Pradesh is beautifully nestled in Vishakhapatnam and it is recognized as one of the major attractions of the city for tourists looking for freshness, peace, and tranquility. The waterfalls are enclosed with lush green gardens and mountains, and trees. The elegant waterfalls of the capital city are counted among one of the best Vizag tourist places you may plan to explore on your vacation. This is among the best places in Vizag that always wait for visitors with its open wide arms. You can indulge in various activities such as you can go explore the surrounding natural beauty.

#4. Rishikonda Beach – It is one of the majestic vizag places to visit in Visakhapatnam

It is one of the most famous and auspicious places to visit in Andhra Pradesh and it is known for its natural beauty and pristine water and greenery.  Rishikonda beach is enriched with a variety of trees, flora, and fauna, a magnificent view. And once you have created new memories with your loved ones and friends on the beach, you can also search the best tourist places near Vizag within 200 km.

The Rishikonda Beach is a perfect way to explore the sea or marine life. Let’s also look at some entertaining activities on the beach such as:- you can explore Dolphins, you can play on the Boardwalk, Play Frisbee, you go Hiking, you can also organize a picnic on the beach, fishing, and etc.

#5.  Rama Krishna Mission Beach

The beach is a wonderful place to learn and explore the sea life and those who are nature lovers and marine life enthusiasts can visit the place with their loved ones. Drenched in the natural beauty and wonders, Rama Krishna Mission Beach is among the best vizag tourist places you may plan to explore on your vacation. After having fun and enjoyment on the beach and you can look for the best tourist places in visakhapatnam near railway station also.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

What is the special in Vizag?

Andhra Pradesh is an amazing state of India and it is highly known for its enticing beauty,  historic significance, cultural values, vizag tourist places, and more. You can visit Rishikonda Beach, Katiki Waterfalls, Borra Caves, and etc. How many tourist places are there in Vizag? There are various reasons to visit Vishakhapatnam and its amazing best tourists places. Recent developments and natural beauty are the main reasons owing to which, the city is explored by many people. Submarine Museum, Yarada Beach, Katiki Waterfalls, Kailasagiri, Borra Caves, and etc are the best places to visit on vacation in Vishakhapatnam.

Is Visakhapatnam is open for tourist?

Yes, Visakhapatnam is open for tourists but all the tourists need to make sure that they follow all the covid 19 protocols in order to curb the spread of the virus. What are the visiting places in Visakhapatnam? Let’s have a look at Vizag famous places Rama Krishna Beach, Borra Caves, Yarada Beach, Rishikonda Beach, INS Kurusura Submarine Museum, Kailasagiri, and so on.

What is the special in Vizag?

The second-largest city of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its steel industries and various businesses. Waterfalls, beaches, dense forests, lakes, rivers, and etc become the main attractions of Vizag.

Is it worth visiting Vizag?

Yes, owing to the plethora of best and charming places to visit in Visakhapatnam, each and every moment of your vacation is going to be filled with pleasures, happiness, and fun. You can also look for places to visit in araku for extra fun and enjoyment.

Is Vizag open for tourist?

Yes, you can visit Vizag and its charming places to have fun and entrainment on your vacation.

The Last Words! 

The best places to visit in Vizag will introduce you to the historic significance and various natural offerings of Andhra Pradesh you can explore on your vacation. If you still have not decided which place you should visit on your holidays then, the below-mentioned top places and Vizag tourist places are for you to give you thrill and moments full of pleasures and joy on your vacation.   Read Related Blogs!  


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