Be it embellished buildings and forts painted in blue color(which is a symbol of peace) or a variety of mouthwatering traditional food, be it a proud and glorious history or shops, restaurants, markets, and eateries designed in cultural and breathtaking architecture, Jodhpur stands out as one of the renowned bustling places to visit in Rajasthan. The city of blue color buildings and architecture leave nothing undone in making tourists amazed and thrilled on their vacation. A plethora of attractions along with their rich cultural history and architecture, make Jodhpur one of the enticing places to visit in India to celebrate vacation time with enthusiasm and curiosity of discovering historic facts, visiting ancient buildings, eating authentic Indian food and desserts, etc. Jodhpur Places to Visit such a Mehgan fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Balsamand Lake, Jaswant Thada, etc never let visitors return with empty hands as all these attractions of the city in Rajasthan have got everything that would insist tourists capture beauty and uniqueness in the heart. Those who are fond of exploring historic buildings and forts or eating delicious Rajasthani food and desserts, should not delay in planning their Jodhpur tourism on this vacation. Above in the article, we defined Jodhpur as the blue city in Rajasthan just because all its ancient buildings and forts are painted in blue color. By the aerial view, you would also realize it is a mesmerizing blue city in India you should visit on your vacation.

Best time to visit Jodhpur

Between October to March, you can plan to visit Jodhpur and explore as many fascinating places as you want. Winter and spring are the best seasons when you can plan your Jodhpur tourism to enjoy your vacation time.

How To Reach Jodhpur

Situated around 5 kilometers away from the main city, there is the main domestic airport of Jodhpur which is connected to many important cities in India such as Delhi, etc. The blue city “Jodhpur” is also connected to many Indian cities through roads where you can road journey. Apart from this, those who want to travel to Jodhpur by train can also book their train reservation as the city is well-connected to major Indian cities through railheads.

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Jodhpur Places to Visit – 5 Jodhpur famous places

From jodhpur photoshoot locations to the best places to eat in Jodhpur, curiosity and enthusiasm are something you would feel on every street of the city. Here you can see the list of the best Jodhpur Tourist places which you can plan to explore on holidays.

#1. Mehrangarh Fort – Famous and largest fort in India that fulfill the cravings of discovering fascinating facts from the past

At an elevation of 400 feet from sea level, Mehrangarh fort is one of the magnificent forts in Rajasthan that attracts millions of history lovers to its charismatic appearance and historic importance. The fort is counted among stunning Jodhpur Places to Visit where you can feel the beauty of ancientness and explore the architectural proficiency of India.

The fort of Jodhpur that is carved of stunning red stones and materials, is one of the finest examples of rich ancient artistic skills and efficiency. You should also visit the fort when you are going to visit Jodhpur during your vacation time.  Apart from this elegant fort, there are some gorgeous Places To Visit Near Jodhpur you can plan to explore.

What is most interesting about the fort is, that it has also been used by Bollywood and Hollywood as the picturesque setup for filming their movie.

#2. Umaid Bhawan Palace – A picturesque place for architecture, history, and photoshoot

Owing to its eye-catching architecture and beautiful inspiring historic facts, Umaid Bhawan Palace stands out as one of the breathtaking places to visit in Jodhpur with friends and family. It is a majestic place to fulfill your cravings for photo shooting and capturing beautiful moments. The palace is among jodhpur tourist places you should add to the itinerary in Rajasthan.

Established in the year 1943, Umaid Bhawan Palace is well-recognized as one of the grandeur private residences in India where you can enjoy to the fullest and embrace peaceful moments with your loved ones. The epitome of architectural beauty, Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the charismatic Places To See In Jodhpur where you can capture tranquil moments of the rest with your friends and family.

The palace is a beautiful heritage hotel where you can experience the royal Rajasthani dining with your family and apart from this, it is also a luxurious residence of “Raja Raj Singh”.

#3. Camel Safari – A trip to Jodhpur would be incomplete without a Camel safari, something Rajasthan in India is known for

Rajasthan is a beautiful desert state in India where you can witness stunning yellow golden sands while enjoying a camel safari. Camel safari is among the major attractions in Rajasthan you should not miss at all. In Jodhpur as well, you can enjoy the camel safari with your family and friends. In order to experience Camel Safari, you can choose the best package according to the distance and other amazing facilities. This is one of the best places to visit in jodhpur for couples. Apart from the Camel safari, you can also enjoy the comforting stay and fantastic food facilities.

#4. Balsamand Lake – It is among fascinating jodhpur tourist places where you can explore the natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere

Balsamand Lake is among Jodhpur Places to Visit where you can embrace the natural and green beauty of the city. With a distance of just 5 kilometers, the picturesque lake is situated near Jodhpur and is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Rajasthan.

The green and mind soothing ambiance of the lake will refresh your entire body and mind. Never miss the chance of capturing beautiful moments and photos in the lap of nature. Apart from this, you can also explore some jodhpur tourist places near railway station.

#5. Jaswant Thada – Sight for the sore eyes

Jaswant Thada is a charming white marble monument established in the year 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh. You can visit the monument to explore its iconic architecture and amazing historic significance.



What is famous about Jodhpur?

The blue city of India state Rajasthan is famous for many things such as historic importance, royal cultural values, and heritage, delicious dining, top attractions, hidden places in jodhpur, and best & breathtaking Places To Visit In Jodhpur.  Never miss the chance of planning a Jodhpur tour.

How can I spend 2 days in Jodhpur?

In order to plan Jodhpur tour and spend 2 days in the blue city of India, you can plan to visit various major attractions such as Mehrangarh Fort, Chamunda Mata temple, Roa Jodha Desert rock park, Mahadev Temple, Visit the Balsamand Lake, Explore the blue city, etc.

Is Jodhpur worth visiting?

From fascinating cultural heritage to breathtaking attractions, you can plan to visit Jodhpur to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest.

How can I spend 3 days in Jodhpur?

If you are planning  3 days of itinerary in Jodhpur, there are so many interesting things you can plan to do in the city such as Kailana Lake, Mehrangarh Fort, Mandore Gardens,, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Clock Tower, etc.

 Is one day enough for Jodhpur?

One day to spend in Jodhpur will also be sufficient if you visit the iconic and elegant Mehrangarh Fort and enjoy dining at local eateries.

The Ending! 

Jodhpur is one of the charismatic places to visit in India that attract those who have eyes for ancient facts and the vibrant culture of India. Planning a Jodhpur tour will make you aware of the real colorful culture of India you always wanted to explore. Here above the article, you can see the list of the best 5 Jodhpur Places to Visit where you can think to plan your vacation time to the fullest. Read- Places To Visit In Bikaner – Best 5 Bikaner Tourist Places


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