Far from a hectic schedule of monotonous daily life, Yercaud is like heaven in South India, where dense forests, stunning waterfalls, serene lakes, tranquil rivers, and breathtaking biodiversity make a perfect gateway to all sorts of vacation fun and adventure that one can have with friends and family here. Whether to beat the boredom of a stressful daily life or to escape from the scorching heat of the sun in summer, the hill town of Tamil Nadu is a perfect place to embrace nature’s beauty while enjoying holiday time with fun and adventure. This beautiful hill town is situated in the eastern ghats of India and has coffee plantations full of picturesque greenery everywhere. There are various famous Yercaud tourist places where tourists can not only make beautiful memories with their loved ones but also witness nature’s beauty like never before. If you are looking for a place that can offer you endless opportunities to embrace nature, adventure, and gratitude at the same time, then we would recommend you choose Yercaud as the best vacation destination to enjoy every bit of your holiday time with your loved ones. Apart from adventure fun and nature’s beauty at its peak, the hill town also has many options for scrumptious dining. Here, you can find the best places to dine situated nearly next to each other. You can also taste local Indian street food in cafeterias, coffee shops, and restaurants. To assist you in planning your Yercaud sightseeing, we have compiled a list of the Best Places To Visit In Yercaud so that you do not miss out on the major highlights of this charming hill town.

Best time to Visit 

Summer is the best time to visit Yercaud and you can beat the unbearable heat of the sun here with fun and adventure. Besides this, you can make your Yercaud trip anytime you want according to your schedule and vacation plans. October to June is a busy & crowded time here as many across India come here with their loved ones.

How to Reach

Salem Junction is the nearest railhead and is located 38 kilometers from Yercaud. The railhead is connected to various parts of India and locals easily reach there. But if you are an international visitor, then flight service would be a much more effective and comfortable way.

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Top 5 Yercaud Tourist Places 2024

Below you can see the top things to do in Yercaud and without them, your trip to south India won’t be completed. So, whenever you are coming to Yercaud, make sure you visit its below-mentioned attractions.


#1. Emerald Lake 


Encircled by cloud-covered hills and soothing greenery, Emerald Lake is a picturesque place in Yercaud and your visit to it should be a must. You can plan to visit Emerald Lake to explore nature’s beauty at its best and gather some wonderful moments with loved ones in the lap of nature.

The lake offers tourists a wide variety of fun outdoor activities that include – strolling, long walks along the lake, boating, hiking, etc. And the great thing about the lake is that – it is situated around 1 km away from the Yercaud bus stand. People who have reached Yercaud by bus would have ease in accessing the lake for unwinding and moments of some rest and peace. If you want to taste the flavor of Yercaud Sightseeing, make sure you do not forget to add Emerald Lake to your bucket list.

On the banks of the lake, you can also explore its big stunning gardens full of a plethora variety of flowers and plants. It is one of the Best Places In Yercaud where one can enjoy oneself fully in solitude full of peace and tranquility.


#2. Deer Park  


Nestled on the banks of Yercaud lake, Deer Park is the perfect place to enjoy outings with friends and family, especially in the morning times. Birds, peacocks, deer, monkeys, wild cats, and dogs are seen in their natural habitat here. You can capture this amazing and soothing wildlife on camera forever. You can also look for Places To Visit In Yercaud For 2 Days.

No matter whether you are coming to the park in the morning or evening time, the beauty of nature and wildlife will always offer you breathtaking landscapes to be captured on your camera. People who are fond of animals and their surrounding atmosphere must visit this Deer Park whenever they are coming to Yercaud. Here, you can also find some Yercaud Resorts for rest and enjoy delectable dining.


#3. Anna Park


Anna Park is a place to enjoy picnic time in Yercaud. You can come here with your kids and can do so many fascinating things to make this holiday time memorable and the best of everything. The city park is among the best Yercaud tourist places where you can witness a wide variety of flowers and plants as well. With wonderful sceneries and landscapes for photography, Anna Park is counted among the fun things to do in Yercaud Hill Station. Well-maintained gardens with an abundance of greenery bring endless fun, adventure, and cheerful moments for your kids that you would love to cherish always.


#4. Killiyur Falls 


Killiyur Falls is a worth visiting place in Yercaud and many tourists come here nearly every vacation to enjoy fun-filled outdoor activities. From boating to hiking, strolling to sitting at a place exploring the green & rejuvenating surroundings, the waterfalls will make a great place in your heart forever.  It is among the famous Yercaud tourist places where one can find a plethora of landscapes replete with nature’s beauty. Whenever you feel like enjoying your own company while staying in complete solitude while just embracing the peaceful beauty of nature, Killiyur Falls is a place to consider in Yercaud.


#5. Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden is a place to explore a wide variety of flowers and plants. Those who are fond of exploring various species of flowers and their greenery must visit this charming botanical garden whenever they are coming to Yercaud. The heaven of flowers awaits you every year and you should avoid disappointing it. And if you have a little extra time here, you can also make plans for Places To Visit Near Yercaud.


What is famous Yercaud?

Yercaud is a majestic hill town in the lap of Tamil Naidu that has a plethora of attractions to enjoy time to the fullest.  Let’s have a look at some top attractions here -  Emerald Lake, Yercaud, Pagoda Point, Botanical Garden, Anna Park, etc.

Is it worth visiting Yercaud?

Yes, with endless majestic landscapes and nature’s beauty all around, Yercaud is rated as the top place to visit in Tamil Naidu.

Is Yercaud safe to visit now?

Yes, Yercaud is safe to visit. But make sure you get vaccinated before going there.

Which is better Ooty or Yercaud?

Both hill towns have mesmeric beauty of nature and hence, it is not easy to distinguish which one is better.

Which is the best time to visit Yercaud?

Best Yercaud Season Time October to June

Is it worth visiting Yercaud?

Yes, Yercaud tourist places are - Emerald Lake, Yercaud, Pagoda Point, Botanical Garden, Anna Park, Pagoda Point, Deer Park, etc.

Ending Lines!

From mesmeric nature’s beauty to breathtaking landscapes to photography, from amazing wildlife to dense forests full of greenery, Yercaud is among the best places to visit on holiday in India where one can have all vacation fun and merriments. Above you can find the list of Yercaud tourist places so that you do not get confused among the plethora of attractions there.


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