Lying in the lap of Indian State Tamil Nadu, “Kanyakumari” is a paradise where you can catch the glimpse of breathtaking sunrise and sunset from the ocean. It is a picturesque coastal town where you witness sunrise and moonrise simultaneously during full moon days. In order to beat the boredom of daily life, visiting Kanyakumari on holidays is an amazing way to celebrate some quality time with your loved ones in the lap of mother nature. Kanyakumari Tourist Places such as Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari Beach, Sunset View Point, Padmanabhapuram Palace, etc are major attractions for tourists for fun and enjoyment. The Coastal town of Tamil Nadu is bordered by 3 popular seas - The Arabian Sea, the Indian sea, and the Bay of Bengal. Kanyakumari offers breathtaking scenery of these 3 seas where all your desires of settling in heaven are fulfilled.

Best Time To Visit Kanyakumari

Winter is the charming season to visit Kanyakumari and in the between the months of October to March, you can plan your Kanyakumari tour to explore kanyakumari tourist places.

How to reach Kanyakumari 

Kanyakumari has a major airport named Trivandrum International Airport, which is 60 kilometers away from the city and connected to important Indian cities. And from the major cities of South India, you can take buses to reach Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Tourist Places – kanyakumari tourism

#1. Thirparappu Falls – Eye-cathing rushing water awaits tourists every year

Situated in the lap of Kanyakumari, Thirparappu falls is one of the breathing places to visit where you can make yourself entertained and be amazed by the beauty of rushing water. The waterfalls is situated around 50 kilometers away from Kanyakumari.

To reach the falls, you can hire any cab or taxi. The waterfalls is surrounded by rich flora and fauna where you can witness an abundance of greenery and amazing wildlife creatures.

Most importantly, do not miss the chance of capturing precious moments you spent with your loved ones. You can also explore kanyakumari temple, and kanyakumari beach. Sparsa resort Kanyakumari is situated just a few kilometers away from Thirparappu Falls where you can seek pleasure in dining and comfortable staying.

#2. Vivekananda Rock Memorial – The memorial takes back to the teachings and techniques of Indian saint “Swami Vivekananda”

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is one of the prestigious places to visit in Kanyakumari where you can experience peace and stability in the atmosphere. The Kanyakumari trip will be incomplete if you miss visiting the memorial with your friends and family. The place makes tourists feel the spiritual vibes and teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Make sure you visit the place with your friends and family and capture every moment you spend here exploring things around you. It is one of the stunning Kanyakumari Tourist Places for tranquility and spirituality lovers.

#3. Kanyakumari Beach – The confluence of 3 important Indian seas leave tourists speechless

Kanyakumari Beach is one of the major attractions for tourists to feel joy and completeness in life. The beach perfectly exhibits the confluence of 3 famous Indian seas – the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. and without mixing into each other, these 3 seas Indian seas can easily be recognized and distinguished by one with names.

The water of these seas does not mix and you can easily recognize which one is the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, or Indian Sea. The beach is widely known for its major attractions such as the lighthouse, Amman temple, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, markets for shopping, etc.

#4. Thiruvalluvar Statue – the gigantic statue for history and architecture lovers

Thiruvalluvar Statue is among the glorious Kanyakumari places to visit on vacation in Kanyakumari. The tall statue is a great place to see in free time and its iconic architecture leaves no chance of leaving tourists thrilled and amazed with its significance and beauty.

The mesmerizing kanyakumari statue will immediately make a special place in your heart once you visit it. You can visit Baywatch Kanyakumari, which is a popular amusement park situated some distance away from the Thiruvalluvar Statue. This is a fun place for kids and people of all ages.

#5. Bhagavathy Amman Temple

Bhagavathy Amman Temple is one of the spiritual places to visit on vacation in Kanyakumari. Owing to its elegant architectural beauty and historic significance, the temple is visited by believers and spirituality seekers. Near the temple, you can explore wonderful restaurants or eateries to eat delectable food of varieties. You can also go for shopping to buy some cultural & modern clothes


Frequently Asked Questions

What are famous in Kanyakumari?

Kanyakumari is a tranquil beautiful coastal town in the lap of Tamil Nadu where you can witness sunrise and sunset from the sea. Besides this, there is so much fun here as here you can explore the best Kanyakumari places to visit:- Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Gandhi Mandapam, Kanyakumari Beach, Thanumalayan Temple, etc.

Is tourist allowed in Kanyakumari?

Yes, Kanyakumari is open all days except Sundays. Make sure you stick to all the covid 19 rules and regulations. And you can move ahead with your vacation plan from trivandrum to kanyakumari tourist places.

How can I spend my day in Kanyakumari?

In order to place your vacation time in Kanyakumari, you can plan to explore so many Kanyakumari visiting places such as Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Thanumalayan Temple, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari Beach, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Gandhi Mandapam, and so on. Here, you can also plan to visit annai resort kanyakumari, which caters to the needs of visitors.

Where should I go after Kanyakumari?

There are so many places in Kanyakumari you can plan to visit on holidays such as Vivekanda memorial, Amman temple, Kanyakumari beach, etc. You can feel amazing stay and warm welcomes in resorts in kanyakumari. You can explore the nearby places here.

How many days are enough for Kanyakumari?

4-5 days are sufficient to embrace the beauty of Kanyakumari and you can also extend your days in the coastal town for more fun and pleasures.

Where should I go after Kanyakumari?

From romantic places in kanyakumari to enchanting tourists places, all you experience here is excitement, fun, and curiosity. After Kanyakumari, you can plan a vacation trip from kanyakumari to kashmir.

Are tourists allowed in Kanyakumari?

Kanyakumari is open for tourists and therefore, you will have to follow all covid related protocols and maintain social distancing. You need to be fully vaccinated before you plan your Kanya Kumari tourism.

Which thing is famous in Kanyakumari?

Seashells, shopping markets, beaches, and more.

Is one day enough for Kanyakumari?

In just one day you can not explore the beauty of Kanyakumari and therefore, you need to make the schedule of at least 3-4 days.

Why is Kanyakumari so famous?

Kanyakumari is famous for its sunrise view on the beach and famous tourist places such as Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Gandhi Mandapam, Kanyakumari Beach, Thanumalayan Temple, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Padmanabhapuram Palace, and so on.

Ultimate Notes!

Kanyakumari is a popular holiday destination in India where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of sunrise and sunset on the ocean. Popularly, the majestic coastal town is referred to as  Lands’ end where all your desire for natural and serene beauty is fulfilled. There are a plethora of Kanyakumari tourist places, which you can explore on vacation for joy and excitement. From blue water beaches to breathtaking Zoological parks, Kanyakumari is really a place for nature and adventure seekers. Below you can see the list of the famous places to visit in Kanyakumari. Read- Hill Stations In Tamilnadu – From Colorful Culture To Natural Wonders  


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