surat tourism 2024: From being a diamond hub to the popular textile industry, from being a bustling place to the fastest-growing city of Gujarat, from having a variety of food to scrumptious desserts, Surat is among the most amazing places to visit in Gujarat, and every year, people across India and various part of the world come and have fun and entertainment with their loved ones. Surat is considered to be the most populous city in Gujarat and it does not let visitors get bored so easily here. Silk fabric, cotton mills, and several other things are top attractions of the city. Polishing and diamond-cutting work is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of Surat. surat tourism is going to make your holidays momentous and unforgettable with magnificent places to visit and several things to do. Here we have provided popular places to visit in the beautiful and populated city of Gujarat. Besides a variety of food and desserts, Surat is enriched with shopping malls, theatres, markets, resorts, the best places to dine, hotels, and so much more. Here, we have provided some interesting and amazing places in Surat to visit so that you can explore and embrace the beauty and offerings of Gujarat.

Best Time To Visit surat 

If you have planned your surat trip and are ready with the list of best places to visit in the city then, the best time or months to visit the place in October, November, December, January, and February. Usually, people go to these amazing places in the winter season.

How To Reach Surat?

To reach surat and its various amazing places then, choosing the route of the train will be the best and easiest way. You can reach Surat from Mumbai by traveling by train. The train from Mumbai to Surat usually takes 2 hours. You can catch a train from Mumbai and straight enter surat.

Surat Tourism 2024 – Top Places To Visit In Surat 

The ancient and glorious scripture of India’s Mahabharata’ has also described Surat and its countless battles and many other things. The city of Gujarat “Surat” was popular as Suryapur in 990 AD and was ruled, controlled, and invaded several times by outside forces.

Apart from its prestigious historical significance and glory, today Surat city has got fame and popularity as the global commercial hub for diamond dealers, textile traders, and fashion, art, and culture lovers. The city has also received compliments as ‘Diamond Hub of the World’, ‘Embroidery Capital of India’, ‘Textile City of India’, ‘The Sun City, ‘City of Flyovers’, and so on. For sure, now you have got an idea of What Is Surat Famous For.

Below is the article, you can see and explore surat visiting places and prepare for your surat tour by choosing the interesting and best places to visit. We have also talked about various Tourist Places Near Surat Within 100 and 200 Kilometers.

#1. Sardar Patel Museum 

The Sardar Patel Museum is known to be one of the historic and amazing places to visit in Gujarat and it was established in the city of Surat in the year 1890. The museum is known for its historic importance and the great work of Sardar vallabhai patel. Since then, the museum is recommended, admired, and loved by people across India and the world. The museum was built to commemorate and give tribute to the “iron man of India” Sardar vallabhai Patel who fought for integration and freedom for India against the British raj.

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#2. The Dutch Garden

The Dutch Garden is among the most popular destinations in Surat, Gujarat. It is also one of Places To Visit Near Surat For 1 Day. The Dutch garden has been known for its historical importance. The Dutch Garden is also popular as the Dutch Cemetery, it is known as the popular burial ground for many Dutches and Britishers who had settled in India during the colonial era. Visiting the Dutch garden will enrich your surat tourism completely. Near the dutch garden, there are several hotels and restaurants in which you can experience amazing dine with your family and loved ones.

#3. Vadodara 

Vadodara is among one of the best places to visit in surat and it is also among the Tourist Places Near Surat Within 100 Km. You can visit this place and explore the beauty and several offerings that the city gives on your holiday. In order to grab a bite or to dine with your loved ones, you can go to the various affordable restaurants that leave no stone unturned in the hospitality of the guests. The city has also gathered popularity for its historic importance and landmarks such as the Laxmi Vilas Palace and it is also the home of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

#4. Ambaji Temple

Ambaji temple is one of the Places To Visit In Surat With Friends and family. The temple is one of the most glorious and visited temples of Maa “Amba” and it is attracted and visited most by many people across India and other parts of the world. To seek the blessings of Mata Rani, you must visit the temple and add this temple to the list of best places to visit in surat.

Ambika Niketan Temple or Ambaji temple is situated on the banks of River Tapti and work on the temple was completed in the year 1969. The temple was made to dedicate to “Matarani”, and it is one of the most prestigious spots in surat.

#5. Jambugodha Wildlife Sanctuary 

The area of the wildlife sanctuary was built with the aim of protecting and conserving wild animals and different varieties of species and plants. The wildlife sanctuary is considered to be the most popular place to visit in Surat. It is among Tourist Places Near Surat Within 200 Km. The city of Gujarat is “ popular for its various places to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions:-


What is Surat famous for?

Surat is considered to be the most popular place to visit in Gujarat and it is known for its diamond cutting and polishing, producing textiles, including silk. It is also known as the textile and silk hub of India.

Is Surat worth visiting?

Surat is one of the popular destinations in Gujarat and it offers several interesting things to make vacation a pleasant one. Here you can take a look at the most famous places in Surat such as Dutch Garden, Dandi Beach, Sardar Patel Museum, and so on.\

How can I visit Surat?

To reach surat, you can approach by train as it is considered to be the most convenient and comfortable way to enter the beautiful city of Gujarat.

What is new in Surat?

Surat is popular for its diamond and its textile industries, and several other places to visit. Apart from visiting beautiful places, there are several other things that are popular in the city such as going to the cinema, visiting temples, enjoying the scenery of rivers, and etc.

What is the famous of Surat?

The beautiful city of Gujarat is popular for its textiles industries, silk industries, temples, monuments, and etc. The city of Surat has various places to visit for tourists.

How can I spend a day in Surat?

In order to spend a day in Surat, you can plan to visit various interesting places, rivers, beaches, and etc. You can visit several places such as Suvali Beach, Dumas beach, Bardoli, Dabhari Beach, Dandi Beach, Padamdungari, Tithal Beach, Vansda National Park, and so on.

Is Surat worth visiting?

There are some interesting things to do in Surat such as Dandi Beach, Dutch Garden and Sardar Patel Museum, and so on.

What is the famous food of Surat?

Maharashtrian delicacy, Misal Pav is much loved and enjoyed in Surat too. Be sure to try their style of this dish at Mega Mumbai Fast Foods located at Adajan Gam.

Is Surat safe?

Yes, Surat is considered to be the safest city in the Indian state of Gujarat. You can easily reach Surat and have fun with your loved ones.

What is Surat Tourism Packages?

In order to plan your surat tour, you need to choose the best places to visit and find the best surat tourism packages.

What are the best Picnic Places Near Surat?

There are some popular picnic places in Surat such as Padamdungari, Dabhari Beach, Dandi Beach, Suvali Beach, Dumas Beach, Mirasol Lake Garden, Bardoli, Tithal Beach, and so on.  

Final Note 

The diamond city of India also gathers recognition, admiration, and attraction as the business hub of Gujarat, and people from overseas come here and deal in various businesses. It is the second-largest and most populated city of Gujarat and is usually visited and loved by nature lovers, tourists, businessmen, and history buffs. On surat tourism, you will find plenty of places, which have beauty to keep tourists pleased and entertained.  


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