“Kolkata”, the capital city of West Bengal is also known as Calcutta formerly. Since its establishment in the year 1686, the first capital city of India under the British Raj from 1773–1911, continues to gain importance, fame, affection, and popularity among many tourists. The beautiful and historic capital of West Bengal perfectly illustrates the breathtaking architecture of the British era, stunning art, and galleries, cultural monuments, relaxing and charming sightseeing places, entertainment spots, different kinds of mouth-watering, and scrumptious food & desserts, and so much more. A trip to the capital city of West Bengal on holidays introduces many tourists to several exhilarating places to visit in Kolkata. The city is also popular as the city of joy and happiness owing to its pleasantness and cordiality in the nature of the people. From describing historical significance to beholding the cultural values and traditions of India, Kolkata is the perfect destination to spend holidays and have fun and joyous moments with our loved ones. And therefore, we have elaborated the beauty and nature of the city through the best tourist places in Kolkata. Although Kolkata was earlier known as the colonial city under the rule of Britishers and the East India Company, the basic nature, color, culture, ethic values, and unity of India still lie in the heart of people and the city itself.

Places to visit in Kolkata

Best time to visit Kolkata 

The best time to visit Kolkata and its various historic and elegant places, both the winter and autumn seasons are good and ideal times. You can visit Kolkata from the month of October to March. In order to enjoy the various festivities of the state of West Bengal, you can visit the city of Durga puja. The historic festival of “Durga Puja” witnesses many tourists from different parts of India.

How To Reach Kolkata

“Kolkata”, the capital city of West Bengal is connected to various cities in India and there are various railroads and trains such as Shatabdi and Rajdhani express that connect Kolkata to several cities and places in India and of course Delhi. Kolkata has two major railway stations in the city – one is located in Howrah and the other at Sealdah.

Places to visit in Kolkata – Explore Unity, Rich Values, Culture Of India

Apart from having the rich and glorious culture and rituals of India, Kolkata, which is formerly also known as Calcutta is seen as a poor city of India by many where the majority of people live in poverty. But despite this fact, the pleasant and cordial nature of the people of Kolkata and their behavior and hospitality towards tourists is always remarkable and respectable. Kolkata is replete with a variety of good food and desserts, the best and charming places to explore on vacation. Kolkata West Bengal has so much more to offer its tourists from historic and stunning architecture to various amusement parks and gardens. Below you can see the list of the best tourist places to visit in Kolkata on holidays.

#1. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

As we have discussed before that Kolkata is the epitome of breathtaking architecture and various monuments of the British era in India, Victoria Memorial is one of the examples that show the art of designing and constructing buildings in a beautiful and mesmerizing way. The monument was built in 1906 by the Britishers in order to give honor to the Queen of England “victoria”. The Memorial of Queen Victoria is one of the Best Places To Visit In North Kolkata.

The Victoria Memorial is among the best and top places to visit in Kolkata. When it comes to searching about the best places to visit in Kolkata, Victoria Memorial is shown at top of the list of best places to visit in the city. The great thing about the memorial is it is one of the tourist places near Kolkata within 150 km.

The monument is also the perfect place for those who want to explore and learn about the days of slavery of people of India under British rule and how the collective power of the country turned those days into freedom and liberation through various movements and protests.

#2. Howrah Bridge

Situated in eastern India, West Bengal, Howrah Bridge is one of the famous and most admired and visited tourist places in Kolkata. The bridge gains countless visits and admiration from people across India and overseas owing to its historical significance and mind-soothing and entertaining surrounding atmosphere. The historic bridge in Kolkata is over the Hooghly River and is among the best places to visit the capital of West Bengal “Kolkata”. It is among the Places To Visit In Kolkata For Couples and you are going to experience fun and peace in the fresh environment.

The bridge is considered to be the symbol of West Bengal’s history and culture. And apart from this, you can feel the pleasure, peace and tranquillity in the nature of the river and bridge and it is also the perfect destination for a picnic with the family.

#3. Park Street

Park Street is considered to be the most explored and visited place in Kolkata. The street has so much more to offer to its tourists such as different shops, theatres, malls, monuments, and plenty of eateries and beverages stalls. The main reason for the fame and popularity of Park Street is its historical background in the colonial era. Besides this, Park street is also known for its nightlife amusements and nightclubs among many people. Since its establishment, park street is the best place to visit for having fun and entertainment at night. The street is replete with various hotels and restaurants which offer top-class hospitality to guests.

#4 Mullick Ghat Flower Market

Mullick Ghat Flower Market is one of Kolkata’s best places to visit on vacation for those who have great and long-lasting affection for flowers and orchids. The market is more than 100 years old and it offers a variety of flowers with refreshing and amazing fragrances. Day in and day out, the flower market is flooded with tourists and locals for the selling and buying of the flowers. This 130-year-old market has got everything that tourists always crave on vacation. Near and around, tourists have several opportunities to eat Kolkata’s famous street food and beverages in the shops and restaurants situated near the flower market.


#5. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Located in the lap of West Bengal, Kolkata India, Dakshineswar Kali Temple is among the popular tourist destinations and it gains popularity as the Hindu Navratna temple. The temple is one of the Unique Places To Visit In Kolkata having an amazing history to explore. This is one of the pilgrimage Places To Visit In Kolkata With Friends and family for worship.

On vacation, many people visit the temple and worship there to seek blessing from the gods and deities. The temple is situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River and it is the historic and proud symbol of Kolkata. The temple has amazing and beautiful architecture and idols of Hindu gods. Built with a variety of stones and marvels, the temple is considered to be the most glorious and respected place to worship the goddess “Maa Kali Durga”.

#6. Chandannagar

Situated in the Indian state of West Bengal, Chandannagar is considered to be the most famous tourist destination to explore and enjoy the historical values, ethics, and background of West Bengal and Kolkata. The city is also replete with fun and entertainment places for tourists.



Where can I enjoy in Kolkata?

There are so many places to visit in Kolkata on holidays with your friends and loved ones. For history lovers, you can visit the Victoria Memorial and other monuments. And apart from this, we have mentioned some amazing places to visit on your trip to Kolkata.
  1. Maidan
  2. Eco Park
  3. Botanical Garden
  4. Nicco Park
  5. Aquatica
  6. Snow Park

Which is famous in Kolkata?

From different food and desserts to the rich culture and tradition of India, Kolkata is blessed with everything you need to have fun and be entertained on vacation.

For which thing Kolkata is famous for?

The capital city of West Bengal is considered to be the pioneer of arts, cultures, drama, literature, and etc. Apart from this, there is a lot of have fun with and exploring in Kolkata.

Places To Visit In Kolkata In Evening

In order to spend some amazing and tranquil time in the Evening in Kolkata, you can visit the Howrah Bridge, the flower market, Mother Tersa’s house, White town, black Town, India coffee house, etc.

Which is famous in Kolkata?

Kolkata is famous for its various freedom movements and various places to visit on holidays such as Victoria Hall, Mother tersa house, flower market, and etc.

What is the Speciality of Kolkata?

Arts, culture, theatre, literature, etc are the specialty of Kolkata.

Which is the best area in Kolkata?

Chowringhee, BBD Bagh, Sudder Street, Park Street, and etc.


The capital city has seen various battles, the bloodshed of Bravehearts, victories, defeats to make the dream come true of an integrated and free India. And maybe this is one of the reasons which is why Kolkata and its fascinating places and historic values of India become top attractions among tourists to explore the place. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some amazing places to visit in Kolkata so that you can enjoy and have amusement with your loved ones on Kolkata tourism.


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