In today’s world of tour and travel, India is considered to be a great and beautiful destination not only for vacation purposes but for career and business objectives as well. Every place in the country is worthy of tourists’ attention and visits owing to the country’s beautiful landscapes, historic forts, ancient royal culture, moral values, etc. Raipur is one such place that is considered to be one of the most fascinating places to visit in India for sightseeing famous raipur tourist places, enjoying wildlife, visiting sacred temples, etc. Taking a vacation is a great opportunity to learn about different people, cultures, places, and rituals. Raipur is an amazing place in India better known for its amusement parks and mineral resources such as Iron, core, Dolomite, Gold, Bauxite, and so on.   Read- Chhattisgarh Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Chhattisgarh

Best Time To Visit Raipur

In order to visit Raipur and its ancient and beautiful places, make sure that you choose the best time to visit so that you can sightsee various places and enjoy the comfortable weather. Winter is considered to be the best time to visit Raipur and in between the months of October to March, you can plan your journey to Raipur and enjoy your vacation time there. In these months, the weather is not only beautiful but stable to explore wildlife, visit temples,

How To Reach Raipur?

In order to reach Raipur, the capital city has a major airport that is well-connected to several major cities in India by regular flights:- Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai, Bhopal, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. You can also travel to Raipur by road and for this, you can hire a bus and taxi from your city to reach Raipur.

Raipur Tourist Places – Raipur Tourism

Going on holiday by taking some free time from the office and work not only provides you a chance of visiting beautiful and vibrant places to experience fresh breath and meet new people, but it also makes your bond with your family and friends stronger than before. Here in this article, we are going to elaborate on the best places to visit in Raipur so that you get various opportunities to eat different spicy local food and desserts, sightsee historic and majestic places, buy attractive artifacts, modern clothes, stunning silk sarees, etc.

#1. Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum 

Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum is one of the enticing places to visit in Raipur with family and friends. And owing to its exhibition of Chhattisgarh and Raipur’s cultures, rituals, traditions, and authentic food, you must not forget to visit the place while on raipur tourism.

Someone wants to discover more about Raipur’s culture and heritage then, they need to make sure that you explore the museum once in your life.

Cooper plates and glasses, stones, ancient coins, paintings, etc are the attractions of the museum and tell about the ancient era in Raipur. And once you feel that you perfectly explored the museum and have learned so much more about this big city of Chhattisgarh then, you may also look for picnic spot near raipur.

#2. Nandan Van Zoo & Safari

If you have a beautiful family of small kids then, you should visit this zoo park for sure as it is one of the best raipur tourist places that makes tourists explore and love wildlife and their amazing surroundings. The wildlife national park has a wide variety of flora and fauna which live peacefully here without the intervention of humans.

There are many tourist places near Raipur within 100 km you can plan to visit to add extra fun and excitement to your vacation. The nature-friendly place of endangered animals and flowers is counted as one of the best picnic spots in Raipur to enjoy the best quality time with each other. After being exhausted by taking part in several activities, you can also explore the nearby attractions of this wildlife sanctuary. It is among places to visit in Raipur with girlfriend.

#3. Ghatarani Waterfall, Raipur

Located in the capital city Chhattisgarh, Ghatarani Waterfall is truly one of the most charming places to visit in Raipur with your friends and family. The beauty of dense forests, lush green areas, crystal clear water keep tourists captivated at every step.

Watching water falling from up to down will take your worries and breath away and you will be able to feel a kind of peace, comfort, and relaxation that you must have not experienced before. Your tourism in Raipur will be enriched if you choose the waterfalls as one of the best raipur tourist places for picnic fun and adventure activities.

Also, make sure that you visit the best tourist places near Raipur. A popular sacred temple named Jatmai Temple is also regarded as a must-visit place situated near mesmeric waterfalls.

#4. Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya temple is one of the famous sacred temples in Raipur you should visit on your Raipur tourism. The big beautiful temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga and it is visited and explored by many devotees and people across India.

From stunning idols of god and goddess to ancient art-built architecture, it is among beautiful Raipur tourist places you should not miss when you are ready with your plans of tourism in raipur. During Navratri and many auspicious Indian rituals, the temple is decorated with beautiful lights and lamps in the night, and devotees chant aarti and mantra.

#5. Kevalya Dham Jain Temple

Kevalya Dham Jain Temple is one of the famous places to visit in Raipur with friends and family. In order to fulfill all the requirements of all your Raipur toursim, do not forget to visit the big glorious temple. The temple is known for its historic importance and it consists of many enticing idols of gods and goddesses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is famous in Raipur?

There are so many things that are quite famous in Raipur from education centers to Raipur tourist places. But one thing is clear that without shopping, your Raipur tourism can be incomplete, and therefore, Raipur is considered to be a great place for shopping. For shopping, there are a plethora of markets and bazaars you can visit with your friends. Another reason for Raipur’s popularity is “raipur tourist places”.  You can also explore Raipur tourist places near railway station.

Is Raipur a beautiful city?

Yes, Raipur is believed to be one of the famous beautiful places to visit in Chhattisgarh. And the city is also popular for shopping, tourists places, wildlife sanctuary parks, hotels, restaurants, etc. if you want to stay longer in the Raipur city then, you can also explore tourist places near raipur within 500 kms.

How many places are there in Raipur?

There are a plethora of places you can find and visit in Raipur. The city is complete with every sort of place or spot that is often visited and required by tourists for fun and entertainment. Vivekananda Sarovar, Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, Doodhadhari Monastery, Mahamaya Temple, Kevalya Dham Jain Temple, and Temple, Urja Park, etc.

What is Raipur also called?

The capital city Raipur is also popular as the rice bowl of India that has major attractions for tourists to enjoy their vacation time with their loved ones. Raipur’s major attractions are:- Ghatarani Waterfalls, Ambuja City Center Mall, Purkhouti Muktangan, Nandan Van Zoo & Safar, Magneto - The Mall, etc.

What is famous food in Raipur?

There is a variety of food such as Bhajiya, Jalebi, Dhokla, Samosa, Pani Puri, Chaat, etc famous in Raipur. These foods are also popular all over India. You can also eat different variety of mouth-watering desserts such as Jalebi, ras malai, etc.  

The Ending!

And apart from mineral resources, the central state of India “Chhatisgarh” is also famous for its enticing tourist places and Raipur is one such big beautiful city that takes away the breath of tourists and offers them various fascinating things to do on their vacation to make them delighted and thrilled. Above you can find the list of the best raipur tourist places you may want to explore on your vacation. Also, there are so many reasons for people to choose Raipur as one of the best destinations in India to enjoy some free time with family. From historic monuments to wildlife parks, the capital city is enriched with all fun and famous things so that tourists can enjoy their quality time to the fullest. You can also explore tourist places near Raipur.


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