With a population of 3.48 crore in recent years, the green natural beauty of Kerala continues to win the hearts of tourists who visit India for business and holidays purposes. Kerala is an Indian state situated on the Malabar coast, known for its peaceful backwaters, spices industries, ancient temples, forts & palaces, breathtaking zoo, tourists attractions, and so much more. The state leaves no chance in displaying Indian culture & art with full enthusiasm through its historic museums, pilgrimage sites, old ages temples, artifacts, traditional clothes, and even Indian authentic food. As Kerala is home to wonderful waterfalls, rivers, lakes, lush green valleys, and many tourists places, its economy sees a spike every year because millions of visitors visit its many fascinating places on Kerala tourism. Ernakulam is one such area or city in Kerala, that contributes to Kerala's economy on the large scale owing to commercial and industrial developments. Apart from the economic factor, Ernakulam is also considered a great place to explore on vacation with family and friends. Ernakulam Tourist Places attracts many visitors across India towards its historic significance and fun outdoor activities. <<Read>>List of Best Kerala Temples – Most Famous Temple In Kerala

Best Time To Visit Ernakulam

You are going to get a lot of fun and thrill on Ernakulam tourism but make sure you visit this stunning place of Kerala during the monsoon or winter season. The ideal time to visit Ernakulam would be October-February.

How to reach Ernakulam?

By Air

Eranakulam has the main and nearest airport in Cochin and it is 24 kilometers away from the main city. But the airport is not connected to major Indian cities through regular flights.

By Train

The nearest railway station of Ernakulam is situated in Kochi and is around 4 km away from Ernakulam. But no regular train operated from big Indian cities.

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Ernakulam Tourist Places – Places To Visit In Ernakulam-


#1.  Chottanikkara Temple –  A famous temple in Ernakulam dedicated to mother Bhagwati

Chottanikkara Temple is one such place in Ernakulam that exhibits the glorious ancient culture of India state Kerala. The temple is dedicated to a goddess named “Bhagwati” and it is considered to be a prominent and prestigious place for Hindu believers and spirituality lovers. With a glimpse of the breathtaking architecture of ancient Kerala style, the temple is counted as Tourist Places In Ernakulam For One Day Trip. You must visit the temple with your family so that you can experience and listen to the teachings and harmony of Indian spirituality. The temple is encircled by large shadowy trees, which add more glory and a breathtaking look to the temple’s existence.

#2. The Museum of Mattancherry – a glorious place for Art and history lovers’ contentment

Those who are fond of discovering facts, arts, and cultures from the past, they should make sure that they visit the museum in Ernakulam. The Museum of Mattancherry displays the ancient culture and tradition of India’s Kerala. Inside the museum, you can find various fascinating paintings, artifacts, scriptures, weapons, etc. This is a place in Ernakulam that stores things and facts related to the past.

The museum of Mattancherry tells the story of foreigners who ruled India for so many years and how they started establishing their own culture and traditions. For many travelers from abroad, the museum is believed to be one of the interesting Ernakulam Tourist Places. Apart from the museum, you can explore some Places To Visit Near Ernakulam Junction.

#3. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary – A place to cherish your respect and affection for animals and nature

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is one of the best places in Ernakulam for animal and nature lovers. If you are fond of watching animals and other beautiful creatures of god and clicking ecstatic pictures with them, the bird sanctuary is a place for you in Kerala. The wildlife park is home to many endangered species such as tigers, leopards, deer, fox, birds, and so on. With the tranquil atmosphere and a lot of greenery in the surrounding, it is well-known as one of the Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam For Couples.

You can for sure think of having a wonderful picnic time with your loved ones here while every cheerful moment. As the park is the best place to get overjoyed and amazed by greenery and beautiful creatures of God, the national park is counted as one of the best Natural Tourist Places In Ernakulam District.

#4. Pavakkulam Temple – A breathtaking place dedicated to Lord Shiva

Among people in India and the world, Lord Shiva is a supreme power who created the entire world and the human race as a result of which many believers and devotees worship him and build many beautiful temples.

Pavakkulam Temple is one such temple in the lap of Kerala that is dedicated to lord shiva and considered of great value to many followers. The temple is among the famous Ernakulam Tourist Places in Ernakulam. The temple is loved by many visitors owing to its grandeur architecture and wood cravings. It is one of the wonderful Places To Visit in Ernakulam.

#5. Cherai Beach

Those who are looking for a beach place in Ernakulam must add Cherai Beach to their bucket list. It is a place in Kerala that serves you beach fun and adventure activities. It is a home of thrilling water sports such as kneeboarding, scuba diving, surfing, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions- 

What is Ernakulam famous?

Owing to natural beauty, industrial & commercial developments, and many famous tourist places, Ernakulam is considered to be one the best cities in Kerala responsible for boosting Kerala’s economy through tourism. There are so many famous tourists places you can explore in Ernakulam:- Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, The Museum of Mattancherry, Vypeen Island, Princess Street, David Hall Art Gallery, Cherai Beach, Folklore Museum, MG Road, Hill Palace, etc.

How do I spend a day in Ernakulam?

In order to spend you in Kerala’s beautiful and more developed city, you can explore many fascinating places such as Paavakkulam Mahadeva Temple, Chottanikkara Temple, Edappally Church Complex, BhoothathanKettu Dam & Reserve Forest, Puthuvype Beach, Shiva Temple, St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica, etc.

Which is the No 1 tourist places in Ernakulam?

There are so many fantastic tourist places in Ernakulam you can visit during your vacation time. Here are top places:- Vypeen Island, Princess Street, David Hall Art Gallery, Cherai Beach, Folklore Museum, Paavakkulam Mahadeva Temple, Chottanikkara Temple, Edappally Church Complex

Which is the most beautiful places in Ernakulam?

Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam:- Edappally Church Complex, Vypeen Island, Princess Street, David Hall Art Gallery, Chottanikkara Temple, Cherai Beach, Folklore Museum, Paavakkulam Mahadeva Temple, etc. Apart from this, Ernakulam is also famous for its best Ernakulam Tourist Places For Lovers.

What is Ernakulam special?

Ernakulam is the commercial capital of Kerala and it is home to many wonderful places:-  Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, The Museum of Mattancherry, Vypeen Island, Princess Street, David Hall Art Gallery, Cherai Beach, Folklore Museum, MG Road, Hill Palace, etc.

Which is the most beautiful town in Kerala?

Malappuram and Munnar are considered to be the most beautiful areas in Kerala.

Is Ernakulam and Cochin same?

Ernakulam and Cochin are beautiful cities in Kerala.

Last Words!

To give you more thrill and excitement about this place already, below we have prepared a list of Ernakulam Places To Visit or the best Ernakulam Tourist Places. Ernakulam is a more developed area in the Indian state of Kerala than other places because of commercial and industrial developments. Ernakulam is also a place for fun, joy, and excitement for all tourists looking to spend their vacation time doing so many interesting things such as sightseeing natural places, watching animals, visiting temples, taking part in colorful rituals, playing water sports in waterparks, etc. <<<Read>>>-Wayanad Tourist Places – Explore Best Places To Visit In Wayanad


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