When it comes to visiting hill station places on vacation, the curiosity and enthusiasm of people are incredibly high, and feeling on top of the world is quite natural among Indians. India is a land of diverse cultures, rituals, places, and languages. Anyone who visits India can not help falling in love with its glorious history and rich cultural heritage. Besides this, hill places are the major attractions of India that draw millions of tourists from different parts. Almora is among the enchanting hill places in India, caters to the needs and desires of tourists by offering them a panoramic view of resorts, wildlife sanctuary, various colorful shops, eateries, and temples of breathtaking architecture nestled beautifully in the lap of Himalaya ranges. There are so many Places To Visit In Almora, you can plan to explore with your family or friends to make your holidays memorable. Almora is a charming tranquil town situated in the Kumaon region of the Indian state Uttrakhand. The majestic hill town is something all you need to get over the stress and boredom of daily life at least for some time. Surrounded by big rocky mountains with mist in the atmosphere, the hill town is a perfect getaway to regulate mood swings on vacation. Below, you can see the list of the 5 best Almora Tourist Places to enrich your vacation.  

Best Time To Visit Almora

Winter and spring are the wonderful seasons of the year when you can easily plan your Almora trip and explore many places and temples there. You can plan your Almora tourism between August to November and February to May.


How To reach Almora

Pantnagar is the nearest airport of Almora situated around 115 kilometers away from the main city. On reaching the airport, there are regular taxis and buses by which you can visit different places in and around Almora.

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Places To Visit In Almora – 5 Enchanting Almora Places to Visit

Owing to the rich long history and picturesque natural beauty, Almora is often found to be on the bucket list of vacationers and adventure seekers. Whether you want to visit temples or are in search of romantic places to spend some quality time with your better half, the town is replete with everything you require to beat the boredom of stressful life. Underneath, you can see the 5 Best Places to Visit In Almora.

#1. Zero Point  –  Experience the panoramic view of sunset and sunrise

Zero Point is situated in the heart of Binasar wildlife sanctuary where you can witness a breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains during sunset and sunrise. Owing to its natural beauty and tranquility, Zero Point is among the famous Almora Places to Visit on vacation.

As the point is situated on the premises of Binasar Wildlife Sanctuary, you can listen to the melodious chirping of birds. Here, you are going to get the best of both worlds – you can greet animals and get yourself amused with the surrounding natural beauty of mountains and lush green areas.

From Zero points, you can also witness some famous himalays peaks such as Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, and Nanda Devi. Near the Zero point, you can also visit some eateries, food stalls, and restaurants, where you can enjoy fine dining and beautiful moments of comfort. Besides this, visiting Hidden Places near Almora is a great way to escape crowd.

#2. Jageshwar Temple – Do not forget to explore the valley of god

Jageshwar Temple is counted among the prestigious tourist places in Almora. The spiritual place in the midst of mountains is one of the major attractions in Uttrakhand known for its historical importance.

Be it the majestic architecture or spiritual importance, Jageshwar is a cluster of many age-old temples that are visited by devotees or many believers to seek spirituality.

The more you explore temples, the more you become conscious of ancient Indian cultures and traditions. You can also make sure to plan your Almora tourism and visit the Jageshwar temple dedicated to lord shiva.

The valley of ancient temples is 30 kilometers away from Almora and you can reach there by car or hiring a taxi.

#3. Kasar Devi Temple – The Ancient Hindu temple is the place to meditate and witness iconic view

Kasar Devi Temple is a famous Hindu temple in Almora, the epitome of spirituality and natural beauty. The Devi temple was constructed in ancient Indian style of architecture that gives an iconic scene of the entire structure.

The temple is dedicated to Kasar Devi and it attracts many foreigners towards its tranquil and natural beauty. The spiritual site of Almora is believed to be built in the 2 century and as a result of which it seems to be replete with various amazing historical facts.  You can also explore some Hill Stations near Almora.

Situated not quite far from or not very close to the temple, Almora Market is a major attraction near the temple where you can see a series of many shops and restaurants for shopping and eating delicious local food.

#4. Katarmal Sun Temple – A perfect place to find both architectural and spiritual beauty of India

Katarmal Sun Temple is among spiritual Almora Places to Visit on vacation. The temple is dedicated to the god Sun who is the ultimate source of energy.

The Sun temple is situated in the midst of breathtaking mountains and lush green valleys because of which you witness the offerings of mother nature.

There are around 44 temples situated surrounding the Katarmal Sun Temple, which is the main temple of the sun here. It is going to be a wonderful experience when you step into the temples and stare at the elegant architecture.

The temple is away 12 kilometers from Almora and to reach the temple, you can take your car or any taxi or local bus.

#5.  Nanda Devi Temple – A way to explore the 1000-year-old spiritual history

Nanda Devi Temple is the prime attraction of Almora and it is known for its historical values and beautiful atmosphere. The temple was constructed for Goddess Nanda Devi, who is of great importance for many believers and earlier rulers of the place. The temple has beautiful sculptures and a grandeur view. The majestic temple is regarded among Almora Places to Visit to seek spirituality and natural beauty.

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How many days is enough for Almora?

3-4 days are enough to enjoy the Almora trip on vacation. You can sightsee sacred places and temples there. From getting in engaged with animals to witnessing sunset & sunrise from hills, Almora is a must-visit place in the Indian state of Uttrakhand.

What is Almora known for?

Temples, resorts, daring activities,  and Almora Places to Visit.

What is special Almora?

Captivating beauty, panoramic mountain view, tourist places.

Which is better Almora or Ranikhet?

Both are majestic towns famous for Captivating beauty, panoramic mountain views, enticing tourist places.

The Ending!

Away from the annoying nature of crowded and polluted cities, Almora is among the natural and cool places to visit in India. In the lap of mother nature, you can amazingly spend your holiday time doing so many outdoor adventure activities such as trekking, hiking, paragliding, mountaineering, etc. Above you can find the best places To Visit In Almora to enrich your vacation time with fun and enthusiasm.


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