“Bhopal” the capital city of central Indian state Madhya Pradesh, gutters attraction and is recognized as one of the greenest cities in India that is replete with natural wonders, rivers, lakes, wildlife, forts, ancient significance, and many more fascinating things. The charming city of MP has two major lakes one is an upper lake and the other is a lower lake. And in order to take complete and fruitful advantage of your holidays, we have mentioned some interesting and best places to visit in Bhopal. On the bank of Bhopal’s upper lake, there is situated Van Vihar National Park, which is a popular national park in the city and it is home to different species of animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, cats, fox, wild cats and dogs, and so on. You can visit the zoo along with playful kids on this vacation and of course with the aim of introducing and making your kids familiar with other beautiful creatures of God. The capital city of Madhya Pradesh also leaves tourists captivated by being the city of lakes in India. While you are on a trip to Bhopal, irrespective of the fact for business purposes or for spending your vacation, we have provided some best places to visit in Bhopal along with the major attractions of the city. Bhopal is full of crowded bazaars, malls, shops, theatres, lakes, greenery, etc. Besides lakes and so much relaxing and mind-soothing greenery and lush green valleys, many small to large businesses also deal in jute and cotton industries and in electrical products too.

Best Time To Visit Bhopal

The ideal and perfect time to visit Bhopal and its interesting places are the months of winter season. When you are ready with the list of Best places in Bhopal and if you have made up your mind to explore Bhopal then, you can visit the place in between the months from October to February.

How To Reach Bhopal

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh “Bhopal” can easily be reached and accessed through its own main airport and railway station and these main railroads and airports of Bhopal are well-connected to all major cities in India. From Mumbai and Delhi, you can take the flight and enter Bhopal.

Best Places To Visit Bhopal 

The bustling capital of Mp is enriched and flourished with everything you need in order to spend tranquil and pleasant holidays such as monuments, forts, entertainment places, amusement parks, national parks, wildlife, etc. Here we have elaborated the best Bhopal tourist places you can visit to spend your precious and cheerful vacation.

#1. Upper Lake 

As we have told you earlier that Bhopal is blessed with 2 major lakes one is an upper lake and the other is a lower lake. The upper lake of the city gathers a lot of fame and popularity among tourists as it is made of humans in the eleventh century. On the banks of the upper lake, there is a famous national park called Van Vihar National Park, which keeps various species and animals such as Bengal tigers, lions, leopards, wild cats, dogs, and so on.

The most interesting fact about the upper lake is that it was built by Raja Dhol as a natural remedy to cure countless diseases of the skin. It is counted as one of the most comfortable and enticing places to visit in Bhopal with friends on vacation. The lake is also considered to be the primary source of water for millions of residents.

#2. Lower lake

The lower lake is another important part of Bhopal and it is also called “Choota Talab”. The lake situated in Bhopal showcases the stunning and spectacular scenery of beauty and several other offerings of mother nature. Both upper and lower lakes are things that Bhopal is greatly famous for.

The main aim to build the lake was to say thank you to mother nature that blessed the city(Bhopal) with so much ancient and modern beauty and wonders. The lake was constructed in 1794. Nowadays, it is one of the best Bhopal tourist places to visit in the city of lakes. You can visit the lake with your friends and family.

#3. Van Vihar

Van Vihar is situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and it is among the major tourist attractions, especially on vacation. You can visit the national park with your family and friends to pleasantly spend your vacation with peace and tranquillity. The national park is known for sheltering various species of animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, wild cats, dogs, etc. In order to experience wildlife and zoo life, you can visit the place with your friends and family and have fun and entertainment. Having so much greenery and animal species, the park has become the perfect place to visit on vacation. You must include this national park in your Bhopal tour.

#4. Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple is one of the renowned temples in Bhopal and it is an incomplete temple that gains countless visits from people and visitors across India. Devotees visit the temple and worship here in order to get blessings from god. You can visit the temple in the morning and evening and you are entitled to perform Hindu rituals there. It is also one of the places to visit in Bhopal at night.

#5. National Museum of Mankind

The National Museum of Mankind is among the most popular tourist places in Bhopal and it perfectly shows the tribal culture and rituals of the country. You can visit the museum along with your friends and family on vacation to explore and experience the prevalent tribal tradition of India.


What is famous in Bhopal?

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is blessed with everything you need on your vacation such as greenery, forts, museums, temples, and etc. Popularly, the city is called “the city of lakes”.

Is Bhopal worth visiting?

Yes, Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and it has countless things to offer to tourists on vacation. You can make your visit to museums, forts and explore the vast and diverse culture of the city.

Where can I roam in Bhopal?

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, DB City Mall, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Upper Lake, Lake View Bhopal, and so are the major attractions of Bhopal.

What is very famous in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh is basically famous for its Khajuraho temples, lakes, forts, monuments, and so on.

What is Bhopal famous for Name three places of tourist interest in Bhopal?

Here are the top attractions and places of Bhopal you can visit on your vacation.
  • Bharat Bhawan
  • Shaukat Mahal
  • Upper Lake (Bhojtal)
  • Moti Masjid
  • State Archaeological Museum
  • Sadar Manzil

Which is the No 1 tourist places in Bhopal?

there are several tourist places in Bhopal including Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Van Vihar, and many more.

The Ending

The capital city of MP exhibits the natural beauty, culture, and rituals of India through the marvelous lakes, forts, palaces, monuments, historic significance, and major attractions such as Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, DB City Mall, Upper Lake, etc. Here we have elaborated on the beauty of the best places to visit in Bhopal and along with major attractions. Besides Bhopal, you can also visit tourist places near Bhopal within 200 km and tourist places near Bhopal within 100 km.


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