In the US state of Florida, “Orlando” is an exact place for amusement and holiday fun. And millions of vacationers and honeymooners flood the city for recreational purposes. The city is better known for its miraculous theme parks and in theme parks, one can easily find stunning landscapes, attractions, and buildings seem to be taken from the children's storybooks. From a plethora of adventure activities to various choices for dining, Orland appears to be a complete holiday package for every traveler. If you are willing to visit the city on your vacation, our list of the Best Places to visit in Orlando will help you prioritize the best things to do there so that you can enjoy every bit of your vacation with your loved ones.  

Best Time to Visit 

March to May is the best to visit Orlando. During these months, you can embrace the wonderful weather full of a refreshing atmosphere.

How to Reach

For international visitors, Air is the best way to reach Orlando and its beautiful places. Orlando is connected to several countries and parts of the world through flight service. And if anyone is willing to visit this city in the US to enjoy the holidays, taking a flight from your place would lead to a comfortable journey.


Best Places to Visit in Orlando – Places To Go In Orlando Florida


#1. Walt Disney World

With a lot of vacation fun and a wonderful atmosphere all around, the Walt Disney World is rated among the best places to visit in Orlando. This is a place where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends. The amusement park offers tourists several things to do on vacation so that they can rejuvenate themselves and embrace breathtaking vacation experiences.

Walt Disney World has various other parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom where you and your kid can indulge in fun and unwinding activities. With various recreational things to do on holidays, Disney world is counted as one of the Best Places To Go In Orlando.

It is also a place where you can fulfill your photography desire and skills. Here you would have several chances to click majestic and memorable photographs with your loved ones.

From breathtaking and thrilling water rides to eye-catching attractions and restaurants, the Walt Disney is one of the most popular Places To Visit In Orlando Florida.

#2.  Lake Eola Park

Your Sight Seeing In Orlando can be incomplete if you miss visiting Lake Eola Park. This is another top attraction of Orland which you should not miss when you are with your little ones. Peaceful by nature and exuberant for its adventure things to do, Lake Eola Park is like a dream destination for millions of tourists visiting Orlando for vacation fun.

The park is told to be built around a serene lake and picturesque views to capture on camera. If you are visiting Orlando this vacation, do not forget to visit this spectacular Tourist Attraction Orlando. Fairs and festivals are held every year to keep tourists entertained and joyous on vacation. With lots of fun activities to do on holiday, Lake Eola Park is famous as one of the Fun Places To Go In Orlando.

#3. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a place to embrace marine life and eye-catching attractions. The Seaworld has got various breathtaking adventurous experiences for every thrill-seeker. By visiting SeaWorld, one can easily meet and greet the pride of the marine world. A glimpse of aquatic animals will take your breath away and give various beautiful poses to capture on your camera. With a curiosity to meet aquatic life, many kids along with their parents, come here and indulge in limitless adventure and fun. SeaWorld is among the best Orlando Florida Tourist Attractions where not only tourists can unwind themselves but also can embrace unforgettable vacation experiences.

#4. Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is one of the Top Attractions In Orlando where you can have fun and adventure with your loved ones. You can visit the park with kids to embrace infinite fun and thrill on vacation. Keeping tourists thrilled and overjoyed with various rejuvenating things, the waterpark is famed as one of the best places to see in Orlando.

From wonderful water rides to charming landscapes, the park is one of the top places to visit in Orlando. You can come to the park anytime you want. But keep in your head that the park opens by 9 am and closes timing can vary as per rules and decisions of authorities. So, you can plan your trip accordingly.

#5. Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Centre is a great place to learn about science and technology in Orlando. The science museum is known to have various labs and large rooms where one can witness science tools and equipment to enhance their knowledge. There are organized various programs and seminars to give the audience fascinating facts associated with science and ever-changing technology.


What is the most-visited place in Orlando?

Walt Disney World is counted as one of the most visited places in Orlando. Apart from this, tourists can also visit several other tourist places there. Lake Eola Park, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, etc are among the top attractions of Orlando.

What is there to do in Orlando besides Disney?

There are several places to see in Orlando Florida -  Walt Disney, Lake Eola Park, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, etc.

What is the number 1 attraction in Florida?

Walt Disney

What's Orlando famous for?

Orlando is famous for its theme parks and breathtaking attractions. Walt Disney, Lake Eola Park, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, etc are the most visited and loved places in Orlando.


Above you can see the list of the best places to visit in Orlando. With these major attractions of Orlando mentioned in our list, you can embrace the major highlights of the city and spend some quality time there with friends and family.  

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