Do you have any idea about “how can you get rid of the scorching and unbearable heat of the sun especially on summer vacation?” if not, we are trying to give you a clue about it. The best way to escape from the unendurable heat of the sun could be like:- you need to think of visiting cool and nature-friendly places despite common hill station places that you have already visited several times in your life. But the question here again is what does that mean places now if hill places aren’t an option?. Can you deliberate further? If not, then, consider, how does that sounds if you plan to visit the beach on vacation? Doesn’t it sound like something unique and more lively? In India, when it comes to visiting beaches and enjoying a refreshing atmosphere then, one should not forget about “Goa” which is a beautiful state only dotted with beaches, adventures, top tourist attractions. Goa is home to enchanting beaches that seem to be gifted to humankind by mother nature. Anjuna Beach Goa is one such beach in Goa that is replete with natural wonders and major attractions to make tourists experience complete enjoyment and fun on their summer vacation.

Get A Glimpse of Anjuna Beach Goa in less but well-suited words that can justice to its beauty & nearby attractions

Situated to the north of Goa, Anjuna Beach does leave any unturned in making tourists thrilled, joyous, and delighted with its charming beauty and beach party scene that also includes various activities and games such as playing volleyball, handball, and other fascinating watering sports. And if you are planning to host a picnic on the beach and you should continue doing preparations without a second thought. Anjuna Goa or Anjuna Goa Beach is a popular beach in India that is explored by many tourists from different parts of the world every year. As per Goa tourism statistics, Anjuna beach nightlife and Anjuna beach hotel are the main tourist attraction and are quite popular among those who visit India especially to explore its pristine water beaches and tranquil environment. From various playful activities to nightlife fun, Anjuna beach is famous for giving thrilling experiences to tourists with a kiss of cool breeze and a feel of smoothy and foot-massaging sand.   Read- Best Goa Beach List: Explore 5 Mesmerizing Beaches In Goa

Best Time to Visit Anjuna Beach

It would be better to avoid months coming between June to October as, in these months, heavy rainfall or monsoon season is likely to happen. The best time to visit the beach and its nearby attractions is in the months of November – March. And it is also the time when Anjuna Beach most witnesses beach parties and other exhilarating activities.

Top Tourist Attractions Near Anjuna Beach Goa

Full-Moon Parties or Acid House Parties

Above anything else, Full-Moon parties which you can also call Acid House Parties are top attractions of Anjuna Beach. And it gathers a crowd of party lovers from various parts of India and the world. Full-Moon parties at the beach are all-night parties and they are usually celebrated with ire skipping ropes, alcohol, drugs, and various other popular games. These parties are usually organized for young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists to the soil of India. The party is full of dance, frolic, and merriment that continues all night and if you are a party lover then, you are not supposed to miss the chance at all.

  • Anjuna Market or Anjuna beach flea market – don’t you dare to miss the treasure of hippie clothes, artifacts, handicrafts, trinkets, etc.
  • Splashdown Waterpark Goa – A prominent water park for kids and full of shops, eateries, and fun.
  • Explore Water Sports – Do you love playing with water then, make sure to visit this for various aquatic sports such as Scuba, Snorkelling, swimming, etc.
  • Scuba Evolution India – A place to enjoy Scuba and Snorkelling activities.
  • Holy Basil Ayurvedic Centre – Massage, Spas, beauty treatment.
  • Nyex Beach Club – Nyex Beach Club is a famous anjuna beach club and it offers cocktails, mixed cuisine, seafood, etc to guests.
  • Speakeasy Pub at Rosetum. Bars & Clubs.

Famous Accommodations For Comfortable Stay In Anjuna Beach – Anjuna beach resort

  • Nirvana Hermitage
  • Annapurna Vishram Dham
  • Casa Anjuna
  • Villa Anjuna
  • La Oasis by the Verda
  • Laguna Anjuna
  • Salt Water Resort
  • Whispering Woods by the Verda
  • Spazio Leisure Resort
  • Country Club de Goa
  • Evershine Guest House
  • Opus by the Verda
  • Palacete Rodrigues
  • The Tamarind Hotel
  • Ginger Tree Boutique Resort
  • Granpa’s Inn
  • Inn Anjuna

Famous Bars & Clubs In Anjuna Beach Goa

  • UV Bar
  • Nyex Beach Club
  • Cafe Liliput
  • Plunge Beach Lounge
  • Curlies Beach Shack
  • Captain’s Bar
  • Guru Bar
  • Dali Bar

Frequently Asked Questions-

WHY is Anjuna beach famous?

Anjuna Beach is a paradise in Goa and owing to its natural beauty, calm atmosphere, fun things to do such as water sports, nightlife fun in full moon parties, and nearby attractions, many people visit the beach on the vacation to spend some wonderful time with their loved ones.

Which part of Goa is Anjuna beach?

Anjuna Beach is a popular beach in Goa and it is located around 18 km away from Panaji and 8 kilometers to the west of Mapusa, North Goa.

Is Anjuna beach safe?

Anjuna Beach in Goa is considered to be safer than other beaches in Goa and near the beach, you can get famous accommodations to experience a beautiful stay in Goa.

Which is better Baga beach or Anjuna beach?

Anjuna Beach is considered to be a better beach than Baga in Goa because of nearby attractions and visits of many tourists. Anjuna Beach Goa

Is Anjuna Beach clean?

Owing to natural beauty, charming weather, cleanliness, Anjuna Beach is considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Goa that attracts many visitors every year.

How Good Is Anjuna Beach?

Anjuna Beach is a famous beach in Goa and it is situated to north of Goa and home to beautiful and enchanting attractions such as nightlife fun, bars& resorts, etc.

Ending Notes!

Without a doubt, you all must have heard and even visited Manali, Shimla, Mussoorie, and Nainital several times in your free time from work and the office. Visiting these places over and over can be a bit boring. So why don’t you try to do something unique and more exciting this summer vacation?  And to visit beaches for fun on vacation, you do not need to think of Maldives, Malaysia, and all countries. Why go so far when Goa awaits you with open wide arms along with its beaches and natural beauty? Anjuna Beach Goa is like a paradise in Goa that caters to the needs of tourists on vacation by offering them mesmerizing scenes of clear-blue water having big, beautiful, and shadowy trees in the surroundings. You can feel the beauty of Anjuna Beach Goa when you just decide to take a walk on its chilled and relaxing sand. Read- 40+ Best Honeymoon Destinations in India Know Places in india  


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