From popularly called “the capital of Mizoram” to being a beautiful place for peace lovers, from stretching out on the lush green hills to having several attractions close to each other and situated at every corner, Aizawl is a charming city in the northeast region of India and it caters to needs and requirements of tourists, when it comes to celebrating holidays with pleasures and excitement. As the city has various major attractions such as waterfalls, rivers, monuments, pilgrimage sites, waterparks, etc close to each other, here tourist has a wonderful chance which they can utilize to plan a road trip in the city and get amazed and entertained every step move in the city. With our list of the Best Places To Visit In Aizawl, you are going to learn about many amazing things about the city with the help of which you will be able to get enough information you can utilize on your Aizawl tourism.   <<<Read>>>Mizoram Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Mizoram

Best time to visit Aizawl – Aizawl Tourism Mizoram

Summer is considered to be the best and most comfortable time to explore cultural values and the natural beauty of Aizawl. You can visit many places in the city to spend your vacation time cheerfully.

How to reach Aizawl?

  1. Lengpui Airport is 1 hour away from Aizawl and it is well-connected by Air to Kolkata, Guwahati, and Imphal. You can book your flight as per schedule.
  2. The nearest railway station is Silchar which is situated in Assam and it takes 6 hrs to drive from Aizawl.

Places To Visit In Aizawl – Top 5 Places To Visit In Aizawl

Situated at the height of around 1100 m above sea level,  Aizawl is one of the popular places to visit in Mizoram and it is a place for nature and adventure lovers. Below in this article, we are providing you the list of the Best Places To Visit In Aizawl to make you aware of the significance and top attractions of the city and northeast region of India.

From beautiful mornings to remarkable evenings, Aizawl has plenty of affordable restaurants where you can experience the unforgettable and delicious dining of your desire with your family and friends. The city is known for its scrumptious food such as Koat Pitha, jaggery, bananas, Mizo Vawksa, Chhum Han, Bai, Misa Mach Poora, Paanch Phoron Torkari, Bamboo Shoot Fry, etc.

#1. Durtlang Hills – Picnic is a favorite thing for all ages of people

As we have described to you briefly in the above paragraph that Aizawl is a place for peace and picnic lovers, you need to make sure that you visit this exhilarating Durtlang Hills on your Aizawl tourism as it is one such attraction of the city that fulfills all the cravings of picnic arise among tourists on the vacation time.

Once you land on this exotic waterfall in the northeast, you would not able to stop yourself from falling in love with its relaxing surroundings full of greenery and lush green areas.

#2. Reiek Heritage Village – The highest hill of Mizoram is one of the major tourist attractions in Aizawl

Reiek Heritage Village is a peaceful amazing hill situated in Mizoram and it offers various adventures activities to tourists to make them feel contented and delighted. The lovely heritage village is situated around 30 kilometers away from Aizawl and it is regarded as one of the enchanting spots for trekking, biking, mountaineering, and other daring tasks. This is one of the famous Places To Visit In Aizawl to witness the eye-soothing beauty of the northeast region of India. We would recommend that you should miss an opportunity of trekking in the village, especially on beautiful sunny days. If you are a person who wants to be contented with quietness and harmony then, make sure you visit this majestic village while you are on an Aizawl trip.

#3. Mizoram State Museum – a place to witness the cultural heritage of Mizoram or Northeast 

Mizoram State Museum is situated in the center of the city and it is the perfect epitome of the rich culture and heritage of Mizoram and the northeast region of India. It is another amazing attraction in Aizawl for tourists who are fond of learning about historic and cultural facts about a place. If you are a history enthusiast then, do not forget to include the museum to your itinerary in Aizawl. Artifacts and paintings made using ancient art & culture of India manifest the life and activities of people of old centuries.

#4. Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls is the epitome of natural wonders which the northeast region of India is famous, appraised, and explored for by many. Dotted with lush green area and the freshness of the water, the waterfalls are counted as one of the Unique Places In Aizawl one should not miss if the goal is to make harmony of inner peace with outer calmness. It is one of the enchanting Aizawl Tourist Places that has amazing activities for tourists. The waterfalls are situated around 135 kilometers away from Aizawl city.

#5. Tuirihiau fall 

This is the place that makes tourists enjoy their vacation time to the fullest without the barrier of any hesitation and all. You can feel the tranquility of an environment, you can even listen to the calmness of the water falling from the rocks into the river. The enchanting waterfall is a place to witness a panoramic scene of Aizwal city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aizawl worth visiting?

Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram and it is highly known for its rich culture and natural beauty. Due to its comfortable weather and natural places, many people want to explore the northeast beauty of India. From cultural values that are beautifully stored in the Museum of Aizwal to the proud heritage that is as high as its beautiful hill, you are not supposed to make any more delays in planning your Aizawl tourism.

Why is Aizawl famous?

Aizawl is the pride of the Northeast region of India and it is nestled in the lap of Northeast state Mizoram. Owing to its picturesque places, museums that exhibit a vibrant culture of India, waterfalls, famous natural places such as Reiek Heritage Village, Mizoram State Museum, Durtlang Hills, etc every year many tourists plan trips to Aizawl.

Is Mizoram safe for tourists?

Mizoram is one of the safest places to visit in the Northeast region of India but alertness and awareness are the two most important things that you need to carry with you even at your home as well to avoid mishappening or small incidents.

Is Aizawl safe to visit?

Yes, Aizawl is safe to visit but beware of small thieves and incidents to avoid bad experiences.

What is the famous dish of Mizoram?

Koat Pitha, Vawksa Rep, Bai, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Panch Phoran Tarka, etc are famous food of Mizoram and eaten by many.

What is Aizawl famous for?

Vibrant culture, natural places, waterfalls, museums, etc.

What is the best time to visit Aizawl?

The summer season is considered to be the best time to visit Aizawl.

The Ending!

Here in the article, we have shown famous Aizawl Tourist Places or exciting Places To Visit In Aizawl you can plan to explore on vacation while creating and capturing everlasting memories with your friends and family. Picnic Spot In Aizawl also makes the capital city of Mizoram touristy and it remains to its reputation of bustling every day with visitors’ happiness and fun. If you are a newly married couple and looking for romantic places to visit in the Northeast then, Aizawl has KV Memorial or Mizo Taj which is famous as the Taj Mahal of Mizoram. One must not miss visiting this place on the Mizoram trip.  


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