Have you ever dreamt of spending some tranquil time in the lap of paradise in India? If yes, then, “Kozhikode” in the Indian state of Kerala is the exact destination for you. Kozhikode tourist places such as Kappad Beach, Kakkayam Dam, Sargaalaya, HiLite Mall, Tali Temple, S.M. Street, Beypore Beach, Vayalada, etc are better known for giving the best experience to bird watchers, thrill-seekers, and history lovers. Apart from being one of the small states of India when it comes to measuring by area, “Kerala” which promotes ecotourism and has stunning backwaters, is counted as one of the breathtaking destinations in India, explored and embraced by backpackers around the world. If anyone is fond of witnessing nature’s beauty under the clear blue sky, they must not forget about Kerala at all. Centuries-old monuments, places, cultures, and festivities carry many fascinating stories owing to which, millions plan their Kerala tourism and some tranquil time in the lap of nature. Below you can see the best 5 Kozhikode Tourist Places List.

Best Time To Visit kozhikode

Visiting the city of Kerala can be done in winter, spring, monsoon season as this time you can witness wonderful weather. But apart from this, the best time to visit Calicut or Kozhikode is between July to September.

How to reach Kozhikode

Calicut International Airport is considered to be the nearest airport that is connected with big Indian cities. Quilandi Railway Station is the nearest station connected to many cities in India through railroads.

Kozhikode Tourist Places – Kozhikode tourism

#1. Pazhassi Raja Museum And Art Gallery – let’s begin your Kozhikode tourism with this a majestic place for art, culture, and history

For all nature and history enthusiasts, Calicut is the place that deserves to be on their bucket list. If you are a history seeker and culture lover then, why don’t you start your Calicut tour by visiting this iconic place – Pazhassi Raja Museum And Art Gallery first?

The historic museum is among the best kozhikode places to visit where all the stuff and stories related to the age-old era are stored safely.

Owing to its breathtaking architecture, sculptures, idols, ancient paintings, and equipment, it is mainly visited by couples and family. And therefore, it is also renowned among the fascinating Kozhikode Tourist Places For Couples. The museum opens from Sunday to Tuesday and is visited by many during peak seasons.

#2. Kozhikode Beach – it is rated as among the Best Places To Visit In Kozhikode for nature’s beauty and peaceful moments

As we have said to you earlier that Calicut or Kozhikode is a place of beaches, backwaters, forts, and lush green valleys, Kozhikode Beach is one of the examples of the city that displays nature and peace at their best. If you have any plans for Calicut tourism, make sure that you do not forget to visit Kozhikode beach, which is the epitome of soothing beauty and mesmeric surroundings.

It is often regarded among the best Calicut Tourist Places where all your desires and cravings for peace-loving moments in the lap of nature are fulfilled.

It is the best place that gives you an opportunity to unwind and gather some quality moments with your loved ones.


#3. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary – Bird watchers are welcomed here with greenery and endangered species of animals and flowers

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is regarded as one of the Best Places To Visit In Kozhikode where you can find many animals and flowers in their natural habitat. The wildlife area is specifically famous for its birdwatching scene and is known as among the fascinating Kozhikode Famous Places to visit on vacation.

It could also be said as a One Day Trip From Kozhikode where birds, beers, tigers, elephants, lions, and several other animals await tourists.

Your Calicut sightseeing tour will be enriched in this picturesque bird sanctuary where local and migrated birds are witnessed in their natural habitat. This green home of birds is famed as one of the Best Places To Visit In Calicut for nature enthusiasts.

#4. Thali Temple – Explore Spirituality in the coastal town of backwaters, beaches, and wildlife

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Thali temple in Calicut is a door to peace and spirituality which you must open by paying your precious visit. The temple is known as the Best Tourist Places In Kozhikode where beautiful idols, grandeur architecture, chanting mantras, colorful festivities become the major attractions for tourists.

The Thali temple was once destructed by Mughal invader Tipu sultan and his army and later on, it was renovated and prepared for locals and devotees. Wood carvings and a small pond in the temple also give tourists an amazing experience that could not be expressed in just words.

#5.  Kozhippara Falls – An ideal destination for trekking and swimming

Kozhippara Falls is counted among the best Malappuram Tourist Places where you can enjoy trekking and swimming activities at your own pace. The waterfalls are surrounded by the lush green area where different colors and fragrances of orchids are blossoms amazingly.

To many people who love swimming and trekking in the forest, the waterfalls are regarded as among the best Kozhikode tourist places. The falls can easily be reached by road and in the summer season, it is often crowded by locals.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Which is famous for Kozhikode?

Beaches, waterfalls, trekking spots, temples are the major attractions of the city in Kerala. If you are going to visit Calicut then, make sure you do not forget to visit these 5 best places given in the article.

Which is the best city in Kozhikode?

Here you can see top Kozhikode places to visit - Pazhassi Raja Museum And Art Gallery, Thali Temple, Kozhikode Beach, Mananchira Square, Thikkoti Light House, Beypore, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, etc.

Which is the best tourist Centre in Kerala?

Wayanad, Munar, Alleppey, Calicut or Kozhikode, etc are considered the best tourist centers in Kerala.

Can we see sunrise in Kozhikode beach?

Apart from witnessing sunrise and sunset on Kozhikode beach, you can also become a part of Malabar Mahotsavam. Here at this festival, many tourists come from different parts of the world.

The Conclusion!

Kozhikode”, which is also famed as Calicut, is an exquisite coastal town in Kerala combination of breathtaking waterfalls, mesmeric beaches, mind-soothing backwaters, and many other attractions. Here in the article, you can see the 5 best Kozhikode tourist places where you can have all sorts of fun such as adventure, architecture, history, nature, and culture.


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