Being a popular tourist destination and rich in producing various mineral resources such as coal, granite, magnetite, limestone, iron ore, silver, graphite, copper ore, uranium, mica, bauxite, dolomite, etc, Jharkhand, the state situated in eastern India offers several picturesque places and tourist spots to have fun, entertainment, and thrill on holidays. Ranchi is one of the breathtaking and ancient places to visit in Jharkhand and it is also the capital city of Jharkhand. Here you are going to know about the fantastic Places to Visit in Ranchi and the best time to reach and how to reach information. Through this article, we are going to tour you this wonderful and nature-gifted place of Jharkhand. And in Ranchi, there is an abundance of natural beauty and countless places to visit to spend quality and tranquil time on holidays. There are various Tourist Places To Visit In Ranchi that are drenched in natural wonders. Ranchi is also considered the summer capital of Jharkhand as the city is full of pristine atmosphere, refreshing air, mountains, rivers, lakes, lush green valleys, wildlife sanctuaries, and so much greenery. The ancient beauty and historical importance of the capital of Jharkhand, “Ranchi” can not be expressed just in words.  

Best Time To Visit Ranchi 

Ranchi is considered to be the best and most beautiful tourist destination, especially in winter. During the months of September, October, November, December, both the atmosphere and temperature are comfortable. September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May are the best months to visit Ranchi and its interesting places.

How To Reach Ranchi?

In order to reach Ranchi and its several amazing places, you can take a direct flight to Ranchi as the capital of Jharkhand is connected to other major cities. The nearest airport to Ranchi is Birsa Munda Airport. For those who want to travel to Ranchi and its fantastic places by train then  Hatia, Ranchi Road, Namkon, Ranchi are the nearest railway stations. You can also take the bus to reach Ranchi and its places as Ranchi is perfectly connected to various cities in India.

Top Places to Visit in Ranchi

See the list of best Ranchi Tourist Places in 2023

#1. Dasham falls

Nestled in the lap of Jharkhand and situated in Tamara village, Dasham Falls is among the popular tourist destinations for having fun and thrill on vacation with your friends and loved ones. The waterfall takes immense pride in offering natural and mind-soothing beauty to tourists. Dashan falls is among the Best Places To Visit In Ranchi.

The surrounding scene of greenery, lush green valleys, mountains, and cliffs gives complete relaxation to the mind and it is definitely going to take the burden off your chest of work and burden. Dasham falls is counted as one of the spectacular tourist spots in Ranchi and when you are on your Ranchi tour then, you must not forget to visit the place.

#2. Rock Garden

The glory and pride of Ranchi, “Rock Garden” is the perfect destination to visit and when you are a nature enthusiast here in the garden, you will be amazed and mesmerized by the unparalleled beauty and natural wonders of the garden. Rich in different varieties and fragrances of flowers, greenery, and waterfalls, the beauty of the garden will leave you captivated by its untouched and refreshing surrounding atmosphere. The Rock garden is one of the glorious and splendid Ranchi Tourist Places to leave all the tensions and worries of work. The garden built with a variety of hard materials is also one of the places to visit in Ranchi during the lockdown.

#3. Ranchi Lake

Ranchi Lake is among the best places to visit in Ranchi for couples and you can visit this beautiful and majestic lake with your friends and loved ones. And apart from having fun and thrill on the lakeside in Ranchi, you can also do several other interesting things to fill your days. You can visit the nearby shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants for good food and beverages. Participating in adventure activities such as trekking, biking, trailing, paragliding, hiking, etc are also major attractions of the lake. The lake is one of the best Places To Visit and the most admired Ranchi Tourist Spot In Ranchi Jharkhand

#4. Jonha Falls

Jonha Falls is located in Ranchi and it is considered to be the safest waterfall in the capital city of Jharkhand. The majestic destination is enough to explore and experience untouched and unparalleled natural beauty. It is one of the most mesmerizing tourist places in Ranchi waterfall having so much greenery and big mountains surrounding it.

#5. Deori Temple 

Deori Temple is also one of the top tourist destinations that are loved and visited by tourists. The temple gains importance as a popular tourist spot in Ranchi. Near the temple, tourists can do several interesting things such as they can visit the most prominent waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries such as Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Patratu Valley, Birsa Zoological Park, Tagore Hill, Rock Garden, Jagannath Temple, and so on. The temple is also counted as the best tourist places near Ranchi railway station.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the famous thing of Ranchi?

Ranchi is famous for several things such as street food “golgappa”, waterfalls, glorious Jagannath temple, Jonnah falls, and etc. It is the perfect place for those who crave hill station destinations on their holidays.

Which place in Jharkhand will be developed as tourist zones?

Ranchi is considered to be the most loved and glorious tourist destination in Jharkhand, India and yes, there are several places to visit for fun and entertainment in the city of Jharkhand.

Which is the most beautiful city in Jharkhand?

Besides Ranchi, there are so many beautiful and charming places to visit in Ranchi such as Jagannath Temple,  Ranchi Lake, Kanke Dam, Jonha Falls, Panch Gagh Falls, Birsa Zoological Park, etc.

What are the three waterfalls near Ranchi?

Dassam, Jonha, and Sita waterfalls are near Ranchi and they are amazing places to visit in Ranchi with friends, family, and loved ones.

Why is Ranchi famous for?

Ranchi is famous for waterfalls, rivers, lakes, lush green valleys, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Patratu Valley, Rock Garden, Jagannath Temple, Birsa Zoological Park, Tagore Hill, and etc.

Is Ranchi safe for tourists?

Yes, Ranchi is considered to be the safest place in Jharkhand and it has several famous tourist spots to visit.  

Final Note!

“The city of waterfalls”, Ranchi is full of natural wonders, top amusing attractions, and various adventurous activities such as Hot air balloon show, boating, cycling, trekking, paragliding, mountaineering, and so on. Here we have elaborated some majestic places to visit in Ranchi so that you can plan your journey and be ready with a list of famous and favorite places to visit. The city offers perfect hill station spots to tourists so that they can have fun on their weekends. When there is so much natural beauty of hill station lies in front of you, you must plan your perfect trip to Ranchi and prepare a list of the most majestic places to visit there of your choice.


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