From magnificent backwaters to amazing wildlife, from beautiful ancient caves to enticing peaks to witness the fresh atmosphere and sunset, from bird witnessing spots to waterparks for kids, Kerala is home to natural wonders and the epitome of the colorful culture in India. Kerala is a state situated in the southern part of India and it is popularly known for its abundance of natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries parks, famous food, and lots of natural places. Palakkad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala that is replete with tourist attractions and wildlife fun. A tranquil mesmeric town in the lap of Kerala, Palakkad is one of the interesting places to visit on vacation with family and kids. Palakkad Tourist Places such as Nelliyampathy Hills, Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Seethargundu, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Malampuzha Dam, and so on attract many tourists across India, especially during peak seasons to embrace and explore the beauty of Kerala. <<<Read>>>-Wayanad Tourist Places – Explore Best Places To Visit In Wayanad

How to Reach Palakkad

The  Coimbatore International Airport is situated around one hour drive away from Palakkad and well-connected to big cities in India such as  Cochin, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

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Top 5 Palakkad Tourist Places 2023

See the list of the best 5 Palakkad places to visit here.

#1. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is considered to be one of the lovely and nature-friendly places to visit on your vacation. The breathtaking tiger reserve offers tourists various fascinating things to make vacation fantastic and enriched with everything fun and pleasures.

Here you can explore wildlife or amazing endangered species such as tigers, leopards, wild cats, dogs, and so on. The wildlife sanctuary is one of the Best Place For Couples In Palakkad as it offers you many chances to create new memories and spend vacation time with full enjoyment. Places To Visit In Palakkad

#2. Vadakkanthara Temple

Vadakkanthara Temple is counted as one of the best Palakkad Tourist Places and we would recommend people who are going to visit Palakkad to visit the temple in order to seek spirituality and blessings of the god. The temple is famous for its historic significance and nearby attractions.

After visiting this elegant temple, you can also explore some best Places To Visit Near Palakkad to add more merriments to your vacation.

The mesmeric temple is located around 1-2km away from the main railway station. The temple is dedicated to Maa Devi and it is often visited by Hindu devotees.

#3. Palakkad Fort 

Palakkad Fort gains recognition as one of the wonderful places in the city of Kerala and it is considered to be the best for history lovers as it exhibits the traditional nature of Kerala.

The fort was constructed by Hyder Ali in 1766 and the most shocking thing about the fort is that it is also known as Tipu Sultan Fort. You can also plan to visit this fort in order to learn facts about the past.

After you are done exploring this ancient fort, you can also visit the famous Hill Stations Near Palakkad

#4. Silent Valley National Park 

Silent Valley National Park is a paradise in Palakkad for nature and wildlife lovers as it has a plethora of things to do to make tourists entertained and joyous in their holidays.

The majestic national park is one of the best Palakkad Places To Visit as it lets visitors organize a picnic and perform various amazing activities such as listening to the chirping of the birds, watching lions, leopards, tigers, boating, etc.

The home of endangered species is renowned as one of the vibrant Places To Visit In Palakkad with your friends.

#5. Kalpathy Heritage Village 

Kalpathy Heritage village is one of the enchanting Palakkad Tourist Spots where tourists can feel harmony and spirituality as the town is famous as the brahmin village that exhibits amazing Hindu and Indian cultures and traditions.

To smell the scent of beautiful flowers and plants standing in the fields of the village, or to visit various pilgrimage sites, you can add the village to the itinerary of Palakkad tourism.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I explore Palakkad?

Palakkad is a beautiful city in Kerala and it has a plethora of attractions for tourists with which they can spend their holidays with fun and excitement. Here are the major attractions of Palakkad:- Nelliyampathy Hills, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Kava, Seethargundu Viewpoint, Malampuzha Dam, Malampuzha Garden, and Dam, Kalpathy Temple, Religious Sites, Tipu Sultan Fort, etc.

Is Palakkad a good place?

Palakkad is an amazing place to visit in Kerala with friends and family. Owing to its breathtaking forts & monuments and natural beauty, the place is worth your attention and visit. In order to add fun and merriments to your vacation in the city of Kerala, you can look for the best Tourist Places In Palakkad For One Day Trip. Because of its natural and historic Places To Visit In Palakkad, the Indian state Kerala is quite popular among visitors.

How many beaches are in Palakkad?

The majestic city of Kerala is renowned for its 8 charming beaches that offer a plethora of water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kneeboarding, and so on. Especially in summer, you can plan to visit the beach and enjoy the fresh and cool weather there with lots of water games. Marari Beach, Kappad Beach, Alleppey Beach, Beypore Beach, Cherai Beach, Nattika Beach, Mahe Beach, and Kollam Beach, are famous beaches in Palakkad.

What is the climate in Palakkad?

Palakkad is famous for its beautiful monsoon and rainy seasons. You can visit the place anytime you want or you have a perfect schedule. In order to enjoy the wonderful weather of Kerala, you can either plan to visit beaches or hill areas in the city.

Is there any beach in Palakkad?

You would be amazed to know the fact that Palakkad is an enchanting city in Kerala and it is known as the home to many clear water beaches. Tourists are going to have a wonderful time here with every attraction under the warmth of the sun.

What is the best time to visit Palakkad?

The months between November to February are the perfect time to visit Palakkad and its beautiful places & top attractions. You can plan to visit this majestic city of Kerala during the rainy and monsoon seasons as this time you would easily be able to witness picturesque backwaters.

What is the Speciality of Palakkad district?

Palakkad, which is also known as the rice bowl of India is famous for many attractions and specialties such as clear blue water beaches, grandeur waterfalls full of lush green surroundings, forts & Monuments, peaks, etc. <<<Read>>>40+ Best Honeymoon Destinations in India Know Places in India

The Ultimate Words!

With our list of the Best Tourist Places In Palakkad, you would be able to find places of your taste and interest and which you would want to visit during your vacation time with your family. Above in the article, we have provided a list of the charming Palakkad Tourist Places which will enrich your vacation with joy, pleasures, and excitement. <<Read>>> Statue Of Unity: Tour Guide, Places To Visit Around Vallabhbhai Patel Statue


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