Lying in the heart and the lap of Northeast India, Udaipur is counted among the 3rd biggest cities in the Indian state of Tripura. India, which is located in South Asia, is known for many reasons and achievements such as it gains fame and popularity as a colorful nation among foreigners, it is also seen as a symbol of unity in diversity, it consists of distinct religions, cultures, and of course, countless rituals. Udaipur situated in Tripura, Northeast India, is one of India’s iconic and popular destinations to visit on holidays to feel and explore the natural beauty and several other offerings of mother nature. Here we have mentioned top Udaipur Tourist Places you can visit on your holiday to spend some quality moments with your friends and family. The more you look for in India, the more you find fascinating and heart-touching a bunch of things, values, and historic significance. The elegant and majestic small town, “Udaipur'' is situated in Northeast India in Tripura but what is interesting is that “the town has the common name of Udaipur desert city located in Rajasthan. Apart from having the same name, there is one difference that makes both these “Udaipurs” completely different from each other. Udaipur in Tripura is a perfect hill station for adventure lovers and on the other hand, Udaipur Rajasthan is a desert city and also a famous and rich place. Before looking at various places to visit in Udaipur, let’s also look at some popular resorts and restaurants.

Popular Resorts Of Udaipur, Tripura - Udaipur Tourist Places

  • Radisson Blu Udaipur
  • Aurika Udaipur
  • Raffles Udaipur
  • Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
  • City Palace Udaipur Trident Udaipur
  • Ananta Resort Udaipur
  • Udaipur resorts
  • Lake Palace Udaipur
  • Taj Aravali Udaipur
  • Leela Udaipur
  • Ramada Udaipur
Let’s Explore the top Exhilarating and Nature-Friendly Udaipur Tourist Places in Tripura    

Best Time To Visit Udaipur Tourist Places

In order to enjoy and have an amazing experience on your Udaipur Tripura tour, the months of October to March and April to July are the best time to visit various ancient and beautiful places of the city. In these months, the weather is completely comfortable and quite charming.

How To Reach Udaipur Tripura?

In order to reach Udaipur, you will have to enter Tripura by train if you want. The nearest railway station of Udaipur is Kumarghat and it is more than 100 km away from Tripura. Udaipur’s nearest station named Kumarghat station is perfectly linked to various railroads of cities such as Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. Or you can also take the bus from Delhi and other cities.

Best Udaipur Tourist Places – Explore & Capture the beauty of Northeast India 

Tripura is blessed with natural beauty and various places to visit on holidays and Udaipur is one of the places that attract millions of visitors across India owing to its top tourist’s attractions such as Bijoy Sagar Lake, Tripura Sundari Temple, Granthagar, Neer Mahal, Tepania Eco Park, Nazrul, and so on.  And apart from this, Udaipur is blessed with various marvelous and amazing resorts such as Ananta resort Udaipur, Udaipur resorts, Lake Palace Udaipur, Taj Aravali Udaipur, Leela Udaipur, etc. Here, we have described some best places to visit in Udaipur.

#1. Tripura Sundari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple is counted as the one of best and most loved Udaipur Tripura tourist places among many people for its historic significance and religious beliefs. Devotees make countless visits to this temple to worship the goddess of Sri Vidya. The temple is among the popular Udaipur Tourist Places to visit on vacation. The temple is considered to be the most respected and perfect place to visit on holidays especially for hindu god believers. It is one of the fascinating Udaipur Tourist Places to learn about the historic importance of the Hindu religion.

#2. Bijoy Sagar Lake

Situated in Northeast India, Tripura, Bijoy Sagar Lake is the largest lake in the city of Tripura along with a height of around 750 feet in length and around 450 in breadth. It is also one of the best places to visit in Udaipur to feel the natural beauty to rejuvenate mind and body. You should include this lake in the plan of your Udaipur tourism. The lake enhances the beauty and importance of Udaipur and offers the perfect and relaxing scenery of natural beauty.

#3. Nazrul Granthaghar

Nazrul Granthaghar is believed to be the renowned library in Udaipur and it is also recognized as one of the major attractions of the city. The national library was basically built to dedicate the popular Bengali poet named Kazi Nazrul Islam. The library was built in the year 1905 and it has a collection of a variety of books, magazines, newspapers. Situated in the Gomti district of Tripura, the library is visited by many and comes on the list of the best places to visit in Udaipur. You can visit the library and read any book thereby maintaining peace and adhering to all the protocols set by the authority of the national library.

#4. Tepania Eco Park

Tepania Eco Park is one of the most loved and enticing places to visit on vacation. The destination is considered to be the best place to fulfill the plans of picnic with friends and family members. Apart from this, you can visit the various hotels and restaurants in order to have perfect and top-class meals and dinner. It is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur, Tripura. In the park, you can take a long walk and enjoy the greenery and fresh and unpolluted atmosphere there to freshen up your mood and mind.

#5 Neer Mahal Or NeerMahal Water Palace 

It is the elegant and royal palace built by Maharaja of Tripura Kingdom Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya bahadur in the middle of the lake Twijilikma. Neer Mahal is also famous for the lake palace and it is among the top attractions of Udaipur, Tripura. Blessed with mesmerizing architecture, the “Lake Mahal” was constructed with a variety of stones and marbles and it shows the Mughal style of designs and architecture.



Which thing is famous in Udaipur?

Udaipur situated in Tripura is famous for its temples and various pilgrimage sites. And apart from this, the breathtaking town of Tripura is also prominent for its various resorts and restaurants.

Is 2 days enough in Udaipur?

Yes, 2 days are enough to visit and explore the beauty of Udaipur, Tripura. You can visit temples, resorts, parks, etc.

How can I plan for Udaipur for 4 days?

You can visit various places in the town including temples, lakes, and wildlife sanctuary. Apart from this, you can also explore Tripura’s several other places such as Jampuii hills, Agartala, Udaipur, and so on.

How many days is enough for Udaipur?

Spending 3-4 days will be enough and sufficient to visit this town’s places and pilgrimage sites.

Are tourist allowed in Udaipur?

Yes, Tourists are allowed to visit the best Udaipur Tourist Places and they need to make sure that they stick to all the Covid protocols.

How much does a trip to Udaipur cost?

For a trip to Udaipur or to explore exicinting Udaipur Tourist Places, you must have a good budget or if you are confused then, you can choose the best Udaipur Tour Package.

Is one day enough for Udaipur?

To explore the best places and natural beauty of Udaipur, you need to have at least 3-4 days of the tour.  

Final Note! 

“Udaipur” in Tripura is prominent and a popular tourist hub for its historic temples and every year many people especially across India come here and visit the temple to worship gods and deities. Besides various temples, pilgrimage sites, and the best Udaipur Tourist Places, the stunning city or town of Tripura is also known for its amazing Udaipur Hotels and restaurants that offer top-class hospitality to guests.


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