• March 16, 2022
  • Eco Park Kolkata – Introduction, Top Things To Do, Best Time & How To Reach

    With mouthwatering food & desserts, elegant architecture of ancient designs and art, entertaining theatre, and recreational literature, Kolkata is a vibrant city of Indian state West Bengal renowned for age-old monuments, temples, and many other tourist attractions. Besides innovation and development in every sector and field, the city is also famed for its biggest Eco Park Kolkata. Be it natural beauty or innovative creations and attractions, Kolkata is a place for all ages of people. For those who feel like breathing in a refreshing atmosphere or those who want to spend some quality time with nature without spending much and traveling far, The Eco-park that covers an area of more than 400 acres of land is a perfect place for you.

    If you feel like visiting recreational places to soothe the mind and entire body, make sure you visit this urban park once in your life and whenever you plan your Kolkata tourism.

    Below you can get information about the park – Eco Park Kolkata Address, ticker price, and more.

    Best Time To Visit Eco Park Kolkata

    The best time to visit the park is between October to February. You can plan your journey to this wonderful eco park anytime you want.

    How To Reach

    On arriving at Kolkata airport, you can take any bus or taxi to reach the park. The airport of the city is well-connected to important cities in India.

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    Eco Park Kolkata – All You Need To Know

    With the objective of promoting eco-tourism in the city or to draw the attention and visit of tourists to nature’s beauty, it took the authority of the state to establish the breathtaking this eco-park in the city for all visitors.

    If you dream to visit the world’s majestic wonder, you do not need to plan your expensive trip to Paris, New Zealand, and all as Eco Park Kolkata will give many chances for recreation and complete enjoyment.

    Inside the park, there are many gardens of orchards and flowers that excite and rejuvenate visitors the most. Apart from this, the Garden also has a separate big area for kids where they can enjoy rides and play many fun games there.

    Covering around 104 acres of land, the big lake inside the park is no less than a beach in Goa. Whether you talk about cleanliness or soothing activities around the lake, this is a perfect spot for amazement and recreation.

    Near and far, many peace lovers come here and take a walk along this charming lake. If you want, you can also enjoy boating activities here.

    What Do You Need To Know To Be Excited Already About The Eco Park?

    The Ecological or urban park of India also has 3 different sections where one is allotted for ecological purposes, the second for gardens, and the third for recreational activities. You can also feel the park’s comfortable and unwinding nature here.

    Magnificent Gardens at Eco Park Kolkata

    • Butterfly Garden –  With the big trees and greenery, a butterfly garden is a place where you can spot many species of butterflies. Make sure you do not forget to visit this vibrant garden.
    • Mask Garden – A beautiful place to find various sorts of masks are found in the world. Masks come in distinct shapes, colors, and sizes.
    • Tea Garden – Those who are fond of tea and plantations, make sure to enter the garden and explore and learn many things about tea and how it is grown up.
    • Fruit Garden or Orchard Garden –  Who does not love eating juicy fruits? Well, there is hardly a person who can say no to fruits. Visit in the garden of fruit is a must as this would be able to learn more fruits and their trees on which they are grown up.
    • Meadow Garden – An open area of Wild grasses and flowers awaits tourists with freshness and peace. An area of big green grasses and plants pushes tourists to take a wonderful walk exploring every minute thing that belongs to nature.
    • Rose Garden – A big area of the park mainly dedicated to roses and you must come and enjoy it here with your loved ones. Inside the rose garden, there is a way on which you can walk touching and experiencing the mesmeric fragrance of roses.

    Top Things To Do At Eco Park Kolkata

    • Cycling
    • Birdwatching
    • Long walks
    • Toy train – It is time to wake a child lives inside all of us
    • Boating
    • Land and water zorbing
    • Ice skating
    • Eco cart

    Eco Park In Kolkata Timing

    From Tuesday to Saturday, the Eco-park is open from 12 pm. And if you are visiting the park on weekends then, Entry timings for Sunday and holidays are 11 in the morning. And if we talk about the closing time of The Eco Park, then it is 7.30 from Tuesday to Sunday.

    Eco-park Kolkata Address

    Major Arterial Road(South-East, Biswa Bangla Sarani, AA II, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.

    Eco Park Kolkata Ticket Price 2022

    The ticket price will be Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for children(6-10 yr). And the prices will also change or vary according to seasons and it also provides free entry during famous festivities in India.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the entry fee of Eco Park Kolkata?

    The ticket price will be Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for children(6-10 yr).

    Which day Eco Park closed in Kolkata?


    What is the cost of Eco Park?

    The ticket price will be Rs. 50 for adults and Rs. 25 for children(6-10 yr).

    Why Eco Park is famous?

    The Ecological Park is famous among kids and adults for its fun rides, boating, various beautiful gardens, etc.

    Is outside food allowed in Eco Park Kolkata?


    What we can do in Eco Park Kolkata?

    Exploring man-made lakes, cycling, boating, toy train, exploring many gardens, etc.

    The Conclusion!

    Be it vacation days to spend or moring time to enjoy some exercise & yoga amidst greenery, the eco-park or Eco Park Kolkata is a place that has a plethora of big trees and beautiful gardens for kids and adults. Far from the dust and annoying pollution of bustling cities, the ecological park is no less than heaven and divine.

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