Away from polluted cities that are almost bustling and a busy schedule that restricts people to only 8-9 hours of working in the office, in the lap of western ghats, “Lonavala” is a picturesque hill town, replete with never-ending adventure fun, and inspiring nature’s beauty. This hill town never fails to excite tourists on their vacation and offers them a plethora of fascinating things to indulge in to cherish some unforgettable memories with loved ones. Not just to beat the boredom of daily dull life, which is only allotted to a journey between the office and home but also to embrace the peak of nature’s offerings to the entire humankind, “Lonavala”, which is situated very close to Indian film city Mumbai must be on the bucket list of every adventure lover and peace embracer. Whether there is a talk of some stunning Places To Visit In Lonavala or its streets laden with shops and restaurants full of local Indian food & desserts, along with many options for shopping, Lonavala always wins the competition as one of the sought-after places in India to explore on holidays.  

Best time to Visit 

The best time to visit Lonavala is in the summer season as you can easily escape from the unbearable heat of the sun. Between July to September, you can plan your Lonavala trip and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

How to Reach 

Mumbai and Pune are major Indian cities located quite near Lonavala. The hill town “Lonavala” is connected to Mumbai and Pune through train services. Apart from the train, there are local buses that run from Mumbai and Pune to Lonavala. On reaching Mumbai or Pune, you can easily reach Lonavala by taking either a train or a local bus

Places To Visit In Lonavala – Top 5 Lonavala Spots for every traveler 


#1. Tiger’s Leap – Capture the exquisite scenery of a deep adventurous valley full of flora & fauna all around

Tiger’s Leap is counted among the prime attractions of Lonavala from where you can witness a panoramic view of dense forests, lush green valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, and worth capturing wildlife. The cliff is famed as one of the best places to visit in Lonavala from where anyone can embrace nature’s beauty at its best. It is a great place to make good use of your camera by clicking some beautiful photographs of nature’s offerings.

The cliff lies at a height of 650 meters above sea level and owing to this, tourists may feel like they have kissed the infinite sky. If you have any plans to visit Lonavala on this vacation, then, choose Tiger’s leap as the Lonavala Famous Place that deserves your priority. Near the cliff, there are other exquisite Lonavala Tourist Spots which you can plan to explore if you have got many days here.

#2. Bhaja Caves – Witness over 20 rock-carved caves

“Bhaja Caves” is a group of more than 20 rock-cut caves that offers tourists a glimpse of Indian architecture. As soon as you are standing at its entrance, you would have a plethora of attractions to capture on your camera forever. Whether you are wanting to enjoy sightseeing here or just want to sit down and relax, you are sure to cherish cheerful moments here with your friends and family.

The cave is also recognized as the national monument of India where tourists can sightsee, wander, and unwind themselves completely. If you have tied the knot to someone recently and looking for a romantic spot in Lonavala, you can choose Bhaja Caves as one of the Best Places To Visit In Lonavala For Couples.

#3. Della Adventure Park

With over 50 adventure activities and fun water rides, Della Adventure Park is a place to visit in Lonavala with kids and family. Whenever you feel like having fun and a thrill with your family on vacation, do not forget to visit this amazing amusement park that offers a plethora of cheerful activities so that you can make memorable memories with your loved ones.

The waterpark also has some wonderful restaurants and food stalls where you can enjoy India’s authentic delectable dining. Once you are exhausted after enjoying various rides and adventurous sports, you can go to these restaurants and fulfill your food cravings. Here, you can have a look at some top attractions of Della adventure park – Kune Falls, Tungarli lake, etc.

#4. Karla Caves 

“Karla Caves” is one of the top places to visit in Lonavala as here you can explore rock-cut temples and various fascinating architecture. The caves will show you a plethora of scenic views which you would want to capture on your camera forever. The mesmeric beauty and tranquility of the place will get you some wonderful moments with your loved ones. It is also famous as one of the best Lonavala Places To Visit In One Day where you can have the best vacation experiences and complete enjoyment. Near the cave, there are also some amazing Places To Visit In Lonavala On Bike.

#5. Pawna lake

Pawna Lake is a charming place in Lonavala where you can embrace nature and peace on your vacation. Full of serenity and soothing tranquility, the lake is one of the best places in Mumbai also. You can indulge in so many exuberating activities near the lake such as – boating, wandering, strolling, hiking, camping, etc.


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How can I spend my day in Lonavala?

In order to spend your one day in Lonavala, there are a plethora of attractions you can explore to spend your holiday time with fun. Here you can also look for the Top Places To Visit In Lonavala In One Day. In the article, we have shortlisted the best 5 Lonavala places which you can visit in one day.

Is 2 days enough for Lonavala?

Yes, 2 days are enough to enjoy the Lonavala trip. You can plan to visit -Hill Forest Resort Lonavala, Dinosaur Park Lonavala, Kailash Parbat Lonavala, Tiger Hill Lonavala.

Why is Lonavala famous?

Lonavala is famous for its serene natural beauty where tourists can have all sorts of vacation fun and adventure.

Can we cover Lonavala per day?

Yes, you can explore the major highlights of Lonavala in one day. There are so many attractions which you can explore in just a day.

What are the must-visit places in Lonavala at night?

Tiger’s Leap, Della Adventure Park, Karla Caves, Nagphani or Duke's Nose, Rajmachi Fort, Pawna Lake, etc.

Which are the best places to see in Lonavala?

There are many best places to see in Lonavala - have a look at Lonavala’s top attractions for sightseeing - Tiger's Leap, Imagica Adlabs, Lonavala Lake, Bhushi Dam,  Aamby Valley, Celebrity Wax Museum, Amrutanjan Point, Rajmachi Fort, Karla Caves, Bhimashankar Trail, etc.

Final Note!

No matter whether you are on a Lonavala One Day Trip or have got 4-5 days of vacation to take the work burden off your chest, this charming hill town of India ensures to offer you more than enough of everything you explore and embrace here. To help you plan your Lonavala Sightseeing so that you can enjoy every bit of your vacation time with your loved ones, here we have shortlisted the 5 best Lonavala Tourist Places. Above you can see the list of the best 5 Places To Visit In Lonavala that would make the experience a major highlight of the hill town.


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