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Possessing the captivating beauty of Himalayan ranges, the real fun of adventure, and lots of picturesque places not just to eat but also to stay and relax, Himachal Pradesh has always been on the bucket list of millions of nature lovers. And keeping this fact in mind, here, we have mentioned some best Himachal Tour Packages that suit the demand and budget of every visitor who is determined to spend their holidays in Himachal.

Recognized as one of the most charming holiday destinations in India for every sort of traveler and backpacker across the world, Himachal Pradesh has got an immense beauty of nature with no match and also seems to be full of lots of thrilling things to do that are not only take the breath of visitors away but also keep their hearts captive here forever.

Quite famous as one of the alluring hill states of India, Himachal Pradesh is the epitome of a true paradise on earth, and therefore, many newlyweds and vacationers flood the place during the winter and summer seasons although, it is a year-round destination in the world. You can also plan to explore Himachal Pradesh so that you can also become one of the witnesses of healing beauty in India.

In order to plan and help you with your Himachal Pradesh tourism, Here in the blog, we have provided you with expensive to Cheap Himachal Tour Packages that include all required things depending on your desire and convenience.

Cheap to Luxury Himachal Tour Packages

If you are looking to spend a wonderful vacation time full of breathtaking experiences and unforgettable family moments in Himachal Pradesh, then, SpinOnHolidays tour packages will help you attain all this. Let’s take a look at the best Himachal Tour Packages For Couples and families.

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Top Tourist Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh 

1# Manali

Manali is rated as one of the top places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and it is also home to some charming top tourist attractions such as centuries-old temples, trekking sites, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. Every year millions of backpackers visit the place to spend their vacation time with fun, adventure, and excitement.

You can also do the same thing and spend every bit of your vacation in the lap of nature. Manali stands out the most when it comes to visiting the best place in Himachal Pradesh.

#2 Kasol

In the lap of the Indian state Himachal Pradesh, kasol is a little village that is dotted with the healing beauty of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, resorts, and several sites for adventure sports. As we are offering the Best Himachal Tour Packages From Delhi, you must not forget to add Kasol to your itinerary there. From mouth-watering dining to thrilling activities such as hiking, trekking, mountaineering, etc, Kasol is truly a place to explore in Himachal.

#3 Shimla

Shimla is rated as one of the top honeymoon destinations in India. Hence, it is found to be on the bucket list of every honeymooner. There is so much to do and experience in Shimla that no one can get at once and even if one makes several visits to it something or the other will always be left from their eyes and experience.

#4 Kullu

Kullu is a beautiful valley in Himachal that gives several captivating views of valleys, greenery, lakes, rivers, and vegetation. And if you are visiting this enchanting valley then, do not return without trying out its local delicious dishes and food such as – Bhature, Patrodu, Vada, Sattu, Kodra Roti, and Jatu (Red rice).

#5 Manikaran

Manikaran is famous for its hot springs and natural beauty, which draw millions of people there yearly. Housing various worth-capturing sites with top tourist attractions, Manikaran is one of the charming places to visit in Himachal.

#6 Bir Billing

Bir Billing is rated as one of the top places to indulge in Paragliding and several other adventure sports. The place is highly known for its Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan culture and markets. If your aim to visit Himachal is only to indulge in adventure and fun then, Bir Billing is an ideal place to accomplish this goal.

#7 Dalhousie

Dalhousie is counted among the best hill station places in India that attract tourists for its picturesque beauty and worth-capturing landscapes. There are various enchanting places to visit in Dalhousie such as Kalatop, Daikund, and Panch Pula.

Top Things Not To Miss When You Are In Himachal

  • Trekking
  • Paragliding
  • Hiking
  • Mountainerring
  • Skiing
  • Exploring top Buddhist sites
  • Visiting Hindu sacred sites or age-old shrines
  • Enahcting wildlife of various national parks

What To Eat In Himachal?

  • Dham or Dhaam
  • Siddu
  • Babru
  • Tudkiya Bhath
  • Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems
  • Aktori

Best time to visit 

Although Himachal Pradesh is considered a year-round destination for vacation, many prefer to explore it in the month of February to June. Depending on your comfort and schedule, you can plan your Himachal trip anytime you want. And during winters and summers, the weather is most beautiful and pleasant there, adding more fun to your vacation.

How to Reach

Himachal Pradesh can easily be reached by road from Chandigarh, Kalka, and Pathankot. Besides this, you can also choose to reach there by air and train.


How much it will cost for Himachal tour?

Here, you can check the best Himachal tour packages that have cheap and best affordable rates. You can also see the amenities offered with the package. SpinOnHolidays offers you a wide range of Himachal trip packages that would meet your every need and desire there.

Which month is best for Himachal tour?

February to June is considered the best time to explore Himachal.

How can I plan my Himachal tour?

To plan the Himachal tour, all you can do is reach Shimla and plan to sightsee some popular sites there, you can spend one full day in Shimla local sightseeing, you can drive to Manali and enjoy sightseeing, full day excursion to Rohtang Pass, and drive towards Dharamshala.

How can I plan a trip to Himachal for 4 days?

To beautifully spend your 4 days in Himachal, you can visit various fascinating nearby places that include monuments, temples, trekking sites, sunset witnessing sites, wildlife parks, etc.

How many days is enough for Himachal Pradesh?

6-7 days are enough to explore Himachal Pradesh to spend a wonderful vacation time.

How many days are required for Himachal Pradesh?

8-10 days are sufficient to embrace more than half of the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. If you have chosen the best Himachal Tour Packages From Chandigarh, there is a lot more to experience, cherish, and have fun with.

The End Note! 

Choose the Best Himachal Tour Packages From Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh from our site and ensure to spend every bit of vacation time with fun, adventure, and enthusiasm. Apart from the budget-friendly packages, you can also explore the list of the top tourist places in Himachal that would add more fun and glory to your holidays.

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