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Hill Stations In Tamilnadu 2024 – {Find TOP 5 List!}

Find the Best Hill Stations In Tamilnadu 2024 here! From gaining importance for its cultural and beautiful dance “Bharatnatyam” to different types of scrumptious food, from traditional clothes to famous tourist places, from amusement parks to fascinating wildlife, Tamil Nadu seems like a sight for the sore eyes. For tourists, it is going to be fun and complete enjoyment visiting this breathtaking state of India on their vacation.

There are a plethora of reasons which drag natural enthusiasts and history lovers to the soil of Tamil Nadu.

The epitome of natural beauty has countless attractions for tourists who want to embrace and live calm and tranquil moments on their holidays. Apart from the cultural heritage and ancient art, there are prominent hill stations in Tamilnadu you can add to your itinerary of the Tamil Nadu tour.

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Top Hill Stations In Tamilnadu 2024

The major objective of writing this article is to make you aware of famous unexplored hill stations in Tamilnadu so that you can plan your trip to Tamil Nadu accordingly and without any confusion. From charming beaches to stunning landscapes, Tamil Nadu is replete with all the major to basic necessities and attractions that will make your vacation full of pleasures and enthusiasm.

Below you can find the list of the best tamilnadu tourist places and hill stations to enrich your vacation time with everything pleasant and beautiful.

#1. Ooty 

Popularly famous as the queen of hills, Ooty is regarded as one of the charming hill station towns situated in the lap of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. From freshwater beaches to crystal clear weather especially in winter, Ooty full of natural and unparalleled beauty deserves to be on the list of the best hill stations in Tamilnadu to explore on holidays.

Various forms of cultural dances and rituals along with Hill stations in Tamil Nadu enhance the beauty of the entire India and owing to this, the country gains the top priority among tourists to visit it on vacation. If you are going to visit the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu and thinking of making plans for a Tamil Nadu trip then, make sure that you put Ooty as your first priority.

From comfortable stays in enticing resorts to the best places to dine, from the natural beauty of the surrounding atmosphere to breathtaking lakeside views, Ooty is also a town of pilgrimage sites.

#2. Coonoor 

Lush green wildlife sanctuaries full of various endangered species and flowers, majestic freshwater lakes, waterfalls, and various natural wonders, Coonoor is counted as the paradise of India situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It is a must-visit hill town in the state that completes the responsibility of enriching your vacation time with all pleasures, fun, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. It is the best hill station in Tamilnadu that has a plethora of natural wonders.

From tea gardens to lush green valleys, the mesmeric hill station or famous Tamil Nadu hills awaits the visit of tourists. Here you can take a look at the major attractions of Coonoor:- Tranquilitea Gourmet Nilgiri Teas, Highfield Tea Factory, Dolphin’s Nose, Heritage Train, Lamb’s Rock, Sim`s Park, Highfield Tea Factory, etc. Coonoor is one of the stunning hill stations in south India that you should not forget in your Tamil Nadu tourism.

#3. Kodaikanal 

Captivating beaches with green and charming surroundings, lush green areas, beautiful lakes, and mesmerizing waterfalls add more fun and enthusiasm to the existence of this grandeur town of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

A hill town is a famous place for adventure seekers and fun lovers. Natural wonders and charms make this hill town the best hill station in Tamilnadu you should include in your itinerary of Tamil Nadu tourism.

#4. Yelagiri

In order to live up to the colorful culture of India, experience mouth-watering cuisine, and visit ancient beautiful places, one must not forget about Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu. From exotic beaches to charming lush green places, Yelagiri is among the famous hill town destinations you must visit once in your life while on a Tamil Nadu tour.

The hill town also gains recognition as the king of hills in Tamilnadu and has a plethora of adventure sports or activities such as hiking, trekking, cycling, mountaineering, aquatic sports, etc.

#5. Kotagiri

Far from the frustration of daily-life work and polluted atmosphere, the hill town named Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu is one of the perfect places to visit on holidays, not for long but for a while, to keep aside all the stress and mood swings by breathing in the fresh atmosphere and embracing the natural wonders. For more fun and adventure, you can also explore other best hill stations in Tamilnadu and Kerala as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

How many hills are there in Tamil Nadu?

In the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, there are various famous hill stations and places you can explore on your vacation to complete your vacation with fun and entertainment.

Ooty, Kotagiri, Kolukkumalai, Javadi Hill, Yercaud, Kalrayan Hills, Yelagiri, Coonoor, Kolli Hills, Yelagiri, etc are Tamilnadu tourist places hill stations you should explore on your vacation.

Which is the biggest hill in Tamil Nadu?

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a better place for fun and nature lovers and it has plenty of hill town places to experience natural offerings of beaches, waterfalls, lakes, sacred temples, ancient places, etc. Ooty is considered to be the queen of hills and Doddabetta is the highest peak in the state and is around 10 kilometers away from Ooty. Apart from Ooty, there are other famous hill towns in the state:- Coonoor, Yelagiri, Kotagiri, Topsip, and so on.

Which is Hill Place in Tamil Nadu?

Hill Place is a beautiful view of natural beauty that includes ranges of mountains, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, resorts, wildlife, etc. Ooty. Situated at a height of 2240 meters, Yelagiri, Ooty, Coonoor, Kodaikanal, Topslip, Kolli Hills, Kotagiri, Yercaud, etc.

Which is the queen of hills in Tamil Nadu?

The hill town Ooty situated in the lap of Tamil Nadu is considered the queen of hills in the state. The abundance of natural beauty and exotic places makes Ooty one of the most popular hill towns in the state to explore on vacation.

How many hill stations are there in Tamil Nadu?

The state is home to more than 20 hill-station places that become the attractions of the state for tourists across India and from different parts of the world. Ooty, Yelagiri, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, Topslip, Kolli Hills, Kotagiri, Yercaud, etc are famous hill station towns in Tamil Nadu.

Which is the best hill station in Tamil Nadu?

Ooty and Coonoor are the two most prominent hill station places in Tamil Nadu explored and loved most by visitors who seek adventure pleasure and colorful Indian cultures.

Which is the biggest hill station in Tamil Nadu?

Nestled in the lap of Tamil Nadu and at a height of 2240  meters, Ooty is recognized as the biggest and most famous hill station place.

Which is the coolest place in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu hills such as Ooty, Coonoor, Yelagiri, Kodaikanal, Kodaikanal, Topslip, etc are the coolest areas in the state and are the famous Tamil Nadu hill station places to visit on vacation.

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Final Notes!

The state of the southernmost part of India is the perfect destination to visit in India in order to enjoy the vacation to the fullest while exploring natural places, wildlife sanctuaries, glorious resorts, famous places, etc.

Tamil Nadu hills or hill station towns are regarded as the major attractions of the state owing to their pristine water beaches, magnificent waterfalls, relaxing wildlife, and so on.

Exploring the hill stations in Tawali is a better and more effective escape from the unbearable heat of the sun in summer.

Above in the article, you can find the list of the best hill stations in Tamilnadu so that you do not have confusion regarding which famous hill town place to visit first.

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