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Popular Resorts In Bangalore For A Wonderful Vacation

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka and is well known among the best holiday destinations in India where one can have never-ending fun and pleasures with their loved ones. You can by indulge yourself in many excitement-driven activities such as going shopping and witnessing wildlife, wandering along streets exploring top attractions of cities, etc.

Whether you feel like exploring its natural beauty through city parks full of lush green or want to be amazed by having a look at its developed and modern sides through architecture and big reputed companies, the IT hub of India has got everything for you so that you can make every bit of your vacation full of merriments and enthusiasm.

Best Resorts In Bangalore also plays a great role in enriching your vacation time with every fun and facility. If you are coming to Bangalore for vacation or any other purpose, you will definitely not run short of accommodation options.

5 Best Resorts In Bangalore for Family and couples

#1. Taj Bangalore

Taj Bangalore is one of the best resorts in Bangalore for families and couples. For those who are looking for a perfect place where they can spend quality time with their loved ones resting, eating, and having fun then, they can assure their visit to this iconic Taj Bangalore. It is among the best Resorts Around Bangalore that offers wonderful hospitality to guests and provide them a unique experience.

From enriched spa facilities to amazing dining full of varieties, Taj Bangalore leaves no stone unturned in catering to the needs and requirements of the guests. The place is suitable for those who wants to stay away from the city’s bustle but at the same time doesn’t want to cut it either. It is also famed as one of the Best Resorts In Bangalore For a Night Stay and tourists can get various options for food, rooms, and entertainment.

If you are visiting Bangalore for any reason, also think about your visit to this classic resort for unwinding and enjoying local dining.

#2. Palm Meadows Club

Palm Meadows Club is the gateway to pleasure, tranquility, and unwinding on vacation. From elegant architecture to top-notch food and stay services, the resort also offers breathtaking natural scenery of lush green and shadowy trees. Among many vacationers, this resort of Bangalore is also rated as one of the Best Resorts In Bangalore For a Day Outing.

This resort is recognized as the best among all the luxury resorts, it is the usually chosen by corporate or leisure travelers of the Silicon Valley of India. The resort provides ample space for kids activity area, an outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a superlative spa, fitness center, and more making it the first choice for most of the people.

#3. Guhantara Resort

Guhantara Resort is one of the exhilarating resorts where one can enjoy their stay and taste the local and exotic culture of Bangalore through dining, architecture, and affordable impeccable services. This is the best Pet-Friendly Resorts Near Bangalore where you can spend vacation time with pets – cats, dogs, etc.

These resort features room service and is known for providing a pool and an on-site restaurant. Those who are looking for a big break away from their monotonous life can decide to spend some beautiful and tranquil time here with friends and family. Owing to this breathtaking architecture and top-class amenities, it is rated among the best 5 Star Resorts In Bangalore.

#4. Vana Resort

If you are looking for cheap options for food and stay then, you would have to choose the Vana resort as the top priority in Bangalore. The warm welcome, hospitality, and scrumptious food of the resort would inspire you to extend your days in Bangalore for sure. Because of the romantic ambience all around, Vana Resort is also counted as one of the fantastic Couple Friendly Hotels In Bangalore.

From food to entertainment facilities, Vana Resort is an enriched resort that would enrich your every bit of vacation time with wonderful food and unwinding facilities. It is one of the best Luxury Resorts Near Bangalore that offers services at affordable rates.

#5. Eagleton Golf Resort

This is also a great place where you can enjoy a rich variety of Indian cuisine in a charming and inspiring ambience. Be it food facilities or comfortable rooms for peace and rest, the resort is full of delights and guests’ pleasing services. You can also find some other fantastic Resorts Near Bangalore For Weekends.

The resort has in total 132 rooms and suites for accommodation with a choice of swimming pool view or golf course view, each known for its distinctive features of style and comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

How much does it cost to stay at Resorts Near Bangalore?

To know the exact cost of the resort where you are going to spend your vacation time in Bangalore then, it would be far better if you check the prices on the internet by visiting the resorts’ official websites.

What are the best Resorts Near Bangalore?

There are many famous Resorts Near Bangalore For Night Stays where you can live your vacation time fully through delectable dining, breathtaking architecture, and top things to do. There are many famous resorts where you can enjoy your vacation time fully. Palm Meadows Club, Taj Banglore, Guhantara Resort, etc.

What are the best resorts in Bangalore for a weekend getaway?

Palm Meadows Club, Taj Banglore, Guhantara Resort, Vana resort, etc.

Which are the best resorts in Bangalore for couples?

Urban Valley Resort, Jaladhama Resort, Chairman’s Jade Club Resort, Holiday Village Resort, etc.

Are the resorts near Bangalore good for couples?

Palm Meadows Club, Taj Banglore, Guhantara Resort, Urban Valley Resort, Jaladhama Resort, Holiday Village Resort, Chairman’s Jade Club Resort, etc.

What kind of rooms in the resorts should one take for a family?

It all depends on the number of family members. If the number is higher, you’ll have to divide and see how many rooms you have to take. Make sure to have all the latest amenities and on the other hand, ask the resort how many people can stay in a room.

What places can I visit near Bangalore on a day trip?

There are many places near Banglore where you can enjoy your vacation trip to the fullest. Nearby places of Banglore are – Nandi Hills, Shivanasamudra, Mysore, Wayanad, Kabini, Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur, Ooty, Coorg, etc.

How much would a resort in Bangalore cost?

To learn about prices, make sure you visit the resort’s official website so that you can have exact details about the cost of the resort.

Is it better to book a resort in Bangalore beforehand?

If you have decided to visit Banglore on this vacation and you want to experience amazing facilities then, without a doubt you can book rooms in advance so that you can have a better experience.

How much would it cost to host an event in Bangalore resort?

To know about the cost of the event host in Banglore resorts, it is better that you conduct research on the internet and then, choose the package as per your requirement.

Is it safe living in a resort in Bangalore?

Yes, resorts in Banglore offer wonderful facilities to tourists and welcome them with commendable hospitality.

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Ending Lines!

Here in the article, we have provided Best Resorts In Bangalore where you can not only embrace a luxury stay but also enjoy matchless architectural beauty and delectable dining. Here, you can choose the best 5 resorts and book rooms for a wonderful stay on vacation.

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