West Bengal Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In West Bengal

From Nestling in the lap of the Himalayas to stretching to the Bay of Bengal, from tranquil and mind-soothing seashores to beautiful mangroves, from a variety of cultures to variety of languages, from different variety of food to delectable desserts, and from being a place of various natural wonders to playing a significant role in the Indian freedom movement, “West Bengal” situated in eastern India, has become a most popular destination that is flooded with people from various part of the world especially on vacation. On this vacation, you should also plan West Bengal Tourism to have fun and entertainment with your loved ones to make holidays momentous.

Through this article, we are going to take you to majestic and beautiful West Bengal Tourism Places so that you can easily select the best places to visit and do several entertaining things there to have a nice weekend. And when you are ready with your best places to visit in the state then,  you can choose the best West Bengal Tourism Packages.

As per some surveys, a large number of people from various countries visit Sunderbans to have a thrill by indulging in several adventure activities. On a tour to Sunderbans in West Bengal, tourists have opportunities in order to explore various species of plants and animals such as saltwater crocodiles, olive ridley turtle, saltwater crocodile, hawksbill turtles, river dolphins, Bengal tigers, royal Bengal tiger, Ganges river dolphin, river terrapin, and mangrove horseshoe crab, and so on.

Below you can see the Best Places to Visit In West Bengal and along with the places, you will also learn about the best places to dine and a variety of mouth-watering and flavorsome food and desserts.

West Bengal Tourism – Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

West Bengal is an enticing destination in India that attracts and gathers affection and visits from people from both the western and eastern world owing to its historic political significance in India, freedom movements, rich and different cultures and traditions, people, languages, and so on. Kolkata that is formerly called Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal and has several things to offer to its tourists.

Those who crave delicious and different food and beverages, or those who want to indulge in thrilling watering sports, or those who want to explore and embrace the beauty and nature of Sundarbans, and several other amazing things then, you must visit the enthralling and glorious capital of West Bengal. And Apart from this, you can also plan your Weekend Trip From Kolkata or Day Trip From Kolkata as there are so many to visit and roam near Kolkata.

Best tempting places to visit in West Bengal 

#1. Kolkata

The capital city of West Bengal has so much to offer and explore so that you can make your vacation precious and momentous. The historic city of West Bengal is counted as the second-largest place or city in India and it is known for its ethics, values, different cultures and rituals, drama, arts, theatre, literature, and so on. Kolkata is among the best places to visit in West Bengal and it has various amazing top attractions to have fun and thrill. Victoria memorial, Indian Museum, Howrah bridge, and so on are the top attractions of the capital of West Bengal. You can have fun exploring various exciting places for a One Day Tour From Kolkata.

Best Places To Dine In Kolkata – Aminia, Peter Cat, Zeeshan,  The Corner Courtyard,  Flurys, and so on.

#2. Darjeeling 

Darjeeling is one of the best and glorious places to visit in West Bengal and it is also considered the best spot for shopping and having good and tasty food and beverages. Affectionately, the nature-friendly and beautiful place of West Bengal is called “the Queen of hills”. It is one of the best places to visit the “Sweet” state of West Bengal and you must add this place to your West Bengal Tourism.

Apart from being the best tourist destination in India, this popular tourist destination is majorly known for its natural beauty and wonders such as bewitching Himalayan vistas, lush tea gardens, and valleys, colorful and full of a variety of fragrance orchids, and pines. Apart from this, there are also various markets and shopping malls that keep travelers captivated with a variety of things such as various accessories, beautiful furniture, a variety of woolen clothes and products and there are various commodities available in the market.

Best places to dine in Darjeeling – Lunar Restaurant, Shangri-La Restaurant, Park Restaurant, Ara By Bellevue, Glenary’s Restaurant, Sonam’s Kitchen, Kunga Restaurant, Revolver Restaurant,, Hasty Tasty Restaurant, and so on.

#3. Victoria Memorial

The memorial of queen victoria is situated in Kolkata and it is the heart of West Bengal. It is basically a large building that was constructed between 1906 and 1921. In order to commemorate and give tribute to empress victoria, the memorial of a large building was built. Victoria memorial has more than 20 galleries, which consist of a center hall, royal gallery, sculpture, and so on. Around victoria hall, there are various amazing and elegant restaurants and hotels in which you can plan to have pleasant and scrumptious food.

Best Places to dine near Victoria Memorial –  There are various beautiful places to dine near victoria hall such as Iberica Victoria, TOZI Restaurant & Bar, Santini M Grill Victoria Street, and so on.

#4. Jalpaiguri

It is one of the best places to visit and explore in the Indian state of West Bengal. The city has got various entertaining things for kids and adults. From wonderful water parks to the best places to dine and have fun, Jalpaiguri comes under the list of must-to-visit places. From various shops to shopping malls, there are a variety of items you can buy from the shops.

#5. Purulia

Purulia is the popular land of natural beauty and so much greenery. If you are a nature lover then, you must plan to visit the beautiful heaven “purulia” on your West Bengal Tourism. There are so many things to do in the magnificent land of West Bengal such as trekking, hiking, cycling, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How many tourists visit West Bengal?

There are more than 2 million people who visit and explore West Bengal and its magnificent places and spots from western countries. And if we talk about Indians then definitely, the visits will be more than that of western countries.

Why should we visit West Bengal?

If you are a nature lover and love to explore beaches, greenery, seas, mountains, a variety of food, and desserts then, you must make a visit to West Bengal on this vacation.

How do I book Bishnupur Tourist Lodge?

In order to have a nice stay and perfect dining, you can book the most popular and prestigious Bishnupur Tourist Lodge either online by visiting the official site or by visiting the lodge directly.

Who is the tourism minister of West Bengal?

Indranil Sen is the name of the tourism minister of West Bengal.

Which is famous in West Bengal?

West Bengal is usually famous for its various things and natural wonders such as Adina Mosque, Gaur, Cooch Behar Palace, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Hazarduari Palace, Bishnupur Terracotta Temples, West Bengal, Shantiniketan, and so on.

How do I book Bishnupur Tourist Lodge?

A beautiful and historic town “Bishnupur”  is considered to be the pride and glory of West Bengal and it has a famous lodge for tourists named “Bishnupur Tourist Lodge”. And to book that lodge, you can visit the official site and enter the required details and can choose the best services there.

Why should we visit West Bengal?

Visiting West Bengal will offer you several interesting places, hills, beaches, wildlife, trekking, beautiful sightseeing, and so on.

How do I get to Matla tourism property?

Matla is a beautiful and enticing river in West Bengal and if you are on your trip to West Bengal then, visiting the place is a great idea.

What is west bengal tourism sundarban package cost?

In order to learn about the West Bengal tourism sundarban package cost, you must take advice from tour guides and travel agents.

Final Note

West Bengal is the home to Sundarbans that basically mean “beautiful and variety of trees”, scrumptious food and desserts, rich cultures and traditions, breathtaking beaches, seas, oceans, and etc. This beautiful and historic state of India has been known well as an important contributor to India’s freedom movement. On West Bengal Tourism, you are going to experience and explore various places to visit, top attractions, things to do, and so much more fun.


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