Tripura Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Tripura

Nestled in the lap of Northeast India, Tripura is a majestic hill state destination for tourists across India and the world. This elegant and beautiful hilly area of northeast India has got everything you always crave on your vacation. The hilly state is the home of distinct tribal cultures and religions and it offers various amazing and mesmerizing places to visit and along with top attractions on holidays. Tripura is also considered to be the hub of music and art in India and it is the home and native land of some prominent singers and actors. And on this vacation, you must not delay in planning your Tripura Tourism. The marvelous state lies in northeast India and is drenched in the natural beauty of big mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, valleys of flowers or orchids, breathtaking resorts, and so on.

Despite natural beauty and amazing rituals and traditions, there is a lot more untold, undescribed, and unexplored about Tripura. Through this article, we are going to introduce you to several enticing and amazing things and attractions of the state so that you can plan your Tripura Tourism and have fun and entertainment on your vacation. Here we have described some attractive and the Best Places To Visit In Tripura along with the top attractions.

Below is the article, we have shown some beautiful Tripura Tourism Places, which you can visit on your holidays indulging in fun and adventure activities.

Best Places To Visit In Tripura  – Explore the Northeast Beauty of India on Tripura Tourism

#1. Agartala

The capital city of Tripura( Northeast Indian state), “Agartala” is one of the most loved and enticing places to visit to have fun and thrill on holidays. Beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, resorts, restaurants, temples, rituals, etc are major attractions of Tripura. Apart from historic places to visit, there is so much more in the city of Tripura to explore and embrace on your vacation. It is also the capital city of Tripura and has various interesting things to do for fun. Agartala is also counted among the elegant Tripura Tourist Places.

The Jagannath temple is among the popular tourist destinations and religious sites located in Agartala and it is visited by many people on their holidays. The stunning and historic temple was built by the Maharaja of Tripura of the Manikya Dynasty in the 19th century. Jagannath temple is basically dedicated to the gods of Hinduism such as Subhadra, Jagannath, and Balabhadra. Those who have faith and beliefs must not forget to visit the place.

#2. Melaghar – Vibrant Town

Melaghar is among the most loved and magnificent towns in the Northeast Indian state of Tripura and it attracts millions of people every year across India.  Temples, monuments, rivers, lakes, restaurants, etc are major attractions of this little breathtaking town. Apart from this,  the town is also known for its Rudrasagar Lake,  Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura Sundari Temple, which are also the top attractions of the town that attracts people towards its beauty and enticing existence.

#3. Dharamnagar – Naturally Beautiful Landscape

Dharamnagar is situated in the North East of India in Tripura and is also recognized as the top tourist destination for fun and thrilling activities on holidays. The place is known as the second-largest city in Tripura and offers various things to do and attractions to keep yourself entertained and occupied on your vacation. It is the home to marvelous and beautiful landscapes. Apart from the beautiful landscapes and greenery around this town in Tripura, you can go to shopping malls, theatres to watch movies, you can dine in the best places, etc.

Here are some historical monuments of Tripura you must see in your Tripura Tourism. The monuments are:- Unakoti, Madhabkunda Waterfall, Lawachara National Park, National Parks, Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary, Jampui Hills, Hum Hum WaterFalls, Ujjayanta Palace, Nature, and Wildlife Areas, Serlui B Dam, and etc.

#4.  Jampui Hills 

Jampui Hills is one of the marvelous mountain Tripura tourist places and it is situated in the natural beauty of Northeast India. In this amazing and glorious place, there are various adventure things to do to fulfill our vacation with joy, merriments, and happy moments. Trekking, mountaineering, hiking, biking, motor riding, water sports, paragliding, and so on.


What is the famous of Tripura?

Apart from mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, greenery, Tripura is also famous for producing natural rubber in India. The hill state of India is also known for its handicrafts items such as cane and Bamboo items, etc. To explore the beauty of Tripura, you must plan your  Tripura Tourism on vacation.

Is Tripura good place to visit?

Yes, Tripura is a beautiful and mesmerizing place to visit along with your friends and family members. There are so many places to visit in Tripura such as Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala, Dharamnagar, Amarpura, Jampui Hills, and etc.

Is Agartala safe for tourists?

Yes, Agartala is considered to be the safest and most fascinating place to visit on holidays. There are various major attractions in the town such as Tripura Sundari Temple,  Neermahal Palace, Unakoti, Tripura State Tribal Museum, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Gandacherra Wildlife Sanctuary, Ramkrishna Mission, Kunjaban Palace, Jagannath Temple, Kamala Sagar, Nehru Park, and so on.

Is Tripura good place to visit?

Yes, Tripura is considered to be a good place to visit on vacation. While on a tour to Tripura, you will have many opportunities to embrace and experience the natural beauty and significance of the state.

Why is Tripura visited by tourists?

You can visit Tripura for its beaches, forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, temples, etc. The main reason to visit Tripura is to explore the natural beauty of Northeast India.

How many days are enough for Tripura?

A trip of 3-4 days will be enough to explore and experience top attractions in Tripura. But as per your budget and time, you can stay as long as you want in the state.

What is the famous thing of Agartala?

The Jagannath temple is a famous thing in Agartala and many believers and devotees visit the temple and explore cultural things.

Is Tripura open for tourists?

Yes, Tripura is open to welcoming and embracing tourists but make sure you adhere to all the Covid norms for your health and safety.

What is the famous of Tripura?

Tripura is famous for its gardens, tea plantations, mountains, resorts, beaches, lakes, tributaries, etc. Apart from this, there is a lot to explore and visit in the hilly state.

Why should I visit Tripura?

You must plan your Tripura Tourism to explore tribal culture and rituals and more. The scene of relaxing and breathtaking nature is also the top attraction of the state.

Final Note 

Tripura is also popular for its production and plantation variety of tea, several gardens of various flowers and orchids, monuments, theatres, toys, and so on. Besides this, the state also gains tourist attraction and visits for its tribal food, desserts, and culture. So, make sure you make some plans for your Tripura Tourism and embrace the beauty of the hilly state of India. The northeast state of India also consists of some popular rivers to offer glorious and fascinating scenes of Mother nature. Manu, longai, howrah, muhuri, dhalai, Burma, gomati, khowai, feni, juri, etc are the popular rivers in the state.



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