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Chapora Fort – Attractions, History, Timings, Fees, And More

Despite being abandoned for centuries, Chapora Fort is breathtakingly an amazing place to visit in Goa. The fort is considered one of the sought-after places for those who are bored of beaches and its fun. Once you are done having fun through various water activities, then, visiting the ruins of Goa will give you more pleasure and picturesque views to capture on your camera. You are going to have a majestic location and charming scenery of Goa’s forts if you have made up your mind to visit the place. Chapora Fort Haunted is also visited and explored by many owing to its haunted tales and stores by locals. In addition, the Chapora Fort Sunset view is also quite popular among many nature enthusiasts.

The fort is situated on the banks of the Chapora river and it undeniably gives captivating views to be captured on camera forever. After you are amazed completely by the views of the fort, you can begin a trip from Chapora Fort To Baga Beach to add more fun to your vacation time in Goa. One can also visit the beach near chapora fort.

Most Interesting facts about Chapora Fort

Rated as one of the top attractions in Goa, the Chapora fort is an ideal destination for history and architecture lovers. The historical money of Goa is quite popular for its worth-capturing views. According to many sources, many historians and archaeologists have visited this fort to bring back more fascinating facts from the past. If you want to spend some time alone while reading about historic things then, the fort of Goa will cater to your every desire.

And apart from history lovers across the world, the fort has also become the main attraction in goa among many Bollywood celebrities. Hence, this is the reason why they choose this charming secluded location in their movies. If you are looking to do something wonderful at the fort then, the Chapora Fort Trek is quite famous among adventure lovers. You can also take part in this activity.

The fort was built by a Muslim ruler named – Adil Shah and at that time the location was called – Shahpura. Moreover, it is also said that the fort was also occupied by the Portuguese.

This majestic ruin of Goa has seen empires and rulers and as a result of this, it is considered one of the best historic places to visit in Goa. And after the Portuguese arrived in Goa, they reconstructed this fort and renamed it “Chapora”.

You can complete Chapora Fort Booking if you want to taste the real culture of Goa besides beaches and all that. After you decided to visit the fort, also check the Chapora Fort Timings, which is – 8 am – 5 pm. Most importantly, you can also check the Chapora Fort Entry Fee so that you do not have to face any problems later.

A Brief History of Chapora Fort 

Before the Portuguese came to Goa, the place where the Chapora Fort is built was the site of some other fort. The Adil Shah rulers of Bijapur are said to have built a fort in the area, and when the Portuguese came to Goa then, they reconstructed the existing structure in 1717 to defend their territories from the attack of the Marathas.

They constructed long walls and gates to protect themselves against the attack of Marathas. Underground channels were also built inside the fort so that the Portuguese can escape easily in times of emergency. And it is believed that the Portuguese ruled the fort for more than 150 years nevertheless, the Maratha king Sambha Ji conquer the fort several times. And after the Portuguese were gone from Goa, the fort was left abandoned and locals began making haunted stories associated with the fort.

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Nearby Places to visit the fort 

You may add more fun to your itinerary in Goa by visiting the nearby places at the fort:-

  • Chapora River
  • Chapora Beach
  •  Shahpura
  • Vagator Beach
  •  Aguada Fort
  • Dear Zindagi
  • Aguada Fort Chapora Fort
  • Parra Road
  • Panaji

Chapora Fort Opening Time 

Whenever you are going to the fort, make sure you remember its timings. The Chapora fort opens at 8 am in the morning and closes at 5 pm in the evening. And also keep in mind that you come here on time. Arriving at the fort as early as possible will get you many chances to embrace its beauty. There is no need to rush. Come early and enjoy your vacation time there without making haste.

Chapora Fort Entry Fee

There is no fee is charged to visit this goa’s iconic ruins. Entry is free for every visitor here.

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit the fort is between November and February. During this season, you may also want to plan a small trip from Chapora Fort To Baga Beach.


How long does it take to climb Chapora fort?

Reaching the top of the fort will take around 10-15 minutes of climb.

What is the best time to visit Chapora fort?

November to February

Which fort was Dil Chahta Hai shot?

Chapora Fort

In which state is Chapora fort?

Chapora is situated in the smallest state of India, Goa.

In which state is Chapora fort?


Who built Chapora fort?

The fort was built by a Muslim ruler Adil Shah.

The Bottom Line! 

We hope that you have acquired the required information related to the Chapora Fort. Besides its major attractions, we have also discussed its opening and closing timings, entry fee, the best time to visit, brief history, etc. You could plan to visit the fort anytime you want as per your comfort and convenience.

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