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See The List Of Top 5 Festivals Of Himachal Pradesh 

Decorated with snow-capped mountains, stunning waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and flawless natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh is counted among the majestic hill states of India. This state is an exact place for honeymooners and adventure lovers and as a result of which, millions of tourists come here to enjoy their vacation time to the fullest. Apart from the fact that people visit the state for its worth-watching natural beauty, the cool destination is also a hub of many vibrant cultures, traditions, and festivals.

There are many colorful Festivals of Himachal Pradesh that excite and attract people from different parts of India and the world.  If you want to taste the festival and cultural diversity of India, then, you must plan your Himachal trip with friends and family once in a lifetime. There are held many breathtaking fairs or festivals that you would not want to stop yourself from being a part of them. Here in the blog, we have shortlisted the top 5 festivals out of a bunch of fairs held here yearly or monthly, or weekly.

Festivals of Himachal Pradesh 2022 

#1. Kullu Dussehra

Famous as the valley of gods, Kullu is one of the charming destinations in Himachal Pradesh where many newlyweds come to enjoy their honeymoon time. The city is a hub of top tourist destinations and various beautiful festivals. Every year, Dusherra is held as one of the most loved and celebrated festivals here and it fills the heart of many with infinite joy and happiness. Before Diwali, Dusherra is celebrated to mark the victory of goodness over evil. For the victorious return of lord Rama to his kingdom after 14 years of exile given, by his stepmother “Kaushalia”, Dusherra is celebrated by all Indians with great enthusiasm.

This grand festival “Dusherra” is known for sparking incredible contentment among people who are big followers of lord Rama. And the great part of the festival is when people are seen distributing sweets and gifts by paying special visits to each other houses.

The grand Dusherra celebrations that are held here every year across India, are also broadcast on TV channels. In the month of October, Dusherra is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri. So if you have any plans to visit Himachal in October, you must not miss its breathtaking celebrations of Dusherra.

#2 Halda Festival

Halda is not another pride and exuberant festival of Himachal Pradesh that you should not miss when you are here or soon going to visit the state. Through the celebrations of the Halda festival, people welcome the beginning of the new year by worshipping the goddess of wealth and health. In many parts of Himachal, special ceremonies are organized to worship the goddess and seek her blessings. Devotees of the goddess perform various inspiring and head-turning skills such as dancing, singing, chanting mantras, and so on.

During the day of this popular festival, many devotees worship the goddess by conducting many religious practices. And at night, many breathtaking and dazzling rituals take place such as the bonfire, ladies’ dancing & singing, lighting diyas, etc. The festival starts in the month of December and continues throughout January.

#3 Ice Skating Carnival

For all adventure and snow lovers, the Ice Skating Carnival is counted as one of the most loved and enjoyed festivals, which is held in the romantic city Shimla. To all the thrill admirers out there, Ice skating is going to be a wonderful opportunity that would get all sorts of snow fun in every breath. And during the winter season, people in a large number are seen participating in ice skating activities with their friends and family. Along with ice skating, there are also held fancy dress and dance competitions, which grab the attention and visits of millions of people and locals.

#4 Mandi Shivratri Fair

Mandi Shivratri Fair is one of the prestigious festivals of Himachal Pradesh that gather people in a crowd for the worshipping of lord Shiva. The Mandi Shivaratri is a 7-day festival that beings with another Hindu festival Mahashivratri. And many devotees gather in numbers and enjoy religious fervor to the fullest.

#5 Himachal Winter Carnival

The Himachal Winter Carnival is held during the winter season to spread and promote the culture of Himachal Pradesh. There are many cheerful activities held to attract millions of adventure lovers such as singing, folk dances, local cuisine, dance, music performances, etc. And skiing championships and food festivals are also popular among adventure enthusiasts and foodies around the world. If you are coming to Himachal during Winter, there are going to be a lot of fascinating things to do for you such as eating a different variety of food and participating in many thrilling activities such as dancing, singing, skiing, etc.

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What is famous festival in Himachal Pradesh?

Kullu Dusherra is one of the famous festivals of Himachal Pradesh which one should not miss during their visit there in the month of October. There are also many popular festivals held in Himachal – Halda, ice skating, Mandi Shivratri Fair, etc.

How many festival are there in Himachal Pradesh?

There are held many fairs in Himachal Pradesh that we can’t count easily at once. Here in the blog, we have described the top 5 famous festivals for example – Kullu Dsuherra, Himachal Winter Carnival, Halda festival, etc.

What is harvest festival of Himachal Pradesh?

Lohri Festival

Which festival is known as festival of pictures in HP?

Chaitraul Festival

What is harvest festival of HP?

Lohri is considered to be the harvest festival of India and is celebrated on winter days.

What is the famous traditional festival of Kangra?

Navratri or Durga Ashtami

What is Himachal winter Carnival?

It is held during the winter season to promote the culture of Himachal Pradesh. There are organized many fascinating things such as folk dance, music, food festival, skiing championship, etc.

Final Note! 

Along with the spectacular scenery of valleys from the top of the mountains, the exuberant and vibrant festivals of Himachal are inviting to join them so that, you can embrace a lively ambiance far from a stressful lifestyle. You must see the list of our top 5 festivals of Himachal Pradesh so that you can have all the fun while exploring the natural beauty of the state.

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