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  • Greece Honeymoon – Top 5 Greece Destinations For Couples

    Having more than 5,000 breathtaking Islands, charming beaches, several enchanting historical sites, and elegant ancient architecture in its lap in Southwest Europe, Greece stands out as a perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds around the world. Honeymoon In Greece or Greece Honeymoon throws several opportunities for couples so that they can enjoy, make memories, and mark the amazing beginning of their new life with each other. With a plethora of options to satisfy your cravings for food, thrill, and unwind, Greece tops the list of the best places to stay in the world for a honeymoon.

    The mesmeric natural beauty, enchanting cultures, and social gatherings fascinate every tourist here and as a consequence of it, Greece is counted as the only destination in the world to embrace ocean life and matchless magnificence.

    Unquestionably, the beautiful country of Europe can also be defined as a one-stop for its busy markets where several shops, malls, restaurants, and stalls are always ready to serve tourists with incredible options and hospitality.

    Below there is a list of the Best Place To Stay In Greece For your Honeymoon so that you do not get confused and succeed in getting highlights of Greece in just a limited number of days.

    Cost of Greece Honeymoon –

    The cost to visit Greece and its romantic places, beaches, and architecture will be around Rs 1,00,000. The more you explore and have fun in this romantic country of Europe, the more money it will cost you. Ultimately, the cost of a Honeymoon in Greece will also depend on the number of days you stay here and explore its attractions.

    Best Season to visit –

    Summer, Spring, and Winter are the wonderful seasons to visit Greece for holidays and honeymoon celebrations.

    How Long to stay –

    6 to 7 days are enough to explore the beauty and magnificence Greece has to offer to vacationers, backpackers, and honeymooners.

    Greece Honeymoon – Greece Honeymoon Destination

    #1. Athens – Do not miss gathering romantic moments in the capital city of Greece where ruins and cultural architecture amazed tourists

    Athens is the capital city of Greece and is quite famous for its dates back ruins and several structures. It is a place where you can explore the architectural beauty of Greece while walking hand-in-hand with each other.

    With National gardens and beautiful temples full of wonders and historic significance, Athens is also regarded as among the best Greece Destinations For Families.

    No matter whether you are visiting Greece for a honeymoon or family holiday, the charming city “Athens” has got everything for tourists to make their Greece trip worthy.

    In order to enjoy and live every bit of your honeymoon vacation in Greece, you should also hear some exciting stories associated with ruins and structures from the bygone era.

    Best time to visit – November to March

    Duration – 1-2 days

    Places to visit –  Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, Mount Lycabettus, National Archaeological Museum, Plaka, etc.

    #2.  Santorini – Greece’s picturesque island with a romantic ambiance in resorts, water, and thrilling activities

    For those who are only visiting Greece just because of its tranquil and charming islands, make sure you begin your journey with Santorini. It is a breathtaking island nestled in the heart of Greece with beautiful flora and fauna, marine life, and several thrilling activities for every traveler.

    With fascinating cave houses, temples, monuments, and landmarks at every step, Santorini is famed as the Best Place In Greece To Honeymoon.

    Owing to its clear blue water sea encircled by greenery, elegant resorts, and structures, Santorini is indeed a perfect destination for backpackers, honeymooners, and travelers around the world. It is among the perfect Honeymoon Destinations In Greece where natural and cultural beauty excites tourists. For Honeymoon In Greece, it is a must-visit place with top things to do.

    Best Time to visit – September to May

    Duration – 2-3 days

    Places to visit – Hiking Trail Fira, Prehistoric Thira, Amoudi Bay, Museum of, Akrotiri Archaeological, Kamari Beach, etc.

    #3. Plaka – It is famed as the neighborhood of gods

    Owing to its lots of architecture, temples, and historical sites, Plaka seems to be among one of the most romantic places to visit on Greece Honeymoon.

    From romantic spots to the best Honeymoon Resorts In Greece, Plaka carries the legacy of making tourists ecstatic and joyous on their honeymoon with different options for food, unwinding, and entertainment.

    Apart from food points, there is a plethora of shops and malls replete with fascinating artifacts, clothes, jewelry, etc to provide tourists with different options for shopping.

    Best Time to visit – August to June

    Duration – 1-2 days

    Places to visit –  Saint Nicholas Ragavas, Metochion of the Holy Sepulcher, Ancient Agora, Lysicrates Monument

    #4. Corfu – One of Greece’s iconic destinations for a honeymoon full of beaches and charming landscapes

    Sun-kissed beaches soaked up with greenery and crystal clear blue water make Corfu one of the ideal destinations for lovebirds around the world. The island is counted among the best Honeymoon Places In Greece where fun, beauty, and fun outdoor activities are infinite and inexpressible.

    The natural beauty of volcanic mountains, beaches, resorts, and fun-filled games make Corfu is one of the charming Greece Holiday Destinations where fun and romance are endless.

    Best time to visit – November to May

    Duration – 2-3 days

    Places to visit – Paleokastritsa Beach, Kassiopi, etc

    #5. Mykonos – Nightlife fun, beaches, resorts, and more

    Mykonos is among the romantic places to visit in Greece full of water, greenery, resorts, and major tourist attractions. Make sure you choose the best Honeymoon Packages In Greece From India and add this scenic Island to your itinerary in Greece.

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    Is Greece good for honeymoons?

    Greece is a perfect destination for honeymooners where the beauty of islands, marine life, flora and fauna, wildlife, resorts, acropolis, etc await them. For those who are planning to visit Greece on vacation or honeymoon, here you can take a look at the best Italy And Greece Vacation Packages 2022.

    Where in Greece is best for honeymoon?

    Greece is best for its Islands and historic significance. There are so many wonderful islands in Greece that would take your breath away. Here you can plan to spend some beautiful romantic moments with your loved ones.

    What is average cost of honeymoon in Greece?

    In order to avail better honeymoon experience in Greece then, it can cost you around 1,00,000 per person.

    Which is better for honeymoon Greece or Maldives?

    Visiting Greece is more fun with so many things to do on holiday and honeymoon. Here are some awesome places and Islands you can visit on your vacation – Corfu, Acropolis, Plaka, Santorini, etc.

    Is Greece Expensive For Honeymoon?

    In order to avail better honeymoon experience in Greece then, it can cost you around 1,00,000 per person.

    How Much Does A Greece Honeymoon Cost?

    It can cost you between 60,000 – 1,00,000.  You are free to choose the best Greece Honeymoon Packages.

    Is Greece A Good Place For Honeymoon?

    Yes, Greece is a good place for a honeymoon where you can explore various romantic and vibrant spots, wildlife, beaches, resorts, etc.


    If you are willing to visit Greece for its exhilarating places and romantic ambiance, make sure you choose the best Greece Honeymoon Packages. Here in the article, you can see the list of the best 5 places to visit in Greece so that you can embrace more fun and merriments on your Greece trip.

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