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Salalah is a renowned holiday destination famous for its natural beauty. This place in Oman has a rich history and deep culture and is perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers. A Salalah tour package lets you explore the best attractions and offers infinite excitement opportunities. You can create your tour package from Muscat or Abu Dhabi by choosing accommodation, car rental, tours, and activities. 

Moreover, a Salalah tour package price can be affordable with a half-day city tour beginning at Rs. 13000 per adult. You can opt for a bus tour, sightseeing tour, or day trip and choose their duration. Keep reading to find out more about exciting Salalah trip packages. 

4-Day Salalah Tour Package Itinerary 

A sample itinerary of a 4-day Salalah trip includes the following.

  • On day one, you arrive at the place and are transferred to your hotel. On this day, you are introduced to your team if you are taking a tour with them. Take an evening city tour before relaxing at your hotel.
  • On day two, you can prepare for an exciting desert safari after breakfast. Tourists explore places like the Rub Al Khali Desert. Here, revel in the beautiful sunset and stay overnight in Bedouin tents. 
  • On the next day, go exploring the early 19th-century Taqah Castle. It is one of Oman’s best fort museums. Another fascinating sight you can get to explore is Sumhuran Old City. The city dates back to the 3rd century; you can even see archaeologists and antiques here. 
  • On one of the last days of your trip, you may visit Oman’s unmissable destination, Dhofar. Drive along its coastline and camp in unspoiled places. Also, expect to encounter various archaeological sites. If you visit this place from June to August, you can enjoy a tropical monsoon season during which it is covered by mist and looks spectacular. 

How Many Days Do You Need to Explore Salalah?

You need a budget of a minimum of three to four days to explore Salalah fully. If possible, try spending a week in Dhofar’s capital to enjoy this place’s natural beauty fully. Schedule a day to visit West Salalah, an East Salalah tour, a day for touring the nearby attractions, and one more day to visit the Empty Quarter in the north.

Also, at least three days will let you experience various activities in Salalah. You can do the following:

  • Visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the Al Baleed Archaeological site and the Al Husn Palace. These sites offer a rich glimpse into the culture and history of Salalah and Oman’s rich heritage.
  • You can schedule a day to visit the stunning beaches in Salalah, such as Fazayah Beach and Al Mughsaia. 
  • Further, you may explore Wadi Darbati, an exquisite valley with waterfalls, mountains, and abundant greenery. It is an ideal place for walking or hiking.
  • Animal lovers should go to the Jebel Samhan Nature Reserve, home to rich wildlife like Arabian Leopard. Many mountains and valleys are nearby, giving splendid landscape views.

The Best Time to Book a Salalah Tour Package 

The south of Dhofar can be visited at any time of the year. The average temperature in this place remains around 27 degrees Celsius, making it a great destination to travel to any day of the year. This place majorly attracts tourists in the summer season. 

Many people currently book a Salalah tour package from UAE and Saudi Arabia. Also, if you desire to explore scenic mountain views, visit Salalah in early September. It won’t have crowds of tourists, and you can get up and close to waterfalls. Besides, there isn’t much rain, and the fog isn’t too dense. Although it is slightly hotter now, you can still soak in the glory of picturesque monsoons. 

Another great time to witness the gorgeous landscapes of Salalah is late June or the latter part of August. However, during this time, the fog will be thick because of the monsoon in Dhofar. You can expect light rain, but the monsoon here is not extremely stormy or windy. Also, these times of the year are ideal for visiting the capital of Dhofar because you can enjoy the yearly Salalah festival. It occurs between mid-July to late August and is the best time to revel in the exquisite scenery of the place.

How to Get to Salalah?

You can visit Salalah by plane, car, and by bus. Book an Oman Air flight from Muscat and Dubai, which is about 1.5 hours long. They will deboard at the Salalah International Airport. 

If you are an adventure seeker, choose a road trip from Muscat to Dubai to Salalah. Before driving by road, ensure you have a reliable vehicle, Omani Riyals, power banks to charge your phone, and snacks.

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The distance from Dubai to Salalah is 1,226 kilometers, and the drive will take approximately 12 hours. Also, drive earlier in the morning when the roads are well-lit.

You can book a Salalah tour package by bus, or the 7 Emirates of UAE are well-connected to Salalah and Oman by road. If you take the bus, the travel time from Dubai to Salalah is 16 hours. You can also book a four-night tour package by bus. It includes hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours, and bus station transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which between Salalah and Muscat is better?

Muscat is more modern and developed than Salalah. Salalah caters more for those who want to relax and enjoy the scenery. It is recommended for those desiring to enjoy time alone, while Muscat is a great place for families and couples.

Does Salalah have snow?

There isn’t much snow in Salalah. Most of the year, the weather is hot, with only slight rain. The hottest months are May, June, and April.

What is Salalah in Oman most famous for?

Salalah is famous for its Monsoon or Khareef festival. At this time, the entire place is filled with lush greenery and attracts people from all over the globe. Besides that, it is also famous for Al Mughsail Beach, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, and the Taqah Castle.

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