The easy-going, peaceful, beautiful, and most important secluded South part of Goa is like a heave on earth where nature’s beauty and many beaches preserve without the touch of civilization. There are many Places To Visit In South Goa where one can think to spend vacation time full of delights and excitement. Goa is a charming beach state of India where millions of beach and nature lovers come here to enjoy their vacation or honeymoon time fully by indulging in various fun-driven activities to soothe the mind and the body - such as photography, witnessing biodiversity, snorkeling, swimming, dolphin spotting, nightlife fun, beach party, romantic long walks in the walkway on beaches, etc. Far from the blaring environment full of crowded beaches, busy markets, and flooded restaurants, South Goa is a wonderful part of Goa - it is only for those who are laid back and love tranquility above anything else, especially on holidays.

How to reach

Madgaon railway station is the nearest railway station in South Goa connected to many parts of India. On reaching the railway station, you could hire a cab or taxi to visit the amazing beaches there.

Places To Visit In South Goa – 5 Best Offbeat Places In South Goa

#1. Palolem Beach

Situated around 30 -40 kilometers away from Madguaon, Palolem Beach is among the best places to visit in South Goa. The pristine water of the beach with so much greenery in the surrounding promises to give tourists a kind of natural therapy that rejuvenates their mind and body.

Offering various thrilling sports to enjoy with friends and family, the beach is also famous as one of the best Picnic Spots In South Goa. And as it is less crowded and as clear as spotless glass, Palolem Beach seems to be a significant part of South Goa Sightseeing. Without it, your desire to explore the south secluded beauty of Goa can go unfulfilled.

The soothing vibes of silent night parties on the beach would surely give tourists a one-of-kind of experience.

#2. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is one of the most enchanting places in South Goa, famous for marine life, beach parties, and various aquatic sports such as swimming, snorkeling, etc. It is one of the best Offbeat Places To Visit In South Goa where tourists can feel the depths of tranquility.

From delectable dining to peaceful and well-enriched stays in luxurious resorts, the Butterfly Beach has got all without any scarcity. Here tourists can enjoy boat riding, dolphin spotting, bird-witnessing, etc. Besides this beach, there are many Unexplored Places In South Goa that will come your way. After beach fun, you can also explore other enticing South Goa Attractions.

#3. Bogmalo Beach

Small in size but full of magnificence, Bogmalo Beach is among the best places to visit in South Goa especially to catch and capture a glimpse of the serenity of water, greenery of palm line trees, delight of a beach party, and thrill of many water sports. It is one of the best South Goa Places To Visit for fun in tranquility.

#4. Agonda Beach

Drenched in nature’s beauty with palm line trees and soothing peace in the atmosphere, Agonda Beach is counted among the best South Goa Must Visit Places to feel every height and width of fun, pleasure, and calmness. You can just chill out with your friends and gather some wonderful moments of love and gratitude.

In order to capture fun moments in your camera forever, you can take part in various water games here such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

#5. Mobor Beach 

Mobor Beach is one of the secluded beaches in South Gia where one can have complete fun and enjoyment on vacation. You can indulge in various fun-filled water sports with your friends and family.

Near the beach, you can also explore some Tourist Places In South Goa to add more fun and excitement to your South Goa Trip. Here, you can also explore other famous Places To See In South Goa

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What is South Goa known for?

South Goa is known for its peaceful surrounding, clean beaches, and tranquil atmosphere. Here one can have a lot of fun and pleasure to enjoy the vacation time to the fullest.

How can I spend my day in South Goa?

In order to spend a day in South Goa, one can visit famous beaches, monuments, churches, temples, and other attractions.

How can I spend 2 days in South Goa?

In order to spend 2 days in South Goa, tourists can visit many majestic beaches such as Mobor Beach, Palolem Beach, butterfly beach, etc.

What can I do in 3 days in Goa?

Enjoy beach fun, 2. Explore nearby attractions such as monuments, etc 3. Enjoy dining, spot dolphin, etc.

Ending Lines!

Being home to clear-water beaches and magnificent resorts in India, Goa never fails to offer rare delights to its tourists during holidays time. From first-class dining to thrilling moments at every step, Goa is a sought-after destination full of tourist attractions and nature’s beauty at its best. Here in the article, you can find the Best Places To Visit In South Goa where you can explore untouched and secluded beauty.   Read More!


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