Nestled in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir, “Srinagar” gains immense recognition as the city of lakes that is no less than heaven on earth, and each year adventure seekers and nature lovers leave no stone unturned in planning their trip to this charming city of Kashmir. The picturesque place offers everything you always desire on your vacation from adventure fun to pleasures of sightseeing places. From a beautiful view of dancing and tranquil rivers to a mouth-watering variety of street food, from traditional handicrafts such as Kashmiri Shawls and all to sun-kissed gardens and wildlife national parks, Srinagar is all full of fun, thrill, and entertainment. With our list of the magnificent Places To Visit In Srinagar, you are going to learn more about this charming place but more than words eyes can do justice to the beauty and charm of Srinagar so make sure that you visit the place on your next vacation. Apart from being the majestic place to visit in India, Srinagar also gains the attention of the world owing to its communal fights that lead to curfew in many parts of the capital city. So make sure that you gather all the proper and required information about the place in terms of the safety perspective before making any plan for a trip to Srinagar. Once you have all the valid information about the place then, you can make your plans to explore this amazing place. With our list of the best srinagar tourist places, you will be able to know the place well. Apart from this, you can also explore the places to visit near Srinagar as well. Read-Jammu and Kashmir Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time To Visit Sri Nagar

Throughout the year, Srinagar is blessed with wonderful and charming weather owing to which many visit the city anytime for multiple reasons. The most appropriate time to explore Srinagar is in between the months of April to October. You can plan your journey to Srinagar anytime in between these months and you will be able to enjoy your holidays in the winter or summer season.


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How To Reach 

Taking flights from Delhi is one of the easiest ways to reach Srinagar or you can also start your journey by taking a train from Delhi. The flight from Delhi to Srinagar will take around 1 hour 10 minutes. To reach Srinagar by train you can either approach Jammu Tawi or Udhampur railway station and these stations are well connected with different parts of India.


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Places To Visit In Srinagar – Explore the national beauty of Srinagar 


#1. Dal Lake

Dal Lake is popularly known as the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and it offers a majestic view of natural beauty in its surrounding. Eye-cathcing greenery, pristine water of the lake, nearby wildlife sanctuaries, pleasant and agreeable atmosphere all make Dal Lake a must-visit place to explore on vacation. There are a plethora of activities you can do at Dal Lake Shikara Ride. This is one of the places to see in srinagar with your friends.

  • We recommend you not to miss a shikara ride while you are on Srinagar tourism.
  • Houseboat Stay allows you to spend some peaceful time near the lake sitting in a boat. This will make you create new memories and cherish them forever.
  • Floating Market – Situated very close to Dal Lake and just like in Thailand, In India also where vegetables and fruits markets run over the water.
  • Experiencing the sunset at the lake
  • You can explore the Mughal gardens to learn about the Mughal era in India.
  • You can go fishing

#2. Nigeen Lake – Time to take pleasures in shikara Ride

Nigeen Lake is one of the beautiful and charming experiences you can have on your vacation with your loved ones as it offers your a wide range of amazing activities such as Houseboat stay, fishing, hiking, trekking, and so on. Getting positive vibes from the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the lake is a great idea and you should not miss the place from visiting it.

Make sure that you add the place to the list of the best places to visit in Srinagar. The mesmeric and clear blue water is the epitome of the mirror and it perfectly reflects the beautiful scenery of big mountains, trees, plants, and surrounding greenery. It is one of the best places to visit in srinagar in winter.

#3. Dachigam National Park – Explore The Conserved Wildlife

From being a popular picnic spot to the house of a wide variety of animals and flowers, Dachigam National Park is one of the best places to visit in Srinagar with your friends and family. The wildlife sanctuary is home to a variety of flora such as Musk deer, Snow Leopard, Himalayan serow, Kashmir grey langur, Kashmir stag (hangul), Leopard cat, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan brown bear, etc. Apart from this, places to visit in srinagar in december are also popular to enjoy the winter season.

#4. Mughal Gardens 

Mughal Garden is among the famous tourist attractions in Srinagar and it is visited and explored by millions owing to its historic significance, a rich variety of trees, plants, and greenery. And once you are done with having fun and thrill in the gardens, you can also look for places to visit in srinagar in 2 days. The beautiful valley of the gardens is replete with fun and enjoyable activities such as long walks, riding, boat riding, etc. This is the place made for your kids as it offers a plethora of entertaining activities that kids love.

#5. Shankaracharya Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it consists of a lot of beautiful idols of god and goddess. For spirituality seekers, the temple is the best place to add to your srinagar sightseeing itinerary. During special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, and other important festivals, Shankaracharya Temple records a large number of visits.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What things attract tourists in Srinagar?

The capital of Kashmir is replete with various popular tourists places you can explore with family and friends. Dal Lake, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Badamwari Garden, Sonamarg, Shankaracharya Hill, Nishat Garden, Nigeen Lake, Yousmarg, and etc.  These are recognized as the best Places To Visit In Srinagar.

How can I spend 4 days in Srinagar?

In order to spend your days in Srinagar, you can sightsee various charming places including wildlife parks, rivers, lakes, resorts, etc. you can also take part in adventure fun by trekking, hiking, paragliding, riding, water sports, etc. To seek spirituality you can visit the temples and pilgrimage sites.

What is the famous thing of Srinagar?

There are so many reasons behind the fame of Srinagar:- Kashmir handicrafts such as woolen shawls, dry fruits, local street food, floating markets of fruits and vegetables, etc. Apart from this, Srinagar has a plethora of famous tourist places such as. Shankaracharya Hill, Dal Lake, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Nigeen Lake, Sonamarg, Nishat Garden, Yousmarg, etc.

Which is the best area in Srinagar?

When it comes to the best area in Srinagar then, Dal lake, Neehen lake is considered to be a beautiful part of the city. They are among the most charming Places To Visit In Srinagar with your friends.

Is Srinagar safe for tourists?

Yes, make sure that you get all the important facts and information about Srinagar and then, plan your trip.

How safe is Srinagar for tourists 2022?

Yes, Srinagar is safe to visit and to visit the Srinagar make sure that you are fully vaccinated and follow the covid protocols.

What are famous in Srinagar?

Srinagar is famous for its natural beauty and various famous places such as Mughal Gardens, Dal Lake, Dachigam National Park, etc.

What is the best time to visit Srinagar?

The best time to visit Srinagar is April to October. Besides the best places in Srinagar, you can also explore the best places to visit in Gulmarg

The Ending!

Far from the dusty city and daily-life hustle and bustle, Srinagar is all about the natural beauty of mesmeric rivers, lakes, waterfalls, resorts, elegant architecture, etc. You can have fun and thrill by participating in adventure and daring activities such as Mountain Biking, Golfing, River Rafting, Shikara Ride, Skiing, Trekking, Wildlife Safaris, and so on. Here, we have provided the list of the Best Places To Visit In Srinagar you can plan to explore on your vacation. Read- Lakshadweep Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Lakshadweep


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