• March 24, 2022
  • Skydiving In India – 5 Best Skydiving Destinations In India

    Just like the attainment of fun and thrill is experienced by diving into the water whether to win a swim race or show proficiency in swimming, the same fun and thrill can also be felt when a person is determined to dive into the sky. You must be wondering what thing on earth I am talking about and how is it possible to dive into the sky? But tell me one thing haven’t you heard about skydiving? Of course, you must have heard it before and some of you may have experienced it several times in your life or some are still newbies to this adventure sport. Whether you are experienced or new to this thrilling sport, we are going to show you some wonderful places where you can take part in Skydiving In India.

    Skydiving is an adventure sport quite popular worldwide among people who love doing daring and challenging activities in the sky. The sport is usually enjoyed by those who are not afraid of heights. In India, there are so many popular spots where you can indulge in skydiving as per the instructions of the coach.

    Skydiving In India – Skydiving Places In India

    India is home to some of the world’s most incredible adventure travel destinations, and it’s no surprise that skydiving is one of them. The country is famous for its skies and has an incredible array of thrilling skydiving experiences to offer. From high-altitude jumps that offer breath-taking views of the landscape, to low-altitude skydives that offer a more intimate experience with the local wildlife, there’s a skydive to suit every traveler’s preference. Best of all, many of these adrenaline-fuelled adventures can be done in the comfort of a hot air balloon.

    #1. Aamby Valley City – Skydiving In Maharashtra

    Aamby Valley City is a beautiful town situated in the Indian state of Maharashtra where many adventure and nature lovers come. As the city is known to have clear beautiful weather and sky, Skydiving is a kind of adventure sport that is enjoyed by people a lot.  Skydiving In Mumbai is going to be an amazing idea to spend vacation time with curiosity and enthusiasm.

    The place is renowned for having experienced professionals who teach what one should do and should not do before and during skydiving.

    With the advancement in technology, there are upgraded tools and equipment that promise to better the safety of the skydivers. Under the guidance of the coach, you can learn skydiving and straight ahead to the world of adventure. Skydiving In Chennai is also popular among thrill seekers in India.

    #2. Come and enjoy Skydiving In Mysore

    The skyline of Mysore shows the cultural colors and architectural beauty of age-old buildings and temples. And as it is called the cultural capital of Karnataka, its culture of skydiving also fascinates tourists most and owing to which it is visited by fans and lovers of skydiving around the world.

    For those who want to experience a high level of thrill in Skydiving, especially in the cultural land of Karnataka, make sure you discover some information about Mysore Skydiving Price.

    The cost of skydiving in Mysore starts from Rs 35, 000 per person and the amount will increase as per the facilities and amenities provided by the authorities. Air Parachute Price In India can vary as per the destinations and amenities provided to people. You can also enjoy Skydiving In Bangalore

    #3.  Deesa – Skydiving In Gujarat 

    Apart from potato plantation, skydiving is another famous adventure activity that attracts many adventure lovers every year to the soil of Gujarat. Skydiving in Gujarat, India provides tourists with world-class facilities and full safety equipment.

    Before skydiving, one hour of teaching is given by the experts or professionals to those who are going to experience their first session of thrill in the sky. Deesa Skydiving is quite popular among locals and tourists who visit Gujarat on vacation.

    With the breathtaking scenery of lakeside in Deesa, one can easily feel being on cloud nine when the trill of skydiving is achieved.

    Sky Diving Cost In India can be different according to destinations and facilities are offered to skydivers. You can choose any type of skydiving and the cost will according to it.

    #4. Pondicherry  – Skydiving In Pondicherry

    With the beauty of serene beaches and sacred temples, skydiving in Pondicherry is one of the most amazing experiences one could ever have in India. It is one of the famous skydiving camps that offer various prices for this adventure activity according to the options thrill-seekers choose.

    And before skydiving, tourists are given a special kind of class where they are taught what they do and don’ts during this adventure activity. There are various options of skydiving you are given such as –  Tandem and static jumps. You can choose any you like. This is among the Best Skydiving In India available in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

    #5. Skydive Hyderabad –  You can be a free bird that has a breathtaking view of the surrounding beneath

    Besides Hyderabad being a famous place to explore ancient monuments and architecture in India, the capital city of Indian state Telangana is also famous for its thrilling and daring activity Sky diving. You can also come here and enjoy to the fullest in the sky of the city.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for skydiving in India?

    For tandem jump – the price could start from INR 27,000 – INR 35,000 and for static jump – INR 16,000 – 18,000, for accelerated freefall – can be from 2, 25000.

    Is skydiving available in India?

    Yes, adventure sport is available in India and there are so many wonderful destinations in the country where you can enjoy this thrilling sport.

    How can I get skydiving license in India?

    There are various licensed skydiving courses are available in India. And in almost every state, you can learn and enjoy this activity. On the internet, you can search for the best affordable Skydiving Course In India.

    How much does it cost to go skydiving?

    For tandem jump – the price could start from INR 27,000 – INR 35,000 and for static jump – INR 16,000 – 18,000, for accelerated freefall – can be from 2, 25000.

    Is skydiving in India safe?

    After many hours of training and safety measures, people are allowed to enjoy skydiving in India. During the teaching session, what one should do and what one should do is taught.

    Can you breathe while skydiving?

    Yes, you can breathe while skydiving. The key to safe and healthy skydiving is – just to stay relaxed and calm.

    Is skydiving in India safe?

    Yes, Skydiving is safe in India and you are also given a special session where you are taught some skills and tips you apply during this activity.

    How scary is skydiving?

    It doesn’t feel scary because you don’t feel out of control due to the high-security assistance.

    Which country has the cheapest skydiving?

    South America and Africa offer the cheapest skydiving facilities.


    The Ending!

    For those who are new to this sport but want to experience it once in their life, you do not need to worry at all as Skydiving In India has a specialized team of professionals and it will teach you all dos and don’ts of the sport in 1-2 hours of training before the activity.  Here in this article, you can see the best Skydiving Places In India where you can adventure fun to the fullest in the clear blue sky.

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