Andaman Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Andaman

Visiting new places is always a great idea especially on vacations as it brings lots of amazing and interesting opportunities to learn and experience different cultures, traditions, and rituals there. There are lots of charming and mind soothing places to visit in the world and Andaman is one of the places(“paradise in India”) and a little slice of the paradise of mother nature that everyone loves to visit because of big breathtaking islands, beaches, rivers, lakes, and tons of attractions. In India, both winter and wedding seasons are ongoing and the enthusiasm and craze to visit chilled and cold places are always loved and visited by Indians. If you are a newly married couple and looking for the best honeymoon destination then, Andaman Tourism is for you and you should start planning your journey there. In order to perfectly plan your Andaman And Nicobar Tour, we have done our best in expressing the scenic and chilled beauty of various places to visit in Andaman.

Some facts from the past also define Andaman as “Kalapani”, A jail where criminals and culprits are sent for their wrongdoing. It is said that escaping for prisoners from the jail is impossible as all around the jail is water. Andaman is the union territory of India that consists of more than 500 Islands, this place is the perfect and pristine destination for tourists who love to explore the marine world on their vacation. If you have got some free time and 5-6 days of holiday then, you should choose the best Andaman Tour Package or Andaman Nicobar Tour Package.

Top Enchanting Places To Visit In Andaman Tourism

If you have a dream to visit amazing golden beaches, seas, and tranquil nature and its beauty then, you should get ready with your packed bags for  a trip to Andaman And Nicobar Islands Tourism. The beautiful island of India offers calm, cool, and comfortable weather along with a plethora of relaxing and entertaining outdoor things to do to spend your holidays with your loved ones.

Apart from white sandy beaches and rivers of Andaman, delightful and mouth-watering seafood is also the top attraction among tourists and this will make the holiday unforgettable. The island is the perfect destination for couples who look for a paradise for their honeymoon. Let’s look at some best places to visit in Andaman

Places To Visit In Andaman


#1 Havelock Island

The island is one of the most popular destinations in Andaman and it attracts millions of visits from people across the globe and India. It is well-known among many people for its natural and pristine beaches, rivers, lakes, resorts, variety of flora and fauna, and untouched forest of earth. Apart from beautiful nature, there are several adventure things to do on the island and this place deserves to be part of your Andaman Tourism. Let’s look at the top attractions of Havelock Island


Top Attractions in Havelock Island

  • Radhanagar Beach
  • Kalapathar Beach
  • Elephant Beach
  • Resorts

#2 Ross Island

It is one of the most pristine and popular islands of Andaman and that attracts millions of people around the world and India to visit and experience its natural beauty and historic significance. The island was also known as the headquarters of the British colony when India was under Britishers. The island also commemorates the life of the people of India of the Pre-independence era. Let’s look at the top attractions of the island.


Top Attractions in Havelock Island you must not miss

  • Forest Department Museum
  • Ross Island Penal Colony( known for colonial rule)
  • Barren Island
  • Japanese bunkers( famous because of world war 2)

#3 Ross and Smith Island – Andaman Tourism

Ross and Smith are the magnificent twin islands of Andamans. Both these islands are considered to be historic and amazing destinations to visit on vacation. Tourists across the world indulge in several entertaining and adventure activities such as paragliding, skiing, hiking, cycling, trekking, and several other things to do. Ross and Smith Islands attract a lot of tourists from all across the world. One can easily enjoy and have fun with amazing and glorious sunsets and nature-friendly beaches, lakes, and etc. Let’s have a look at some interesting places to visit on the island.


Top Attractions in Ross and Smith Island

  • The man-caves
  • The sanctuary
  •  The light and sound show
  • The Pond

#4 Mount Harriet And Madhuban

Hiking, paragliding, Trekking, and several other activities are quite popular in Mount Harriet And Madhuban.  If you are traveling with your friends and loved ones then, you must not forget to visit the place on your Andaman Nicobar Tourism.  The beautiful place of Andaman and Nicobar is quite popular and charming for its variety of flora and fauna, beaches, rivers, etc. Let’s also explore some beautiful attractions.


Top Attractions in Mount Harriet And Madhuban

  • Aberdeen Bazaar
  • $entityRes
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Collinpur Beach
  • Beach
  • MG Road
  • Sea Sip
  • Government Emporia

#5 Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex ( filled with fun & entertainment for kids and people of all ages)

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports is popular for many people and kids visit the place and it is considered to be the best places to visit in Andaman as it has several things to do such as jet-skiing, Banana rides, rowboat paddling, parasailing, speed boat rides, and etc. It is an interesting and enjoyable place to visit on the island for all the babies out there. The place that consists of lots of water sports deserves to be one of the places to visit in Andaman Tourism.



How much does Andaman trip cost?

In order to explore and visit the beautiful places in Andaman and Nicobar island then, you must have a good and comfortable budget of around 15 thousand. The rest will depend on your time and interest.

Which is the best month to visit Andaman?

You can visit the Andaman in between the month of October and May as the weather is pleasant and quite comfortable for sightseeing, water sports, and other adventure things to do.

Is Andaman accepting tourists now?

Yes, you can visit various places on the island but it is important to stick to all the rules and regulations there, and maintaining social distance is significant.

Which is famous in Andaman?

There are various things that are famous in Andaman such as Havelock Island, The Cellular Jail, Gandhi Marine National Park, Radhanagar Beach,  Mahatma, The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum, North Bay Beach, and etc.

Which is the best month to visit Andaman?

It is best to visit the island between October and May

How much does it cost for Andaman trip?

You must choose the best Andaman And Nicobar Tour Packages or  Andaman Tour Package Cost under the guidance of a tour guide.

 Is Andaman and Nicobar islands open for tourists?

Yes, it is open for tourists and it is necessary to follow all the norms of covid.

Why does Andaman and Nicobar islands attract more tourists?

Beaches, rivers, mountains, lakes, temples, and so on. There are various places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar and you are going to have fun, entertainment, and thrill on your holidays.


Final Note

Andaman is replete and filled with historic rivers, lakes, blue water beaches and yes it is attracted most by people because of its historic importance. The paradise of India is situated in the bay of Bengal and visitors can not stop themselves from falling in love with its beauty and attractions. The number of people who visit Andaman is infinite and you must also plan your Andaman Tourism.


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