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With joyous memories created by one by participating in many water sports such as snorkeling, scuba, and so on, and with countless chances for excitement and thrill on the beaches, Goa is considered one of the top tourist attractions in India, and on peak seasons, it attracts tourists like no other place. From gaining importance as the first Indian state to host an international film festival to being home to several clear-blue water beaches that are encircled by coconut trees and full of nightlife fun, Goa comes to the bucket list of many. When it comes to visiting beaches and experiencing a relaxing stay at luxurious resorts in India then, Goa comes at the top. Here we are going to discuss with you the Best Places To Visit In Goa, owing to which you will be more confident and ensure about what places you should put on your priority list as per your interest, craving, and budget.

Home to immaculate beaches that offers tourists a wonderful chance to make their vacation time more colorful and lively through nearby attractions and parties that keeps continuing overnight, the Indian state is famous for its Places to Visit In Goa On Bike and Places to Visit In Goa At Night also among many visitors.

But before continuing with a list of the Best Places To Visit In Goa, we would recommend you to read our blogs on Goa tourism and Goa beach which already describe the culture and interesting things to do in Goa.

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Best Places To Visit In Goa – Goa Tourist Places

#1. Calangute Beach

As we have mentioned to you in the above para that in India, Goa is considered to be the home of various magnificent beaches that lets visitors play water sports and attend pirates for nightlife fun, Calangute Beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa and is highly praised and visited by backpackers for its untouched beauty, shining sand, nearby attractions.

The beach is the largest beach that is situated to the north of Goa with palm and coconut trees in its surroundings. With the fame of nightlife fun and water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving,  windsurfing, jet-skiing, etc, Calangute Beach is popular as one of the best North Goa Places To Visit with friends and family. Near the beach, tourists can get various options for accommodation along with bars and clubs facilities. At hotels on the beach, tourists can enjoy mouthwatering food and desserts that talk about the culture and specialty of Indian state Goa. You can also explore the Best Places to Visit In Goa Near Calangute.

#2.  Baga Beach

Scrumptious seafood, exciting nightlife, all-night dancing at the beat of remix, drinks, juice, and fun make Baga beach is one of the best places to visit in Goa and it is also said that you must not forget to bring your friends along with you as the abundance of pleasures and merriments you are going to get in paragliding, skiing, kneeboarding, and other daring activities will require people bear the weight of. Once you are ready with your Tourist Package For Goa then, do not forget to add Baga beach to your itinerary of Goa. It is another beach after Calangute that is situated to the north side of Goa. From capturing every moment of excitement achieved by nightlife parties to delicious seafood, make sure that you add this beach to your bucket list.

#3. Candolim {Click Here}

Candolim is a charming town in the lap of Goa and famous for its beautiful beaches and parties. The Candolim beach never leaves a chance of making tourists contented and thrilled with its picturesque beauty of stunning sand, mirror-like water, parties going all over the night. A place of a serene atmosphere offers various chances to relax and be amused by the surrounding natural beauty. Besides taking part in aquatic sports and parties, you can also decide to feel the kiss and love of the Sun that is famous as the ultimate source of energy. Therefore, Candolim deserves to be on the list of famous places to visit in Goa, and apart from this, you can also explore South Goa Places To Visit.

#4. Arambol Beach

Famous as the fisherman village, Arambol beach is one of the pristine beaches of Goa that continue to gain the visits and attention of tourists owing to its amazing attractions, sports played in the water, and top things to do. A good budget of accommodations along with many bars and clubs add more fame and popularity to Arambol Beach in Goa.

The land of the gorgeous beach is replete with nightlife fun and fascinating activities for all ages of people. You could not stop yourself from dancing to music once the hangover of the party is on you. Make sure you visit this beach of Goa along with your loved ones and make you satisfied by adding vacation fun to your life. Paragliding, drinking coconut and pineapple juice, and so on are considered to be the famous things at the beach. You can also explore some other Things To Doin Goa.

#5. Agonda

Agonda beach is one of the famous South Goa Places To Visit with friends to have fun on vacation time. The beautiful attractions of the beach are enough to make tourists feel like they have landed on earth’s paradise that is vigorous and a bit quieter than any other place in the world. Agonda beach is one of the Places to Visit In Goa With Friends and it furnishes a lot of exciting things and attractions to tourists. When you are sure about Goa Best Time To Visit then, you should visit the beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Which places we should visit in Goa?

The home of attractive beaches “Goa” has plenty of things to do for tourists to enjoy their holidays. By visiting famous and crowded beaches in the state one make a thrilling vacation and new acquaintances.  Apart from Baga, Agonda, Candolim beaches, there are also famous places you can visit in Goa such as Church of Our Lady Of Hope, St. Alex Church, Mangeshi Temple, Fontainhas, The Saturday Night Market, Reis Magos Fort, etc.

How can I spend 3 days in Goa?

In order to spend vacation time in Goa, at every corner of the state, there are a plethora of things or attractions that await tourists all the time. You can visit Baga Beach, Fort Aguada, Reis Magos Fort, Deltin Royal, Anjuna Beach, Mahalakshmi Temple, Basilica of Bom Jesus, etc.

What is the Favourite place in Goa?

Beaches, temples, restaurants, and bars are the famous things of Goa and are worthy of tourists attractions.

Is Goa a good place to visit?

Goa is a famous place for beach and water sports lovers and every year its wonderful beaches attract millions of visitors across the world. You can also explore Things To Do In South Goa.

Which is the most visited place in Goa?

Beaches such as Candolim, Baga, Anjuna, Agonda are famous and most visited places in Goa after temples, churches, etc. Places to Visit In South Goa are good for vacation.

Where do tourists go in Goa?

Beaches, temples, churches, forts, water parks are places in Goa that are visited by tourists the most.

Is 2 days enough for Goa?

To create wonderful memories and have fun on the beach, 2 days are enough in Goa but if you want and have a good budget then, you can stay longer. By visiting Places to Visit In Goa In 2 Days you can fruitfully live your vacation to the fullest.

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The Ending!

Despite charming beaches, Goa is also a mixture of diverse cultures, traditions, food, desserts, forts, places, and other fascinating attractions. Through this article, we are going to tour you to Goa Tourist Places or the best Places To Visit In Goa through which, you would be able to spend your holidays with excitement and fun.


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