Madhya Pradesh Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

“Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India is well-recognized as the second largest state in India when it comes to measuring it by area and fifth-largest state when it comes to taking a look at its population. This amazing and beautiful state of India is also famous for reserving various mineral resources such as  Limestone, Gypsum, Bauxite, Dolomite, Granite, Coal, Copper, Diamond, Manganese, and so on. The state of incredible India also has countless places to visit on vacation starting from busty to nature-friendly and ancient to cosmopolitan. And therefore, mp tourism is planned by many people who are nature and history enthusiasts.

Apart from this, Madhya Pradesh is also renowned for its stunning wildlife, forts, palaces, monuments, amusement parks, entertainment places, and so much more. Hindi is the official language of the state and yes people from different religions and cultures also live here. The cordial and friendly nature of locals and residents also inspire tourists to visit MP and spen and enjoy their vacation with family and loved ones to the fullest. Situated in the center of India, Madhya Pradesh is known for its Khajuraho temples that display Indian ancient sculptures. The tiger state of India “Madhya Pradesh” has also seen the rise and downfall of British and Mughal rule.

If you are perfectly ready with your packed bags and stuff for celebrating your vacation with family and friends in MP then, we have listed here the top 6 mp tourist places for you.

MP tourism – Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh

Here we have mentioned the best Madhya Pradesh tourist places which you can visit on your holidays along with your family and friends to relish your free and quality time there. In order to fill your endless joy and happiness, the Heart of India has got so much more to offer its tourists on their vacation including the best places, entertainment activities, nightlife, and so on.

#1. Indore

“Indore”, the food city of Madhya Pradesh is considered to be one of the most popular tourist places in India. The city of MP also gained importance for being the 4th largest city in the country of the cotton textile industry. And apart from this, there is so much more to explore and experience about this city. The enticing and bustling city of MP is also famous for its bangles and several other mesmerizing attractions such as Treasure Island Mal, Patalpani Waterfall, Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga, Khajrana Ganesh Mandir, Sarafa Bazaar, and etc.

#2. Khajuraho

Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is highly known for its several Hindu and Jain temples and sculptures and apart from temples and sculptures, it has various other fun and entertainment things to keep tourists joyous and occupied on their vacation. The city, which is replete with various elegant temples and history is also counted as one of the unique places to visit. Apart from this, the city also offers various theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and so much more. On various occasions and Hindu and Jain rituals, devotees in a large number visit the temples, seek blessings, and learn about the significance and stunning history of temples.

#3. Bhopal

The greenest city of Madhya Pradesh is among the most famous and visited cities in Mp and since its establishment, in the 18th century, the green city of India continues to attract countless visitors from different parts of India and the world. Besides this, the green and lake city of Madhya Pradesh or Mp is also considered to be one of the best tourist places in mp in the rainy season. Bhopal’s innumerable lakes, museums, historic places, wildlife sanctuaries, food, restaurants, etc.

The city of Mp is also famous for its various IT industries and private companies and businesses. Mp’s green and most loved tourist place has been providing employment to many individual and experienced experts to different and high paying job roles. Here are some tourist places in Bhopal you can visit to make your day in the city such as Upper Lake, Udayagiri Caves, Moti Masjid, Van Vihar National Park, Bhimbetka Caves, Sanchi Stupa, Shaukat Mahal, Lakshmi Narayan, and etc.

#4.  Gwalior

Gwalior is considered to be one of the most loved and popular cities in Madhya Pradesh and it offers various places to visit on vacation with your friends and family. Ancient and marvelous palaces, temples, monuments, and etc. Everything in Gwalior ensures tourists have fun and entertainment on vacation with their loved ones. The city is among the best Madhya Pradesh tourism places to explore art, culture, and tradition. You can also go to the amusement parks to indulge in various watering sports and rides. Make sure you do not forget to visit Gwalior in mp tourism.

#5. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is situated in the central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh, and the wildlife sanctuary is known for its large population of Bengal tigers and various other animals. The national park is known as one of the top 10 tourist places in Madhya Pradesh that attracts many animal lovers from various parts of the world. It is the perfect destination for picnics and having fun with family and friends. The park has a dense lush green valley along with an ancient fort. It is a great place to explore tigers and various endangered species.

#6. Patalpani Falls

This is MP’s breathtaking and stunning waterfalls and it is known for indulging and having fun in several adventure activities such as trekking, night camping, bonfiring, walking, biking, and etc. The waterfalls situated in Madhya Pradesh offer mesmerizing scenes of lush green valleys, mountains, rivers, untouched atmosphere. This waterfall deserves to be included in the list of places to visit in mp tourism. Tourists visiting waterfalls must adhere to all the safety rules and protocols set by the waterfall administration.

#7. Jabalpur

Jabalpur is situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and is well-known for its forts, palaces, temples, and so on. Replete with various natural wonders and ancient importance, the city of MP has everything to make your holidays momentous, lively, and free from all the stress and tension of work. For top things to do in the city you can make a visit to majestic and spectacular Dhuandhar Falls, you can go to the statue of Lord Shiva, you can have fun and joyous moments in Cable Car and Boat Ride at Bhedaghat.


Why is Madhya Pradesh a popular tourist destination?

The central Indian state is full of lakes, waterfalls, forts, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, breathtaking natural wonders, and so on. Apart from different food and culture, the state has various interesting places to visit such as Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, and etc.

What is MPT hotels?

Madhya Pradesh tourism hotels offer tourists top-class and matchless hospitality along with a variety of food and beverages.

Which is the beautiful city in MP?

The capital of India “Bhopal” is considered to be a charming and beautiful city of MP of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from beauty and charmingness, the city is also known as the IT hub in the country. And there are other famous places in Madhya Pradesh tourism.

What is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh?

You can visit Madhya Pradesh anytime in the month of July to September.

What are the two tourist places in Madhya Pradesh?

Khajuraho temples, Patalpani Falls, Indore.

What is very famous in Madhya Pradesh?

Khajuraho temples are the major attractions of Madhya Pradesh.

Which is the beautiful city in MP?

Bhopal and apart from Bhopal, you can visit other charming places as well such as jabalpur, Gwalior, etc.

Which is the coolest place in Madhya Pradesh?

Gwalior is known to be the coolest place in MP and it is the best place to visit in winter.

Madhya Pradesh tourism introduces which sports?

There are various sports in Mp such as cricket, badminton, chess, and etc.  But when you visit the state then, you can participate in water sports.

The Ultimate Words!

The heart of India “Madhya Pradesh ” is also enriched with the talent and arts of the youth. The central Indian state gained attention when a man built a mini Taj Mahal to enhance the glory of the state.  While you are on your trip to Madhya Pradesh tourism taj mahal, you will have countless opportunities to explore nearby attractions. mp tourism is also going to introduce to you various popular and interesting games in the state such as Chess, cricket, badminton, etc.  Madhya Pradesh tourism tiger reserves such as Satpura Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve are also very famous in the state.


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