Punjab Tourism - Top Historic Places To Visit In Punjab

From the memory of painful wounds of Jallianwala Bagh to extreme feeling of patriotism, from being the land of 5 rivers to glorious and historic “Golden Temple”, from prominent national parks to historic temples and gurdwara, from “Makki di Roti te Sarson ka Saag” to variety of delicious and mouth-watering desserts, Punjab is among the most popular destinations in India that attract visitors from across the world and India for its rich values, nationalism, culture, and traditions, and several amazing rituals. Every year people across India and from overseas plan Punjab Tourism to explore and embrace the natural beauty and glorious culture of several places and attractions.

The land of 5 rivers such as Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum is India’s most visited tourist spot and it has various things and attractions that can keep tourists fascinated and entertained all the time. Let’s have a look at the best Punjab tourism places to visit on this vacation.

Best Tourist Places to visit in Punjab in 2022

The Land Of Five Rivers and nationalism “Punjab” is blessed with the beauty of nature, rich culture, traditions & rituals, temples, monuments, and several other things. We have added magnificent places to visit in Punjab that are perfect to include in your itinerary, as this would be the best way to create and store good and entertaining memories with our family and loved ones.

And the most interesting thing about the land of farms, forts, and rivers” Punjab” is that you will always witness beautiful broad smiles on the faces of the people living there who feel proud of their culture, ethics, and tradition. Take a look at Punjab tourism places to visit to make your vacation momentous there.

Top 7 Punjab Tourist Places For desi fun and entertainment Enthusiast – Punjab Tourism

#1. Amritsar – Popular destination and home to Sikh pilgrimage sites 

Amritsar is a well-known city of Punjab and it lies in the northwestern part of India. The historic place and popular tourist destination  has gained popularity and recognition as the home to pilgrimage sites and temples. “Golden Temple” the historic soul of Amritsar Punjab and it is visited by many people across India and the world.

The beautiful and breathtaking city of Punjab “Amritsar”, is known for gurudwara and temples, patriotism, and spirituality. And it is counted as one of the popular and prosperous destinations to visit on holidays. “Golden Temple”, or “Sri Harmandir Sahib” are top attractions and historic pilgrimage sites in the city. Amritsar is a place with a variety of shops and malls where colourful juttis, suits and more are sold and bought.

If you are a foodie then, you must plan Amritsar Tourism as you will learn and taste a variety of scrumptious food such as Kulche, Lassi, Amritsari Kulcha, Sarson Da Saag & Makki Ki Roti, and so on. Here you can take a look at Amritsar Tourist Places such as The Golden Temple · 2. Wagah Border Ceremony · 3. Partition Museum

Top Tourist attraction in Amritsar – Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border


#2. Chandigarh – It is among India’s metropolitan cities

“Chandigarh” the capital of Punjab is counted among top tourist destinations that have several things to offer such as amazing food, historic forts, movie halls and theatres, stunning gardens, lakes, rivers, and so on. The cleanest city and the capital of Punjab “Chandigarh” is the perfect place to explore the beauty of nature by visiting rivers, lakes, gardens, and various hill stations around the city.

Top Tourist attractions in Chandigarh – International Dolls Museum, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Pinjore Garden, and etc.


#3. Bathinda – Best place for Punjab Tourism

Bathinda is one of the oldest cities in Punjab and it is also called the ‘City of Lakes’ and the colourful city of state is the home to various historical and religious temples, gurudwaras, and Qilas. There are so many things to do in the city to make your vacation and trip to Punjab memorable and momentous. Tourists who are nature enthusiasts can make their various visits to various gardens and zoos such as the Rose Garden, Zoological Garden, and Bir Talab Zoo.

And apart from that, you can also visit the pilgrimage sites such as Maisar Khana Temple and Takht Shri Damdama Sahib where devotees come and seek blessings.

Top Tourist attraction in  Bathinda – Qila Mubarak, Rose Garden, Jogger’s Park, and so on.


#4. Jalandhar – ( It is the best places to visit for its historic significance) 

Jalandhar is among punjab tourist places that is well known for its historic and special importance. This is considered to be the beautiful city of Punjab which you can visit and take pride in having fun and entertainment there. Make sure that you do not forget to add the city in Punjab Tourism.

Jalandhar is considered to be the religious site for Sikhs and Hindus as the city has various gurdwaras and temples such Sodal Mandir, Devi Talab Mandir and Gurudwara Talhan Sahib Ji, etc. When you plan to visit Jalandhar then, do not forget to include Wonderland, Harleen Water Fun Park and TR Enjoy amusement park into your itinerary.

Top attractions in Jalandhar – Jalandhar is quite popular for its sports industries and equipment.


#5. Patiala 

Patiala is one of the prestigious places to visit in Punjab and it is renowned for its cultural and historic roots and rituals. The city of Punjab is also known as “City of Newspapers” and it has amazing attractions, places to visit and things to do. This city is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Punjab and it shows the glory and pride of elegant and glorious architecture. There are various Patiala Tourist Places you can visit such as  Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib, Baradari Garden, National Institute of Sports, Kali Temple, Omaxe Mall, and so on Thapar.

Apart from various places to visit in Punjab, there are several Tourist Places Near Amritsar you can visit to have amazing holidays such as Wagah, Batala, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Why do people visit Punjab?

Punjab is not the beautiful city of India but it is more than that. Punjab is the pride, glory, and soul of India. The shows the colors of unity for freedom against the Britishers. And apart from historic significance, there are several places to visit in the city.

How many tourist places are there in Punjab?

There are so many popular destinations in Punjab such as Amritsar, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Patiala, and so on.

Which is the most visited place in Punjab?

There are so many places to visit in Punjab and along with several things to do such as Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Anandpur Sahib, Bhatinda, Patiala, and etc.

Who is the tourism minister of Punjab?

The name of the tourism minister of Punjab is Charanjit Singh Channi

What is the most visited place in Punjab?

There are so many places in the city that are visited in Punjab. And most visited places in Punjab is Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kapurthala, Jalandhar, and so on.

Which is the beautiful place of Punjab?

Amritsar is considered to be the most visited and beautiful city in Punjab and the city of Punjab is known for its religious and historic importance. And it is the home to various pilgrimage sites.

What is the famous of Punjab?

Punjab is quite popular as the land of 5 rivers and rich cultures and traditions. The pride of India is also popular for religious diversity.

Which city is called a beautiful city in Punjab?

There are a bunch of beautiful cities in Punjab namely Amritsar. Chandigarh. Ludhiana. Jalandhar. Bhatinda. Patiala. Kapurthala. Pathankot.

The Ending!

To enjoy the vibrant culture and food and to have a nice and perfect stay, the beautiful state of India is enriched with various hotels & restaurants, and resorts. From basic to advanced amenities along with food and dessert are offered to guests. The state is located in northwest India and has several places to visit to keep tourists entertained and occupied. Each year people have fun and entertainment in their Punjab Tourism.


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