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Top 5 Best Water Park In Delhi For Vacation – Spinonholidays

How about adding more fun and merriments to your summer vacation by visiting the water park in Delhi so that not only can you escape from the unendurable heat of the sun but also take part in many aquatic sports? How does that sound? If it sounds great to you, then find the list of the best water parks in Delhi below.

From being a political center of India to home to many historic forts and monuments, Delhi is more than the capital city of India. It is considered one of the famous tourist destinations to spend vacation time cheerfully and with fun.

Reasons could be countless for people who are visiting and moving to Delhi. The capital city of India attracts many people, not only for various fruitful business and job opportunities, but it also keeps tourists amazed and captivated by its historic significance and beautiful places to visit on vacation.

But when the heat of the sun becomes unbearable and scorching, then Delhi seems to be the best option to escape from the heat of the sun as the city is replete with many amusement and waterparks not for fun and refreshment but for many water activities. Here in this article, we are going to shortlist the best 5 water parks in Delhi you can visit along with family and friends for fun and enjoyment in summer.

Top 5 Best water park in Delhi 2024

Visiting an amusement or adventure park is always a great idea as it offers many chances to take part in many fascinating activities that not only refresh your mind and body but also make you have fun playing various aquatic games. Below here, we have prepared a list of some amazing waterparks you can think about exploring on your vacation.

#1. Worlds Of Wonder

WOW, or Worlds of Wonder is not one of the famous water parks in Delhi but is also the largest park located in sector 38 A, and anyone living nearby Delhi can reach the park by car, taxi, and bus. It is one of the best picnic spots in summer when the heat of the sun can’t be tolerated at home.

You can make a plan to visit this amusement park with your friends and family as here you will have many opportunities to get yourself completely wet and entertained in every activity. The park is rated as one of the best amusement parks in Delhi, made for fun and thrill on holidays.

The waterpark opens from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday. And if we talk about the entry fees of the park, then for adults, it may cost you around Rs 1500, and for senior citizens, it can be around Rs 1249.

#2. Fun N Food Village 

A plethora of water slides and entertaining attractions in Fun N Food Village will amaze and thrill kids and people of all ages on their vacation.

It is a wonderful amusement park in Delhi that offers you several water rides and attractions to make you forget all your worries and the tension at work.

So make sure that you do not commit the mistake of depriving the park of your special visit on vacation in Delhi, as it is the best place to escape from the brutal heat of the sun in summer.

In addition to water sports, the water park has water slides, amazing swimming pools, splash pads, water playgrounds, rivers, and floating areas. You can take bathing in the swimming pool, you can go swimming, etc.

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#3. Just Chill Waterpark

To get rid of the stress and tension of work and from the unbearable heat of the sun, You can ensure your summer vacation visit to this amazing Just Chill Waterpark to have fun and complete enjoyment.

In summer, engaging ourselves in water riding and other popular water sports fills us with great enthusiasm and excitement. The entry fees for Just Chill Waterpark start from Rs 549, and it also comes with a bonus and some discounts.

#4. Adventure Island

Adventure Island is a popular water park situated in Delhi, and it offers visitors various entertaining aquatic activities and water riding fun. It is one of the amazing picnic spots in Delhi you can visit with your friends and family.

You can have fun and enjoyment with kids in water-riding activities. And apart from indulging in water riding and aquatic sports such as boat riding, swimming, etc, you can also enjoy eating a different variety of food and desserts.

On this summer vacation, you can also make plans to visit this adventure island of Delhi, where you can have fun with more than 20 thrilling rides.

#5. Splash Down Ride

Quite far from the boredom of daily life work and tension, Splash Down Ride, which is a popular amusement park in Delhi, will take away all your stress and dullness from your life, at least for a day on your vacation. And therefore, you must not delay planning your trip to this wonderful water park as it offers you amusing water sports and rides.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Which is the largest water park in Delhi?

Besides being home to many forts, palaces, and famous tourist places, Delhi is also a place for fun in several water sports. To cheer up your entire body and beat the unbreakable heat of the sun, a water park in Delhi is always a great idea.

There are various amusement and waterparks in Delhi, but Worlds Of Wonder or WOW is considered to be the most popular and largest waterpark in Delhi.

What is cost of water park ticket in Delhi?

There are several of the best amusement parks in Delhi you can visit on your vacation, but the cost of a water park ticket can vary as per the facilities offered to visitors. Worlds of Wonder is considered to be the most famous and largest waterpark, and it costs around Rs 1500 for adults and Rs 1249 for senior citizens.

If you are going to visit any other amusement park, then you can research on the internet and learn about the entry cost of that specific park.

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How many amusement parks are in Delhi?

In Delhi NCR, there are various water parks you can visit with loved ones and friends. From adventure fun to natural beauty, famous waterparks in Delhi, such as Fun N Food Village, Worlds Of Wonder, Atlantic Waterworld, etc, let tourists indulge in adventure and watering sports for fun and mind refreshment.

Which is the most famous water park in India?

In the capital city Delhi, there are various waterparks or amusement parks where you can spend your vacation doing various fascinating activities such as boat riding, swimming, etc.

There are a plethora of popular waterparks in Delhi, such as Worlds Of Wonder, Just Chill Water Park, Fun N Food Village, etc. You can take part in various fun and entertainment activities.

Where is the biggest water park?

Adventure Island, Splash(the enticing waterpark), Just Chill Water Park, Fun N Food Village, and so on. By utilizing your vacation well and amazingly, you can plan to explore and visit these popular water parks with family and friends. Also, make sure that you learn about the entry cost of these waterparks as well.

How many amusement parks are in Delhi?

In Delhi, there are 13 popular amusement parks, such as World of Wonders, Adventure Island, Swan Pond Park, Just Chill Waterpark, Splash the Waterpark, etc.

As per your vacation requirement, you can visit any of the amusement parks on your holiday. And make sure that also learn about the entry cost and opening and closing times.

Which is the No 1 amusement park in Delhi?

Delhi is replete with various fascinating waterparks such as Adventure Island, Worlds of Wonder, Fun N Food Village, Appu Ghar, Just Chill Water Park, Splash – the Water Park, etc. Besides these waterparks, You can also look for the cheapest amusement park in Delhi.

What is the biggest amusement park in Delhi?

Worlds of Wonder has gained immense recognition as the biggest and largest waterpark in Delhi. It is visited by many families and individuals on their summer vacation. Apart from this, splash water park Delhi is also popular for various water rides and sports.

What is the ticket price of Worlds of Wonder?

If want to learn about the ticket price of World of Wonder, then for children, it can cost around Rs 1449, and for senior citizens, you need to pay Rs 1249, and for adults, the entry amount will be Rs 1599.

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