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  • Bannerghatta National Park – Attractions, timings, & entry fees

    “Bangalore”, which is the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka is not just restricted to being “the IT hub of India”, but it has charming distinctiveness in everything it offers to its tourists. Be it the architectural beauty of monuments & big tech companies or bustling markets full of shopping options for every shopaholic, or amazing wilderness in national parks amidst an abundance of greenery, Bangalore has always been on the bucket list of millions when it comes to embracing worth capturing experiences at every step with your loved ones. Having so many majestic wildlife sanctuaries in its lap with breathtaking flora and fauna everywhere, the city is also famed as the hub of the picturesque beauty of nature and animals together. Bannerghatta National Park is one such epitome of Banglore’s natural beauty where captivating scenery and endangered species await tourists every year.

    This wildlife park is considered of great importance among nature admirers who love indulging in recreational activities in the lap of nature and in the company of various species of animals.

     Bannerghatta National Park – Overview

    Bannerghatta National Park was established in the year 1970 with the aim of providing a recreational center to people so that they can witness nature’s beauty with the natural habitat of various flora and fauna.

    Be it photography while enjoying long walks in the butterfly parks or feeling content by sitting in a place doing nothing much, Bannerghatta Biological Park offers several opportunities to enjoy oneself fully. The exquisite flora and fauna, along with the collaboration of the scenic beauty of nature, will add more value and glory to your camera. If you are planning to visit Banglore for any reason you have, never miss visiting Bannerghatta Park otherwise, you would lose the opportunity of meeting yourself in the serene atmosphere where one can listen to their soul with tranquillity all around.

    After you have had a lot of fun in the park or once you finish enjoying safaris and indulging in various other exuberating activities, you can also look for the best Bannerghatta national park resort here where you can unwind yourself and experience amazing local Bangalore dining. Here you can get better accommodation options with exquisite furniture and remarkable hospitality.

    Apart from wildlife fun through several species of flora and fauna in big beautiful gardens, Bannerghatta Zoo Park also has an aquarium, zoo park, Crocodile Farm, snake park, and a breathtaking museum. And therefore, you would never run short of views full of soothing and refreshing atmospheres. The park consists of tigers, elephants, wild cats, dogs, beer, monkeys, migratory birds, etc. Apart from all these things, below you can see the top attractions of Bannerghatta Biological Par.

    Major Attractions – Bangalore Bannerghatta Zoo

    1. Butterfly park 

    The butterfly park is among the major attractions of the Bannerghatta Zoo. And your visit to it should be a must. Every year, many tourists come to the park and also enjoy the surrounding magnificence of the butterfly park. It is a place where you can witness over 50 species of butterflies and capture the breathtaking nature nestle in and around the park.

    This charming home of butterflies is full of enchanting sceneries which you would want to capture on your camera forever. If you are ready with your Bannerghatta NatiBannerghatta Parkonal Park Tickets, do not forget to visit “butterfly park” which has a never-ending charm and a plethora of fascinating things to do. Here you can also gather some amazing facts about butterflies by visiting the amazing butterfly laboratory. Whether you are a kid or a wildlife explorer, the place is worth visiting undoubtedly.

    2. Lion Safai

    Lion safari would get you a wonderful opportunity to witness the “king of the Jungle” and you can embrace the natural habitat of lions by clicking some beautiful photographs. The safari of the lion is another attraction here that you should not miss at all even when you are with your kids. The safari’s main aim is to introduce tourists to the lion’s breathtaking species found in India. It is among the best things to do with family and friends here you make good use of your photography skills. Also, check Bannerghatta National Park Safari Prices in advance so that you do not have any confusion later.

    3. Elephant Sanctuary

    The place is known for conserving many species of elephants. The area is full of lush green fields where you can witness elephants in their natural beauty. The sanctuary of elephants is spread over 122 acres of land and offers tourists beautiful worth capturing views at every step. If you are fond of long walks on vacation, you should not miss the opportunity that awaits you with open wide arms. And not only you can enjoy long walks hand-in-hand with your loved ones but also embrace the beauty of tranquillity quite far from a stressful daily life schedule.

    4. Tiger Safari 

    Tiger Safari is the main attraction here that would introduce you to various fascinating species of tigers. From exploring surrounding beauty to clicking photographs of exquisite beauty nestle at every step here, Tiger Safari will add more fun and content to your Banglore tourism. It is a great opportunity to practice your photography skills. You would also have amazing views of dense jungles here. To get more information about tiger safari and the park, you can dial the Bannerghatta National Park Contact Number.

    5. Photography

    Photography is something that you should not miss when you are in Bannerghatta national park. At every step, charming views of nature’s beauty await you to be captured on camera forever. Never miss capturing the wonderful scenery of sunrise and sunset here embellished with the natural habitat of rich flora and fauna.

    Nearby Places to visit  

    MM Hills – is a beautiful pilgrim town in Karnataka and is situated around 200 km away from Banglore.

    Kurudumale – A sacred place full of temples and religious sites.

    Bandipur – An exquisite tiger-reserved area full of serene beauty and top attractions.

    Nrityagram – India’s first modern gurukul. Famous for classical dances.

    Nagarhole – Wildlife reserve area famous for backpackers around the world.

    Shravanabelagola – Famous for its world’s tallest statues and monuments.

    Hassan – It is renowned for its centuries-old temples full of Hindu gods and goddesses.

    Bannerghatta national park timings

    Bannerghatta National Park opens from 9:30 am to 5 pm. It is better for you to come early so that you can have all fun and enjoyment without a rush. For Bannerghatta national park timings tomorrow, you can make your schedule between 9:30 am to 5 pm. As the park is open throughout the year, you can come anytime you want as per your schedule. Also, you can buy bannerghatta national park tickets in advance.

    Bannerghatta national park entry fee

    Bannerghatta National Park Ticket Price may include the following information:-

    For Adults – INR 330, Children – INR 180, and senior citizens – INR 230. Prices may vary if you are visiting the park on national holidays.


    What is the entry fee for Bannerghatta National Park?

    Adults – INR – 330, Children – INR – 180, and senior citizens – INR – 230. Prices can also increase if you are visiting the park on national holidays.

    What is special about Bannerghatta National Park?

    It is famous for housing a variety of birds and animals. Tourists enjoy lion and tiger safari with their loved ones. Butterfly Park, Aquarium, museum, etc are the main attractions here.

    What is the best time to visit Bannerghatta National Park?

    October to June

    Which animal is famous in Bannerghatta National Park?

    Elephants, lions, and tigers

    Bannerghatta national park is famous for which animal


    Ending lines!

    Bannerghatta Zoo is located near Banglore city and has got a unique sort of beauty and refreshing ambience to capture on your camera. Across India, this stunning home of animals where there is no disturbance or interference by human beings is hailed by millions for offering several things to do for complete rejuvenation of the mind and the body.

    Bannerghatta National Park is also visited by millions for lion and tiger safaris. You can also plan your journey as per your schedule to explore Banglore wildlife beauty.

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