What really comes to our minds when we hear the word “Mauritius”? Let us guess first, the moment you hear of Mauritius then, soothing & beautiful beaches, blue turquoise, luxurious resorts, and tons of romantic & picnic spots are very common that occupy the minds of many people. And owing to its glorious beauty and several things to do to enjoy some quality time far from work and stress, millions dream to plan their Mauritius Tourism once in their life. Mauritius is a charming Island country that glitters like a blue gem nestled in the Indian ocean. The island country is very famous for catering to the needs and desires of wealthy tourists. And therefore, choosing the best Mauritius tour packages is crucial. Furthermore, once you land in Mauritius you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from being amazed as all around you is clear blue water, rich flora and fauna, dense forests, and several fascinating options to serve your vacation desire. If you are looking for a reasonable Mauritius Tour Package From Mumbai, make sure you conduct good research on the internet and find the best guide. Surely, we have done our best in making you aware of the most entertaining and thrilling things to do in Mauritius through our list of the best tourists places to visit in Mauritius.  

Best Time To Visit

May to December is considered to be the best time to visit Mauritius. Here you could experience wonderful weather in these months. Besides this time, you can plan your Mauritius trip according to your time and schedule.


How To Reach

To reach Mauritius, flying is the best way without problems and restrictions. You can get direct international flights from India to Mauritius. You can also book a holiday cruise to reach Mauritius.


Mauritius Tourism – 5 Morisas Tourist Places

#1. Port Louis – The capital city of Mauritius has got all that tourists crave on vacation

Port Louis is the beautiful capital city of Mauritius that represents the centuries-old culture, history, and art of the Island country.

The city is a sight for the sore eyes, especially for those who are looking for a blend of culture, art, and entertainment on vacation. With a plethora of options to eat and explore the magnificence of nature, Port Louis should be given first place in the list of the top tourist places in Mauritius.

Furthermore, the panoramic view, the charm of the beaches & surrounding greenery are the major attractions here that are going to nestle in your heart for ages.

If you are planning your Mauritius Tourism, you must begin your holiday journey with its capital city “Port Louis”.

To get an overview of the culture of Mauritius, visiting Port Louis should be your top priority.

Do not forget to choose the best Mauritius Tour Package From India, if you have made up your mind to explore the beaches and culture of Mauritius on this vacation.

Here are some top attractions of Port Louis – Le Caudan Waterfront, Le Pouce, Citadel Fort Adelaide, Central Market, Aapravasi Gha, etc.

#2. Grand Baie Bazaar – A big market for shopping in Mauritius with infinite varieties

If you have planned your Mauritius Island Tourism and want to explore its supermarkets for shopping then, we would recommend you to visit Grand Bair Bazaar for sure as here you are going to get several options for clothes and artifacts associated with the culture and tradition of Mauritius.

At every corner, the vibrant Bazaar of Mauritius amazes tourists with so many choices for clothes, food, desserts, artifacts, etc.

If you also want to taste the colorful shopping culture of this Island country, find the best Mauritius tour packages so that you can take advantage of the top attractions in Mauritius.

Do not forget to take the symbol of Mauritian craft from the market.

#3. Grand Bassin – Explore & Embrace the holy culture of this high Mountain Lake

Grand Bassin is a majestic mountain lake famed for its Hindu temples and history. The lake is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva and here you can witness various breathtaking Hindu temples constructed to please Lord Shiva.

Apart from spirituality and sacred temples, there are so many fun activities one can in indulge in to have fun on vacation time.

You can enjoy boating and long walks near the lake with your friends and family to capture the fun of a diverse experience.

For plans for the Mauritius tour, you can complete your Mtpa Mauritius Online Booking to avoid later problems and rush.

#4. Black River Gorges National Park – A door to greet and meet a variety of flora and fauna

Black River Gorges National Park is among the best places to visit in Mauritius where you can catch the glimpse of various endangered species of plants and animals.

For those who are in need to embrace tropical rain forests and diverse wildlife, you must put this wildlife national park on the list of the best Morisas Tourist Places.

Here you can find several species of monkeys, bears, wild cats, etc. If you are visiting Mauritius with your better half, do not forget to get the best Mauritius Tourism Honeymoon Packages From India.

#5. Botanical Gardens Mauritius – 

In order to witness a plethora of living plants, trees, and flowers in the soil of Mauritius, Botanical Gardens is a must-visit place for many. You can visit this botanical garden to catch the glimpse of the offerings of mother nature. You can complete Mtpa Mauritius Booking to sightsee many fascinating attractions in Mauritius.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is Mauritius good for tourists?

Mauritius is an island country situated in the Indian ocean where one can find amazing beaches, water sports, vibrant markets, Hindu temples, etc. If you want to explore the culture and beauty of Mauritius, you should not delay in planning your Mauritius Tourism.

Is Mauritius Open to Tourists 2022?

Yes, Mauritius is open for tourism, and for those who are willing to fly to Mauritius to spend their vacation time, make sure you are fully vaccinated and stick to covid principles.

Is Mauritius open to tourists from South Africa?

Yes, Mauritius reopened for tourists from South Africa and other restricted countries as well.

Is Mauritius a safe place to visit?

Owing to its low crime rate, Mauritius is a safe place to visit in the world. You can choose the best Mauritius tour packages.


Mauritius seems to welcome and cater to the expectations and desires of tourists by offering them a plethora of choices for food, enjoyment, and thrill. In addition to fun outdoor activities in the Island country, Scuba diving and snorkeling are the main water activities enjoyed by visitors or thrill-seekers here a lot. In order to help you with your Mauritius Tourism, above you can see a list of the best tourist places you can explore while visiting Mauritius on holidays.

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