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Fiji Honeymoon – 5 Best Island In Fiji For Couples

Surely, you must have taken a sigh of relief together with satisfaction and excitement in every breath, after all, all your marriage rituals and ceremonies have been completed well with the blessings of family, friends, and relatives, and yes, in a flawless manner. Like a wedding ring continues to shine on hands even after several years of marriage, everyone wants their honeymoon to be cherished and remembered with great affection towards each other and momentous moments till the last breath. From a romantic walk hand-hand together in a beautiful park to enjoying candlelight dinner under the glittering stars in an elegant resort encircled by nature’s beauty and from spending beautiful romantic time with each other on secluded beaches to seeking pleasure in various adventure activities such as hiking, trekking camping, Scuba diving, etc, Fiji Honeymoon comes with never-ending joy and various recreational activities for couples to create new beautiful memories for the life ahead.

Fiji is a group of over 300 islands situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The country of breathtaking islands is considered to be among the best honeymoon destinations in the world because of private charming beaches, islands, coral reefs, stunning lagoons, and landscapes full of rocks, and greenery.

Best season to Visit –

Winter and summer are the best seasons to visit Fiji and its marvelous island and beaches. And because of the charming weather and fun in water activities, many choose to visit Fiji from May to September.


How long to Stay –

8-9 days are enough to make honeymoon time in Fiji the best of everything. You can also exceed your vacation days in the country of the Islands as per your convenience and schedule.


Fiji Honeymoon – 5 Best Island In Fiji For Couples

For your Honeymoon in Fiji and to add more fun and love to your Fiji Honeymoon Itinerary, below you can see the top 5 romantic places to visit in Fiji.

#1. Viti Levu

Whether you want to spend some tranquil moments with your partners without interruption of any kind or want to allow the glittering sands drenched in the sunshine to give your feet proper rejuvenating treatment without making any huge investment,  you must not think twice about finalizing Viti Levu as a must-visit place in Fiji as it alone has got everything that soothes your body and worries by offering your nature’s beauty, food, accommodation options at its best.

The crystal clear water of the Island and along with many fun activities such as Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, etc, Viti Levu will fill your surrounding atmosphere with recreation fun.

Islands with the beauty of nature and resorts with the elegance of architecture, and food from different parts and countries will enrich your Fiji Honeymoon in a remarkable way. Make sure you choose the best Fiji Honeymoon Package and add the Viti Levu island to your itinerary.

By making research on the internet, you can choose the wonderful Fiji Honeymoon Packages 2022 or Fiji Honeymoon Packages 2024.

Best time to visit – May to September

Duration – 2-3 days

Places to visit – Natadola beach, Fiji Museum, etc


#2. Yasawa Islands

Made of over 20 serene islands, Yasawa Islands is always ready to give couples the best honeymoon experience here that not only fulfills the cravings for food but also offers contentment through many aquatic activities. No matter how high, your Fiji Honeymoon Cost or Fiji Island Honeymoon Package is, you would surely take the benefit and enjoyment of even a single penny you invested in choosing the honeymoon package for Fiji.

Apart from this, you can find various elegant resorts situated the Yasawa Island facing clear-blue water and amazing peaks. Here you can find the best Fiji Honeymoon Resorts where entertainment, romance, food, and adventure have no boundaries. Here you can also book the best Fiji Honeymoon Bungalows to taste the ambiance of romance and luxury.

Best time to visit –  October to November

Duration – 1-2 days

Places to visit – Sawa-I-Lau Caves, Vertical Blue Dive Shop, Eight Month Beach,  Blue Lagoon Beach, etc.


#3.  Mamanucas 

Another majestic destination for romance and love for honeymooners visiting Fiji. Mamanucas is a cluster of Islands full of nature’s beauty and a charming ambiance that can offer anyone a recreational atmosphere to unwind the mind the body.

If you have chosen the best Fiji Honeymoon Package From India, do not forget to visit and consider the island as one of the Best Places To Stay In Fiji For Couples.

Be it the fun in the water and refreshment in the lap of greenery or scrumptious food in the restaurants, the Island is a gem of Fiji and it also has saved some wonderful secluded areas for couples away from the world.

Best time to visit – May to September

Duration – 2-3 days

Places to visit – Monuriki Island, Matamanoa Island, Beachcomber Island, Tokoriki Island, Mana Island, Vomo Island, Tavarua Island, Malolo Lailai, etc.

#4. Nadi 

A beautiful city in Fiji famous for its Indian population and Hindu temples. Nadi is a perfect place if you feel like exploring markets and every shop for clothes, artifacts, paintings, etc. carrying the beauty from nature and vibrancy from markets and monuments, Nadi is a place to visit in Fiji to make and gather some romantic moments with partners.

In order to embrace the vibrant culture & tradition of Fiji through its temples, beautiful landmarks, markets, and monuments, Nadi is among the top Things To Do On Fiji Honeymoon that should be missed by anyone.

Best time to visit – January

Duration – 1-2 days

Places to visit – Sri Siva Subramaniyam Swami Temple, Fiji Airways Premium Lounge, etc.

#5. Vanua Levu

It is the second-largest island of Fiji where tourist attractions, honeymoon fun, delectable dining, and beach pleasure are infinite. Vanua Levu is a beautiful island with coconut palm line trees, greenery, exquisite resorts, etc. It is a destination to mark and cherish the beginning of new love for honeymooners. Beach fun and resorts are the top attractions here.  Also, you can find the best Fiji Honeymoon Accommodation options for a proper stay and fun.

Best time to visit – In the months of Winters

Duration – 3-4 days

Places to visit – Labasa, Savusavu, etc


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fiji Good for honeymoons?

Yes, Fiji is a beautiful country of various islands, beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, etc. Here anyone can make their honeymoon time full of romance and soothing ambiance. There are so many things to do for couples to enjoy their new life with each other such as scuba diving, snorkeling, spotting dolphins, morning walk in the city parks, etc.

Is Fiji cheap to travel?

Yes, Fiji is an expensive country in the world but you can still capture its beauty and taste its offerings & attractions by choosing the best affordable package.

How expensive is a honeymoon in Fiji?

A honeymoon in Fiji can be expensive but you can also find some reasonable packages to enjoy your honeymoon vacation to the fullest.

Is Fiji close to Maldives?

No, but both archipelagos are close to the equator.

The Ending! 

Whether to experience top-class dining with so many options for food and desserts belonging to different parts of the world or to spend romantic evening time in a tranquil cafeteria discussing and planning about upcoming days of life. Fiji is full of different options for food, accommodation, fun, adventure, and enjoyment to spend an exquisite honeymoon time partner. To make your Fiji Honeymoon unforgettable, above you can see the best 5 romantic places to visit in Fiji.

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