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Konark Sun Temple – Temple History, Architecture, & Facts

“India” which is popularly known as the oldest civilization of the world is a land of beliefs, deep emotions, rich cultural heritage, old ages pilgrim sites, historic places, and other fascinating things that drag millions to the soil of this country from different parts of the world. Be it ancient temples or tourist places, be it business goals or celebrating holidays, there is a heap of reasons for which people can not stop visiting India. Also, there are a plethora of temples that have their own pride and significance and are often visited by devotees during special Indian occasions or rituals such as Diwali, Holi, etc. Konark Sun Temple is one such temple that is widely famous among pilgrims and it gets various visits during various proud rituals.

Orissa is the epitome of the rich culture and history of India and it is also home to many ancient temples and beautiful places for tourists to spend their vacation time interestingly. Sun Temple Konark is one of the major attractions of Orissa owing to which the state seeks special attention and countless visits from people. The temple is dedicated to the God “Sun” and it stands out as one of the famous pilgrim sites or temples constructed in the 13th century.

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What is Konark Sun Temple or konark mandir?

Settled beautifully in the lap of Orisha, the Surya Mandir Konark is a place of proud values, rich Indian culture, and spirituality. The Sun that shines on the entire world, animals, creatures, and everything around us, is the main deity of this magnificent temple and therefore it was introduced as the sun temple. The sun temple at Konark is known as “Surya Mandir” too. If you are going to visit Orissa then, do not forget to visit this beautiful historic temple.

Konark Surya Mandir consists of various beautiful idols of gods and goddesses renowned among Indians for many reasons. And if we talk about the main entrance of this sun temple Konark, it is described as Gajasimha or gaja which means elephant, and simha is used to describe lions. Your trip to Odisha will be incomplete without visiting this temple.

Who Built konark sun temple and Why? – konark temple history

The elegant mesmeric Konark Temple was built by King Narasimha Deva I in 1244 for worshipping and dedicating the Sun God or Surya Bhagwan. As per various ancient Hindu texts, scriptures, and holy books, Konark is described as the main place or holy place of the god Surya.

And in order to gather more information about the temple, you can make your visit to this konark sun temple official website. The structure of the temple was built using granite of black in color and the entire structure including the exterior and interior of the temple almost took 12 years to complete.

The idol of “God Sun” can be seen easily and clearly in the middle of the air and this is considered to be one of the interesting things about this temple. As per some official websites and popular sources,  it is said that in the construction of this enticing temple there was used a lot of magnets and owing to this, you can see the idol of the Sun god in the mid-air.


Let’s Have A Look At the Brief History of Konark Sun Temple:-

A brief introduction about this temple of Sun God will you aware of various fascinating facts that you have not expected and heard before.

Facts about the construction of konark sun temple konark odisha

The construction work on Konark Sun Temple began in the 13th century and it was the initiative taken by Narasimadeva of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty in Orissa. In order to worship the Sun God or Surya, a popular Hindu Deity, the temple was built by using black granite and magnets.

Facts about the designs of the temple

As per Indian scriptures and texts, Surya or the Sun rises from the east, travels across the sky on a chariot that is pulled by 7 horses.  The structure and architecture of the temple very much look like the chariot along with 24 wheels and 7 horses, made from stone. The surya mandir konark built by King Narsimhadeva-1 was also constructed using granite, magnets, stones, etc.

Decomposition of Konark Sun Temple

The deterioration of this Konar temple was initiated by the Muslim forces in the 15th and 17th centuries. Natural calamities such as earthquakes or lightning also caused major destruction to this temple. In order to see what the temple looks like at this time, you can find the various konark temple images on the internet.


The name “Konark” is derived from the Bengali words “Kona” (angle) and “Rakhta” (direction), referring to the direction of the sun in the east. The original name of this place was “Debra Samba”, which means “the place of Samba”. According to Hindu legends, the Sun God Surya was the principal deity of this place. Samba Purana, an ancient text dedicated to Surya, tells the legend of how Samba, son of Lord Krishna, built the temple complex in the honor of his father.

The ruins of Konark temple are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Orissa. They have been a subject of legends, myths, and speculation for centuries. Built by the king Narasingha Deva in the 13th century, the temple complex was once dedicated to the worship of the sun god Surya. Several Hindu scriptures, including the Samba Purana, a text dedicated to Surya, mention the importance of Konark as a place of worship for the sun. the significance of this temple, the sun represents the power and glory of the universe. It is the life-giving star that makes our world possible. The ancients worshipped the sun as a god, in temples like Konark.

When should you visit the Konark Sun Temple?

The Konark Sun Temple is one of the best highlights of the Konark region. Carved out of stone and built nearly five hundred years ago, the temple has withstood the test of time and is one of the finest examples of ancient architecture in the country. The best time to visit the Sun Temple is during the winter. The winters in Odisha are mostly dry and provide the best setting to marvel at the architectural marvel.

The weather is pleasant during this season between September and March. The summers in Odisha are quite hot and will make exploring the temple complex quite uncomfortable. The weather is pleasant during this time, and the sun temple looks even more stunning against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds. We visited Konark during the winters, and we were pleasantly surprised by how warm it was.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Why is Konark Sun Temple famous?

The Surya mandir Konark is famous for many reasons. It is renowned for breathtaking and stunning architecture, historic importance, chariot-like architecture built of magnets, granite, stone, surya mandir konark sculptures, surya mandir konark magnet, etc. And when you are visiting Orissa then, enrich your journey by visiting this amazing temple.

What is inside Konark Sun Temple?

The sun temple Konark in Orissa has many rooms and idols such as including Shikhara (crown), Jagmohana which is known as the audience hall, Natmandir – famous as the dance hall of the temple, and Vimana is the tower of the temple.

The architecture of the Konark Surya Mandir is made in a way that the day’s first light of the Sun falls on the image or the idol of the God Surya.

Why is Konark temple called Sun Temple?

The beautiful and grandeur temple is dedicated to God “Sun” or Surya. Temple is a precious and famous pilgrimage site in India that is visited, respected, worshipped a lot by devotees.

Who destroyed Konark Sun Temple?

The prestigious temple was destroyed by Kalapahada was a Muslim governor named Sultan Sulaiman Karani who invaded and ruled Orissa in 1508.

Who constructed Sun Temple?

Constructing the Konark Temple was the idea of Emperor Narasingha Deva I. And on his directions, the sun temple was constructed.

Which temple is called Black Pagoda?

Sun Temple is popularly known as Black Pagoda.

Who built Konark Sun Temple and where is it situated?

The temple that is dedicated to the sun is located at Konark about 35 km northeast of the city of Puri on the coastline in the state of Odisha. It was constructed in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva I.

Why Konark Sun Temple is not Worshipped?

The Sun God is the main deity of Konark Sun Temple and worshipped many devotees and believers.

sun temple is located in which state?

The sun temple is located at Konark in Orissa.

The Ending!

From historic importance to chariot-like architecture, the temple exhibits the proud cultures and contributing nature of India admired and valued by the world.  The famous sun temple in india is located at Konark and over 30 kilometers northeast of puri on the coastline of Orissa.

If you are going to have Orissa tourism then, make sure you visit the iconic and grandeur temple and get yourself mesmerized and amazed with its architecture and historic glory. Konark Sun Temple stands at the height of over 200 feet but as time passed away, many parts of it began to fall apart.

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