• April 26, 2022
  • Pubs in Hyderabad – 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    It would not be fair enough if we call Hyderabad – only a city of prestigious IT(information technology) companies that offer countless reputed job opportunities to the youth of India. But it has much more to offer to its tourists that contribute to representing the vibrant cultures and hospitality of incredible India as a result of which, the city seeks millions of visits from vacationers and job seekers. In the Indian state of Telangana, Hyderabad is the second-largest hub of big tech companies and besides this fact, it also draws visitors for its breathtaking monuments, forts, and tourists places. Furthermore, along with the charm of pearls and Charminar, Hyderabad is also worth visiting part of India owing to its nightlife fun, and centuries-old history. Pubs in Hyderabad are the best places to go as here tourists can add more fun and thrill to their nighttime in Hyderabad. Be its traditional dining in a restaurant or charming unwinding ambiance on the bed, be it historic forts nearly at the next step or colorful bustling markets with a variety of options and choices, the city of Telangana is also a place for a holiday where the fun of day and night is witnessed at their best.

    Top 10 Pubs In Hyderabad 2022

    #1. 10 Drowning Street – From impeccable interiors to enjoyable ambiance full of tranquility, dance, music, and food

    Pubs in Hyderabad - 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    10 Drowning Street tops the list of the best pubs and bars in Hyderabad and it never leaves a chance to offer luxury and comfort at every step here. If you are visiting Hyderabad no matter why and want to spend some joyous moments here, especially at night then, we would recommend adding this pub to your bucket list without a second thought.

    It is one of the best Pubs In Hyderabad With a Dance Floor full of encouraging vibes and a soothing atmosphere. With a wide variety of delectable Indian food and countless options for desserts, here you are going to enjoy every bit of vacation or stay in Hyderabad. Not only this wonderful bar amazes tourists with its classic architectural beauty but it also makes them captive here with its fun things to do such as dancing, drinking, food, etc. You can also get many options for Cheap Pubs In Hyderabad.

    Location – 10, Ground Floor, My Home Tycoon, Begumpet, Hyderabad

    #2. Bottles And Chimney – From recreational drinks & snacks time to breathtaking furniture in a big room full of dim lightning

    Pubs in Hyderabad - 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    With a recreational atmosphere in every breath, scrumptious food & drinks on a mesmeric table with long chairs, dance & music frequently held on the floors, Bottles, And Chimney is considered among the Top Pubs In Hyderabad where you can unwind yourself completely.

    This beautiful pub is often seen flooded with young crowds and people of almost all ages come here for different purposes such as birthday celebration, get together, party, etc. And besides the beauty of structure and interiors, it also has many rooms dedicated to guests who want to have time alone with their loved ones to spend some quality time.

    If you are arriving in Hyderabad for any purpose, you can also assure your visit to this enticing bar here as it is counted among the best Night Pubs In Hyderabad. You can also make your visit to Tiki Shack Hyderabad.

    Location – Opposite Old Airport Begumpet, Begumpet, Hyderabad

    #3. Amnesia Lounge Bar or Amnesia Hyderabad – Unlock the door to fulfill all your food cravings in Hyderabad

    Pubs in Hyderabad - 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    With walls embellished with eye-catching paintings and tables carved of enchanting brown rock-like wood forming an elegant structure, Amnesia Lounge Bar should be your stop at least for a while to steal some moments of rest and tranquility from this busy running life.

    Apart from the ambiance decorated with the merriment of encouraging dance, healing music, and craving satisfying food among the lovely crowds here, Amnesia Hyderabad also offers you many options for a comforting stay as long as you want. It is one of the Pubs In Hyderabad With Prices considered reasonable and affordable to many.

    Location – Jaya Chambers, 1102, Rd Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

    #4. Over the Moon – Mesmeric open-air pub with access to rich delicious Indian food and cocktails

    Pubs in Hyderabad - 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    Over the moon in Hyderabad is exactly a pub renowned for giving visitors a one-of-kind experience through food & drinks and music & dance facilities. In addition to the fun and thrill achieved by indulging in dance and music activities, the luxuriousness and breathtaking beauty expressed by every bit of interior here would also give you an experience of a historic royal palace that has tales and significance of people who spent time here. You can also explore some wonderful bars and Pubs In Madhapur.

    Location – Daspalla Hyderabad, 8th Floor, Daspalla Hotel, Road No. 37, Jubilee Hills, Rd Number 37, neat Bajaj Electronics, Hyderabad.

    #5. Kismet  – Stunning decor perfectly collaborates with soothing lightning to give guests full enjoyment of dance, music, and comfort

    Pubs in Hyderabad - 5 Pubs In Hyderabad With Dance Floor

    Last but not the least, Kismet has unmatched charm and world-class facilities for guests. And from breathtaking interiors to top-class food facilities in variety will also win your heart and fill it with pleasantness and contentment.



    How much does it cost to go to a pub in Hyderabad?

    The price of the best pubs and bars in Hyderabad could vary but you would surely be able to get reasonable prices. The price will also depend on the type of facilities or services provided by the pubs. Hyderabad offers many choices for complete fun and enjoyment, especially in bars and pubs.

    Does Hyderabad have nightlife?

    Hyderabad is famous for many things such as historic monuments, Charminar, forts, historic significance, bars, pubs, nightlife fun, and more.

    Where do celebs party in Hyderabad?

    There are many luxurious bars and pubs in Hyderabad where many go and enjoy parties and nighttime. Here you can see some famous pubs of Hyderabad such as – Amnesia Lounge Bar, Dock Forty-Five, 10 Downing Street,  Bottles and Chimney, etc

    What is the cost of a pub?

    Here in the article, we have described the 5 best pubs where you can enjoy a party and night celebration with your loved ones. You can compare the prices on the internet.



    If you are visiting Hyderabad specifically to enjoy the nightlife there then, you can see the list of the Best Bars In Hyderabad so that all your desire or craving for food, fun, and entertainment can be fulfilled there. Here above in the article, you can see the list of the best Pubs in Hyderabad where you can enjoy limitless height nightlife fun and enjoyment.



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