• March 30, 2023
  • Top 5 Resorts Near Ahmedabad 2023 {Accurate List} 

    If you plan to visit Ahmedabad this time, the list of the Best Resorts near Ahmedabad will show numerous accommodation options for a comfortable and memorable stay.

    Ahmedabad is one of the largest and most historic cities in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is famous for its crowded markets full of shopping malls and markets from where tourists can buy traditional and beautiful Gujarati dresses, especially for Navratri and other grand Indian festivals.

    The city is counted among the metropolitan cities in India that have a rich history and cultural heritage to offer to its tourists. It is also famous as one of India’s best places to visit on holidays. Full of dazzling streets decorated with majestic buildings and homes, Ahmedabad is the place to embrace India’s real culture and history.

    From museums to monuments, festivals to traditional clothes, temples to holy rivers, the amazing city of Gujarat has everything you can have fun with on your vacation. 

    Here in the blog, we have described the 5 best resorts and restaurants where you can enjoy your stay while enjoying a wide variety of traditional Indian food.

    Whether you are looking for a Day Picnic Resort Near Ahmedabad or beautiful Resorts Near Ahmedabad For a Couple, Ahemadad is highly known for its luxurious resorts that offer their guest unforgettable experiences and hospitality.

    Best Resort Near Ahmedabad 2023

    See the list of best Resort Near Ahmedabad here.

    1. The Ummed Ahmedabad Airport

    The Ummed Ahmedabad Airport is rated as one of the best 5-star resorts in Ahmadabad, where tourists can spend their wonderful moments with their loved ones. From top-class service to eye-catching architectural beauty, the elegant resort gives several breathtaking views to be captured on your camera. So do not forget to bring your camera here.

    The staff has good sense and is always ready to serve tourists with remarkable and commendable services. With affordable accommodation options, the hotel is better known as the most-visited Resort Near Ahmedabad For 1 Day Picnic.

    You can come here with your loved ones and spend momentous vacation time. The resort also has a lovely pool where you can have fun with the water and indulge in swimming.

    2. Aarohi Starz Club

    Aarohi Starz Club has charming architecture and top-notch food and accommodation options. Whether you want to taste the best Indian cuisine or indulge in fun activities to mark this vacation life’s best time, the club has everything for everyone.

    From amazing spa facilities to thrilling poolside activities, the resort seems to be the one-stop destination for those who want to enjoy food, stay, and nightlife fun at the same place.

    And if you are a fitness freak, the good news is that you can work out in the gym the resort offers.

    3. Cambay Sapphire

    Cambay Sapphire is one of the best resorts near Ahmedabad that offers guests top-class accommodation and food services. If you want to feel the richness and royal treatment in every breath, Cambay is a great place to enjoy your vacation.

    From recreational amenities to a serene atmosphere full of greenery outside, the resort is a good place to enjoy wonderful vacation time with loved ones. You can choose any option for stay as per your need. If you are a newlywed couple, you can spend romantic time alone with your partner.

    4. Aalloa Hills Resort

    Aalloa Hills Resort is affordable for tourists looking for the best option to stay and enjoy meals in Ahemadabad.

    From a wide variety of food to large attractive rooms embellished with basic to advanced amenities, the resort caters to every need of its guests. From pool fun to beautiful scenery of large shadowy trees that encircle the resort, Aalloa Hills Resort will enjoy wonderfully funny moments with your friends and family.

    The hotel staff is always ready to serve you their best hospitality with all your demands fulfilled without taking long. If you are in Ahemadabad and looking for a perfect place to enjoy every bit of your vacation, you can visit Alloa, one of the best Resorts Near Ahmedabad, For the Weekend.

    5. Sterling Greenwoods Lake Resort

    Situated to the magnificent artificial lake, Sterling Greenwoods Lake Resort offers perfect scenery of nature along with the best food and stay facilities.

    This resort offers its tourists several chances to practice and enjoy their photography skills by clicking beautiful photographs of the surroundings and architectural beauty.

    Near the resort, there is a popular and historic Gujarat science museum where you can witness technology, which is ever-changing. With rich architecture and royalty in food, room, and everything there, the hotel is famous as one of the Luxury Resorts Near Ahmedabad.


    The blog shows the list of best resorts near Ahmedabad to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. From world-class accommodation facilities to a wide variety of Indian food and dessert, these resorts will not leave any chance to cater to your needs and desires. If you are going to Gujarat, consider visiting these resorts.

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