• March 14, 2022
  • Science Museum Delhi – Introduction, Things to Do, Ticket Prices and More

    With the aim of spreading knowledge to students and the general public, Science Museum Delhi was established in the year 1992 and was inaugurated by honorable prime minister Shri P V Narsimha Rao. And nowadays, the museum of science which is situated on Bhairon Marg is considered of great honor and respect among researchers, students, and commoners.

    People and students from different parts of India and the world visit this iconic Musmem that depicts information of science through various tools, galleries, documents, and themes. No matter you love science or not, it is a place for all ages of people where you not only witness its exciting architecture that is age-old but also understand the importance of water on the earth through its water gallery.

    Apart from cultural monuments and museums in Delhi, this museum of science attracts many tourists for its eye-catching galleries and themes that give a detailed scientific explanation to many fascinating things such as human biology, prehistoric life, aquatic lifestyle, etc.

    Best Time to Visit

    You can plan your trip anytime you want or you have a perfect schedule for it. The museum is most visited by students and people on summer and winter vacations. You can make your own schedule to visit the Museum accordingly.

    How to Reach 

    On reaching Delhi airport, you can hire any bus or taxi to reach the museum. You can also visit Delhi and Science Museum by train as well.

    Science Museum Delhi – An Introduction 

    Inaugurated by honorable Prime Minister Shri P V Narsimha Rao and established in 1992, Science Museum Delhi is known to have 4 floors in the building and each floor has its own theme and gallery that let humankind catch the glimpse of Technology, Heritage, Information Technology and Revolution and Emerging Technologies. If you are going to visit the museum, also learn about Delhi Science Museum Ticket Price below in the article.

    Inside the museum, there are various galleries allotted to many fields of science such as human life or biology, fun science, astrology, etc. Designed beautifully with scientific facts represented in pictorial form and designs of charts and exhibitions on walls, these galleries in the museum will leave you in amazement.

    Inside the museum, there are various programs and educational seminars are conducted to make people aware of some common and fascinating scientific facts. If you are a science student or if love exploring scientific facts and things, then, you should visit the museum for sure.

    You can also be a part of those seminars and programs and you can also take your kids to the museum in order to establish a bond with science and technology.

    Top Things To Do in Science Museum Delhi 2022

    Below are mentioned the top things to do in Delhi Science Museum you should not miss at all. It is your right to make the full utilization of your Science Museum Tickets by exploring all the amazing scientific things there.

    Energy Balls

    This is one of the famous things to do inside the museum. Energy balls are usually explored by many science lovers where they witness balls taken to at the height of 13 meters and then, roll down. Whenever you are visiting the Museum of Science and technology, make sure that do not forget to explore energy balls there.

    Emerging Technologies gallery

    The gallery of Emerging technology at the Science Museum in Delhi represents the era of future technology. Here you can discover how ever-changing technology at this time will guide the path of future development of technology that will be more helpful for humans or the world.

    If you really want to experience and imagine how human life will be going on with new technology which we have not seen yet, Science Museum in Delhi is a good place for you.


    The museum has two aquariums such as freshwater Aquarium and a marine aquarium. The aquarium shows how the lives of animals and plants are sustained in different atmospheres and water. Do not forget to explore the aquarium as it is going to be a lot of fun and thrill when you see living organisms survive amazingly in different atmospheres.

    Visual show 

    This is also one of the top attractions of the Science museum. It offers tourists a 3D visual show where you can see the real-life show of various scientific facts. You are going to have fun and knowledge about science and technology.

    Water Gallery 

    The water gallery at Science Museum is one of the fascinating things to do in the museum. Here in the water gallery, you will witness many containers of water that teach the importance of water and how you can conserve it.

    Science Museum Delhi Ticket Price And Timings

    • For student entry – Rs 10
    • For student entry – Rs 25
    • Visiting the center in the group – Rs – 50
    • General entry – Rs 60

    Science Museum Delhi Online Ticket

    If you are going to visit Science Museum in Delhi, then you can book your ticket online by visiting the official site of the Museum. From the website, you can also gather the information that you want to learn about the Museum before visiting it.

    Science Museum Delhi Contact Number

    If you require the Science Museum contact number for more information then, you use and dial this given number 7428693710. You can also visit the official site of the Museum for more details.

    Science Museum Delhi Open Today

    Except for national festivals such as Holi and Diwali, the museum of Science is open for all days of the year. From 9:30 am–6 pm. Tourists are requested to visit the museum early so that they can enjoy and experience to the fullest. There is no need to rush at all.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is science museum Delhi ticket price?

    For the general public – Rs 60 will be charged by the authority.

    What is in science museum Delhi?

    Energy Ball, Emerging Technologies Gallery, Kugel Fountain, Science On Sphere, 3D Film Show, Aquarium, Fantasy Ride, Indian Gate.

    Which is the largest science museum in India?

    National Council of Science Museums.

    Where is the biggest science museum in the world?

    Deutsches Museum in Germany


    Delhi Science Museum is the right place for learning existing interesting scientific facts and how those facts collaborate with our lives and what will be the outcomes of those facts in the future that will inspire the science and technology field to go further. If you are going to visit Science Museum Delhi, make sure your read all information mentioned above to get excited already.

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